Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow With No Hangover, No Guilt & Loving Life!

How to stop drinking quickly & easily...

Hello my name is Craig Beck and I probably know better than anyone else how you are currently feeling. Alcohol became something that I couldn't stop drinking despite how miserable it made me.
Alcohol replaced the 'real me' with a fat, unhealthy zombie. I got sick of waking up full of regret and guilt. It wasn't fair on my wife, children or myself!
It took me 5 years to work out how alcohol had managed to get such a tight hold of me! Forget about trying to force yourself to drink less... it doesn't work - now you can get back in control with no cravings, no willpower and no medication.

Once you discover the secret of how alcohol is keeping you in a painful loop you will easily get back in control of your drinking in less than 3 weeks.

WAIT let me be clear, I do not mean you will have to go around telling people you are not allowed to drink. The urge to drink will just fade away, you will no longer want to drink as often (or at all). 

You should trust me on this, getting back in control of my drinking turned my life around. I lost 57lbs in weight, all my health problems disappeared and I started enjoying time with my friends and family again.

This is all waiting for you just as soon as you get started with Stop Drinking Expert membership.

5 Instant Benefits Of Getting Started

Life starts to get better the moment you join

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9X More Effective Than Willpower

Significantly more effective than cold turkey or willpower based solutions. Easy control, no forcing yourself to avoid alcohol.

No Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs only treat the symptoms of problem drinking and not the cause. Reduce your drinking with no uncomfortable side-effects. 

Save Thousands $$$

Have you worked out how much you are spending on alcohol? The average Stop Drinking Expert member goes on to save over $3000 per year. 

100% Private & Confidential

No medical records, no absence from work, no attending embarrassing group therapy. This is a highly effective solution that you can do in private.

Give Your Loved Ones The 'Old You' Back

Alcohol steals away good parents and partners. Give the people you love the 'real you' back. Start living your life again, back in full control.
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Zero Willpower Required

Absolutely no forcing yourself to avoid alcohol

The reason why 95% of diets fail is because using willpower to do anything creates an internal civil war. If you have tried to stop drinking on your own and failed then don't feel bad - you are not alone.

You should trust me on this because I unsuccessfully tried to force myself to drink less for nearly a decade. Decide now and get started today so I can give you the tools that show you how to quit drinking quickly and easily.

You Are Not Broken!

Back in control no standing up & calling yourself an alcoholic

You are about to discover that the alcoholic drinks industry is as powerfully deceptive as the cigarette companies were in the 1960's.

The drinks manufacturers have been allowed to hypnotize people into believing their lies:

  • Alcohol makes you more sociable
  • Drinking helps you deal with stress
  • Alcohol gives you confidence 

And many more lies... You will be shocked at the level of manipulation used to prevent you from controlling your drinking on your own!

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You Not An 'Alcoholic'... Here's Why:

I never labeled myself an 'alcoholic' and you won't either.

"So easy and there is no need to stand up in front of a group of strangers and label yourself an 'alcoholic'."






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Why It Works So Well...
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Over 50,000 Helped...

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stop drinking expert reviews
stop drinking expert reviews
stop drinking expert reviews
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Who else wants control back?

Your complete control drinking program

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The Complete Course

I am going to take you through the exact same process that I went through. But instead of taking five years you will get the same results in 21 days.

"A completely non-judgemental, intelligent way to control your drinking". 

No Willpower, No Cravings, No Medication, No Rehab, No Time Off Work & No Embarrassing Group Therapy.

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Download & Keep Everything

I know you want to deal with this in private, I make it easy for you to do this in the way that works best for you.

"Why not listen in the privacy of your car on the daily commute"?

Download the MP3 files to your computer, tablet or smartphone and listen wherever suits you. 

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There's A Video For That!

How do you deal with alcohol at social occasions or on vacation? 

"I have been through every situation you can think of from birthdays and Christmas to dealing with bad news and even bereavments - all those times where alcohol 'appears' to be your friend"

Just as soon as you get started you get access to all my coaching videos. Plus if you have a question, just ask and I will make a video for you.

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Complete 'Life Repair' Library Included

Believe me I understand better than most that alcohol affects all aspects of life.

"I give you the tools to improve your health, boost your financial situation, progress in your career and repair all your important relationships"

I don't just want you to get back in control of your drinking; I want this to be a dramatic turning point in your life.

PLUS: Decide now and get the complete Craig Beck Hypnosis Library included free (worth over $800)

The total value of this 'Control Drinking' program is over $1250

PLUS you will save at least $3000 per year currently wasted on a habit that makes you miserable.

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You, Full Of Energy!

Imagine waking up with no hangover or guilt

Are you sick and tired of feeling 'sick and tired'?

Alcohol doesn't only steal your money and damage your health it also leaves you feeling lethargic and sluggish all the time!

Just as soon as you get off the fence on this issue you are going to fall in love with all the energy and vitality that suddenly floods back into your life. 

  • Sleep better
  • Wake up feeling good
  • Feel the urge to exercise & get healthy
  • Be the old you again!

You, Sober & Fun!

So 'in control' you can still attend parties & have fun.

Sober & fun at a party really is possible!

Another thing you are going to love about my easy control drinking program is the three steps to being sober and social.

You will not only continue to have a busy and rewarding social life but you will start enjoying yourself much more than before.

Plus you will have the most beautiful smug 'hangover free' feeling the next morning - priceless!

Don't use 'being social' as an excuse to keep this poison controlling your life - take action NOW!


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Just as soon as you get started you will be invited to join the Stop Drinking Expert Facebook Support Group. 

Hang out with like minded people, pick up tips and tricks, share your success stories and ask for help when you need it!

Don't be shy, we are a friendly bunch all in the same situation together!

Access to the group is free and you are welcome to stay as long as you want/need.

The group is set to secret so nobody will know you are a member and nothing will appear on your profile or wall.

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There is a happy, sober solution:

  1. How to stop drinking or cut back in 3 easy steps
  2. No cravings for alcohol
  3. No prescription drugs
  4. Massive improvement in health
  5. You will save thousands $$$
  6. A totally private solution
  7. No labels, group therapy & no time off work!
"Cutting back on your alcohol use does not have to be difficult. Let me show you how I beat my own drink problem - and how you can do the same quickly & easily", Craig Beck


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