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Gil Walsh

United States

A new way of looking at alcohol for me. Craig says a lot of bad things about alcohol, but the fact is they’re all true. A very rational look at alcohol and its effects. If you have any sanity left (marginal in my case after years of anaesthetising my brain) you will see the clarity of his message and have to admit alcohol is not and never was your friend. I was circling the bowl, but now I have hope. Each day of the course is like another lifesaver thrown my way.

No Judgment | No Labels | No Guilt

I believe that if you routinely drink a highly addictive substance and end up getting addicted, that should be seen as the entirely logical conclusion of your actions and not some indicator that you are broken or weak-willed.

No Willpower | No Cravings | No Gimmicks

Every other 'solution' to problem drinking requires an amount of willpower. To be successful, you must force yourself to remain abstinent. This sort of approach has a 95% chance of failure! Ready to try something different? 

No Rules | No Cliques | No Religion

This is a logical, scientific & proven solution. There is no religion or 'giving your problem to a higher power'. Plus, only you will decide whether you need to cut back on alcohol or quit drinking altogether - no rules - no pressure.

No Expensive Rehab | No Dangerous Medication

The vast majority of drinkers don't need to take time off work and spend $30,000 or more on expensive rehab. If you are entirely functioning in life but stuck in a loop of daily alcohol use, there is a better & quicker way.

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Sharon Caplun

United States

If you want to become empowered and take charge of your life and lift the veil of control alcohol has over you, Craig Beck’s knowledge and guidance will make it possible. You will stop being a victim, and your life will become worth living. I’m eternally grateful to have found this program


Samantha Stirzaker

United Kingdom

Craig Beck is nothing short of amazing. Within a few days he has managed to change the way I view alcohol. I have listened to other stop drinking coaches, but this guy is the very best. He delivers the message in a very clear and concise way, and he gets straight to the point. Follow his instructions and kicking the nasty poison will be easier than you ever thought possible. If I could give him 7 stars I would. If you want to change your relationship with alcohol you're in the right place.

Yes, I Am Ready To Get My Life Back

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This agreement is made between Craig Beck (The Coach & Trainer at Craig Beck Media Limited – PO Box 45534, Ormidia, Cyprus) hereby referred to as (The Coach) and you the client.

The Coach plays the role of facilitator of change, while it is the Client's responsibility to enact change. 

Disclaimer: This 'how to stop drinking' mentoring program is designed for problem drinkers and not persons suffering from full blown alcohol addiction. The coach is not claiming to be a doctor nor is any medical advice offered. This program reflects the personal experience of the coach only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical assistance, but describes a program to be undertaken only under the supervision of a medical doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Individual result may vary.

Limited Liability: The Client is responsible for creating and implementing their own physical, mental and emotional well-being, decisions, choices, actions, and results. As such the Client agrees that the Coach is not, and will not be liable for any actions or inactions, or for any direct or indirect results of any services provided by the Coach.

The Coach is not engaged to prevent, cure or treat any mental disorder or medical disease.

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