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Understanding Alcoholism and Getting Help

Understanding Alcoholism & Alcohol Addiction Many individuals start off drinking alcohol in social situations. For some, this alcohol consumption can rapidly lead to significant issues in their life. Eventually, it can cause complications not only with their family and friends, but also with their health and wellness. Alcohol addiction can affect any individual. For instance,…

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  1. My grandmother and one uncle were alcoholics. One a quiet , functioning one, one a raging, sloppy, petty thief one. I like alcohol. I choose not to consume it. I have, and that is not a good path for me to walk. I disagree with the concept that modern parenting is any more stressful than parenting has been in times past. It’s stressful, and so is life, no matter the era. What I see is a massive ‘fail’ in disappointment coping skills. There will be times you get disappointed, and engaging in things to dull that can be positive or negative. I applaud the changes the author has made, but I don’t subscribe to the mindset that it is something to engage in..’because parenting is so hard’.

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