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Our trusted how to stop drinking program is backed by our famous privacy, security and satisfaction guarantee.

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The Stop Drinking Expert program is the world's only 5-star rated online course helping people to get back in control of their drinking. Over 100,000 people are now living happy sober lives as a testament to just how effective and easy to follow the process is. However, if after test driving the course you are not impressed with the results I will refund your money in full. The only condition is that you genuinely gave it your 100% passion and commitment. You must have completed the daily modules and homework assignments to qualify for the refund.”, Craig Beck DhP. ABNLP.

The Online Course - What You Get

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Part One: How To Stop Drinking Without Willpower

You have probably heard the story that quitting drinking is difficult and unpleasant. However, there is an excellent reason why every attempt to control your drinking so far has failed. We start the course by bursting the bubble of unreality that surrounds this drug. All is not what it seems, and this part of the course will reveal some shocking truths.

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Part Two: Stop Drinking Or Cut Back - What's Your Goal

The thought of quitting drinking may feel scary. Despite all the damage it is doing to your life there may be an overpowering fear that life without it will be worse. We deal with this in Part Two of the complete online course. Alcohol is playing a powerful and deceptive game, and you can't decide what course of action to take until you see how the illusion is being performed.

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Part Three: Never Having To Suffer Cravings Again

All drugs use a combination of carrot and stick to keep addicts in the loop. In this intelligent approach to how to stop drinking we break the process up into two easy to understand parts. Dealing with the chemical addiction (cravings etc) and then the psychological addiction. For example, you probably have created an subconscious link between relaxation and alcohol - this is where we start to break these false associations apart.

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Part Four: Making Sober Your Easy, Default Position

Ivan Pavlov is famous for his psychological experiments with his dogs. He discovered he could manifest a physical response in his dogs by anchoring a powerful event to the sound of a bell. You have spent the last few decades link alcohol to all sorts of things like relaxation, sleep, confidence and be sociable. Thankfully Pavlov worked out how to 'unprogram' his dogs and I know how to 'unprogram' you. 

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Part Five: Getting The Healthy, Happy You Back

This course is for problem drinkers and not alcoholics. The difference being 'problem drinkers' are in a psychological loop with their drinking rather than being physically addicted to the drug. My members usually are holding down a job, in a relationship and maybe even be parents. All the horror stories of alcohol withdrawal are not applicable to my members - in part 5 I show you why you have nothing to fear from quitting drinking.

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Part Six: Living A Happy, Sober Social Life

Part six is a real lightbulb moment for many members. This is where the penny really drops for so many problem drinkers. From this point quitting alcohol actually feels like it's not only going to become a part of your new reality but it will be something you enjoy and take ownership of. Here in part 6 of the online course we look at the real cost of drinking this attractively packaged poison and start to plot out your own happy sober life. 

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Part Seven: Replacing Alcohol With Fun & Passion

At a live Quit Drinking Bootcamp we talk a lot about our reason to drink. More often than not people admit that they are using alcohol to cope with boredom, loneliness and social anxiety. For example: For a shy person, the thought of attending a party and not drinking feels scary. In part 7 of this amazing how to stop drinking program we deal with all these issues head-on. 

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Part Eight: Escaping Alcohol Without Dangerous Drugs

Most people who arrive at this website have countless failed attempts to quit drinking behind them. Many ask about medication to deal with alcohol addiction. I have always believed that taking a drug to deal with a drug problem is illogical. However, knowledge is power, and I want you to make an informed decision. In part 8 I take you through the prescription drugs out there (and more importantly, why you honestly don't need them).

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Part Nine: Dealing With Your Drinking Friends & Family

A huge concern for people considering a sober life is how they will deal with their friends, family and partner. We live in a strange, broken reality in the western world where everybody drinks poison for fun. Yet, it is the people who don't want to drink the poison who are considered strange. In part 9 we nail all of this peer pressure problem in three easy to follow steps.

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Part Ten: Staying Quit Without Any Cravings

"Quitting drinking is easy, why I've done it thousands of time," is the famous quote by Mark Twain. The online course extends for 90 days, but the first ten parts are enough to get the vast majority of people back in control. In part ten I give you to the tools to make your new happy sober life automatic. Not having poison flushing around your body 24/7 doesn't have to be a struggle. With what I will teach you here it will become as regular a part of your day as brushing your teeth.


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Disclaimer: This is an online stop drinking & alcoholism mentoring program. The content reflects the personal experience of the author only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical assistance in dealing with the specific symptoms and signs of alcoholism. But describes a program to be undertaken only under the supervision of a medical doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Individual result may vary.

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