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I have carefully designed this ‘stop drinking’ program to make a significant difference to your life. Its effectiveness and ease of use is very important to me. If after 30 days of using the program you don’t feel a noticeably reduced urge to drink alcohol I want to hear from you. If I can’t personally help you one to one then I will offer you a full unconditional refund of your money”, Craig Beck DhP. ABNLP.

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"I wanted to thank you personally for helping me save my life. My drinking got out of hand after my husband died and I turned to drink to help deal with the grief and loneliness. Alcohol ended up making everything worse and despite how bad things got. I didn’t know what to expect when I joined but you told my story as though you knew me and gave me a new perspective that ended the battle."

Anne Bebon (California, USA)

"I was certain you wouldn’t be able to fix me... I thought I was so different from everyone else who drank. I though my situation was so unique that it was completely logical that I drank as much as I did. The reasons for not drinking now seem a lot more real and true than the reason for drinking. A truly amazing system - thank you so much."

Richard T (London, UK)


"I have to say I was blown away by the unique frankness. It REALLY hits home in a very good way. It’s as if a very caring, non judgmental friend can see right through me in a way that can only be known by someone who’s been through it all. I kept arguing my case for drinking for a while, but everything was just eroded away by the common sense of it all. I can’t recommend Craig's course highly enough"

Pam B (Arizona, USA)


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Disclaimer: This stop drinking program reflects the personal experience of the author only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical assistance, but describes a program to be undertaken only under the supervision of a medical doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Individual result may vary.

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