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Is Alcohol A Poison – The Honest Truth About Booze

Is Alcohol A Poison… Really? Regardless of the appearance of functioning alcoholics being adolescent binge drinkers hurling blows outside a burger bar. Or alcoholics resting on a recreation area seat, actually it’s the well-to-do middle-aged that are most severe. According to a research study released the other day, individuals who are wealthier, better informed and…

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  1. My grandmother and one uncle were alcoholics. One a quiet , functioning one, one a raging, sloppy, petty thief one. I like alcohol. I choose not to consume it. I have, and that is not a good path for me to walk. I disagree with the concept that modern parenting is any more stressful than parenting has been in times past. It’s stressful, and so is life, no matter the era. What I see is a massive ‘fail’ in disappointment coping skills. There will be times you get disappointed, and engaging in things to dull that can be positive or negative. I applaud the changes the author has made, but I don’t subscribe to the mindset that it is something to engage in..’because parenting is so hard’.

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