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Is It Time To Quit Drinking?

Aside from not waking up each morning feeling terrible, full of guilt and regrets. There are many other reasons to quit drinking alcohol. 

We all know alcohol is terrible for our health and that should be enough reason to stay clear of booze entirely, however, for many it's not. There is no point preaching to drinkers about the harm we do to ourselves.

What if I told you that every aspect of your life would dramatically improve with the absence of alcohol? Within weeks you will start sleeping better, waking up feeling more rested, have more focus at work, better relationships and a lot more money in the bank. Do I have your attention?

If you are uncertain whether you should quit drinking, here are a few hints to help you see that this is without a question the right move for you.

Am I Drinking Too Much?

  1. Do you regularly drink on your own?
  2. Are you are lying to others about your drinking habits.
  3. Are you taking dangerous risks? For example driving under the influence.
  4. You wake up with full of shame and regret.
  5. Your relationships are falling apart because of your drunken behavior.
  6. Has a loved one or friend suggested that you are drinking too much?
  7. Are you planning your diary around opportunities to drink?
  8. Do you sometimes have to ask yourself if 11 am is too early to start drinking?
  • Once that you've established that this habit is just making you miserable. It's time to seriously look into how to stop drinking and the benefits to doing so. There are many more than the benefits below, but these are the ones we think are the most valuable.
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Benefits Of Getting Started:

  1. Dramatically improve your health and energy levels.
  2. Give your loved ones the 'real' version of you back.
  3. Save tens of thousands of dollars.
  4. Sleep better & wake up every morning feeling great.
  5. Improve your appearance. Heavy drinking can add 10 years!
  6. Stop alcohol addiction dictating how you live your life.
  7. Gain mental clarity- say goodbye to cloudy thinking.
  8. Enhance and accelerate your career.
  9. You will feel much happier and self-confident.
  10. So much more quality time for family, friends and exciting hobbies.


I Have Shown Over 50,000 People How to Stop Drinking Alcohol - Craving Free. Why Not Be The Next? 

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Imagine waking up tomorrow with no hangover, no feelings of guilt and regret. Just full of energy & vitality - ready to face the day.

If you are drinking every day or using alcohol to cope with the stresses and pressures of life then you already know that you have a problem.

It's a very common (and growing) problem that most people choose to ignore. Congratulations on not being one of them.

Just as soon as you get started there are so many benefits waiting. Consequently, you will see huge improvements in health, energy levels, your financial security and especially with your relationships.

Alcohol steals our potential. It turns us into poor quality partners, parents and friends. If you can decide now and get started today you will begin to give your family and loved ones the old you back. That is a beautiful thing.

Will It Work For Me? Most People Have Tried To Cut Back Many Times Before They Find This Website. How Can You Be Sure It Will Work?

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One of the most common reasons I hear from people worried about their drinking is 'what if I try to quit drinking and I can't do it'?

I understand the concern, but previously every time you have tried to deal with your drinking you have used willpower to try and force yourself to cut down.

Willpower has a 95% failure rate when it comes to alcohol. You didn't stand a chance; this is why the alcohol manufacturers are more than happy to stamp their bottles with 'Drink Responsibly.'

It doesn't make the slightest bit of difference

I know you have tried to quit drinking many times and I understand you are scared to fall off the wagon again. But this time you will be doing it the right way, with a great deal of practical help and support.

Of course, it's natural to question whether you are even 
ready to stop drinking and there may even be a little voice in your head suggesting that you should just try to cut back on your own, one more time.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the outcome to change.

How long does it take to get off alcohol?

If you try and do it alone, who knows? If you could moderate your drinking on your own, wouldn't you have done it already?

You should trust me on this, the benefits of taking action on this problem are enormous. Just as soon as you get started, on this how to stop drinking program.

First, you get the beautiful experience of waking up tomorrow free of the usual guilt and regret. Then the real perks start to kick in! Most of all, less financial pressure, better relationships, improved career success and much-improved health. 

How Will I Relax Without A Drink? Does Alcohol Help Us Cope With Life or Does It Make Everything Worse?

how long does alcohol stay in your system

Drinkers tend to believe that alcohol is helping them cope with the stresses and pressures of modern life. 

This is an illusion and nothing more

Now, I know it's a very believable illusion, while you are viewing it from the inside! However, what I have helped thousands of people to discover is that when you remove the alcohol - life gets better as a result. A lot better!

Alcohol is not the harmless social pleasantry that the marketing would have us believe. It is very good at what it does.

The World Health Organisation estimates that alcohol is the second most addictive substance on earth (just behind heroin) and it kills someone every ten seconds.

The truth is alcohol does not help you relax. It distracts you while it's busy ripping apart your life. Why give it even one more day of control over your life?

The Complete 'Control Drinking' Solution: What You Get & How It Works So Well...

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Part One - How Do I Cut Down On My Drinking?

Firstly, you have probably already tried to moderate your drinking. So why didn't it work? I struggled with this addiction for nearly two decades - eventually I worked out that using willpower to stop drinking has a 95% chance of failure in the long term. Here's why!

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Part Two - You Are Not Alone

Everyone you know drinks alcohol, so how come it's just you with a problem. The truth is everyone who has alcohol in their life has a problem. In this part of the course I will explain why alcohol addiction is much more common than you think.

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Part Three - How to Stop Drinking Without Willpower

When you try to control or quit drinking using willpower you create civil war in your brain. In this part of the course I will explain a more powerful way to get back in control of your drinking without those difficult withdrawal symptoms.

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Part Four - You Are Not Broken or Weak-Willed

The western world has gone a little bit crazy. Alcohol is the second most addictive drug on planet earth and yet it is allowed to advertise on TV and in Movies etc. Being able to go out with the freedom of not being drunk all time is a powerfully positive benefit.

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Part Five - How Can I Stop Craving Alcohol?

Alcohol abuse keeps you trapped in a loop. Alcohol withdrawal feels a little like stress, this is why we incorrectly believe it helps us to relax. I will show you how to break this tricky loop long enough to make your escape.

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Part Six - A Happy,  Sober Social Life

Many people worry if they will lose friends as a result of dealing with their alcohol use disorder. You will find out how to deal with social situations and discover a whole new world of fun and entertaining benefits to being the happy sober person at a party. 

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Part Seven - How To Control Drinking Painlessly

Human beings are motivated by only two factors. The need to avoid pain and the need to gain pleasure. In this part of the course, Craig will show you how to get leverage on your drinking problem so quitting becomes painless.

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Part Eight - Removing The Addiction 'Code' In Your Head

Alcohol is a bit like a computer virus, it leaves a little trojan horse in your mind to reactivate your need to drink at a later time. Most people fail to quit drinking because they leave this rogue code in place. Let's run the anti-virus software and deal with it.

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Part Nine - The Benefits of Stopping Drinking Revealed

More than a few drinks per day is going to cost you in the pocket as well as the damage it does to your health, career, and relationships. But just how much money can you save by stopping drinking? You may be shocked!

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Part Ten - How to Make it Quick & Easy

I will take you through the same process I went through to quickly and easily reduce my drinking after being totally out of control for nearly two decades. Therefore, simply follow my step by step instructions and I promise you will find this surprisingly easy. 


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I Show You How to Stop Drinking In The Privacy Of Your Own Home

  • You are not broken or weak willed. Alcohol lays a very clever trap and more importantly how you escape it.
  • Nobody wants to deal with a problem and get another one as a result. Cravings are reduced dramatically.
  • Alcohol is woven into our life. Find out how to deal with your drinking friends and family (and still have fun).
  • No medications required. Taking drugs to deal with a drug problem doesn't make sense.

Yes, I am Ready To Get Back In Control Of My Drinking Quickly, Easily & Guaranteed.

The fastest and most painless quit drinking solution. A completely online program, 100% private and confidential.

How it works: You will simply watch a short video every day and download the audio course for that section of the course. There is no need to stop drinking until you genuinely want to. At no point will you have to use willpower or force yourself to abstain. As a result, you will find it easy to stay on the happy sober path we have laid out for you.

The completely private solution: No time off work, no need for medical insurance, no embarrassing alcoholics anonymous and no mention of alcohol on your credit card statement.

  • Complete Video Course: a step by step way out of the alcohol loop. The same exact way Craig stopped.
  • Secret & Non-Judgemental Community: free access to the members Facebook group.
  • Support From Craig: direct access to Craig to help you get back in control of your drinking quickly and easily.
  • Over $800 Bonus Downloads: You will get the tools to fix every part of life that alcohol has damaged
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Stop Drinking Expert Reviews & Tesimonials:

"Thank you Craig and all the members who supported me"

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"I put this off for over a year. I was scared that I would lose my friends and social circle. I don't go out as much as I used to now. But my husband and I are spending a lot more quality time together and weekends with the kids are so good. I feel a little ashamed at how much of this beautiful time with my family I have thrown away in the past, all thanks to my obsession with wine. Thank you Craig and all the members who supported me.", Jenny B - Coffs Harbour, Australia

"I can't tell you how much better I feel"

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"I read Alcohol Lied to Me three times before I finally decided enough was enough. I was convinced I should be able to deal with this drinking problem on my own. I didn't want to quit initially, just cut back on my drinking. However, today I celebrate one full year alcohol-free and I can't tell you how much better I feel. Most of all I am the father, grandfather and husband that I set out to be", Michael L, Austin USA

"The next day I started the program and I have been sober since"

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"I was searching on Google for how to drink less when I stumbled on a video of yours. You said that a telltale sign of alcohol use disorder was that your next drink is always on your mind. That hit home, I downloaded your book and read it from start to finish in one night. The next day I started the program and I have been sober since (apart from one slip up that taught me a hard lesson).", Angela M, Orlando USA

"Today I recommend The Stop Drinking Expert to all my readers and friends"


"I look back at those pictures from 9 months ago & I barely recognise myself. Tired, bloated and deeply unhappy. Yet at the time I tried to kid myself into thinking life was good, but wine was needed to relax. Today I recommend The Stop Drinking Expert to all my readers and friends", Hanna Sillitoe, Bestselling Author

"A new perspective that ended the battle"

"I wanted to thank you personally for helping me save my life. My drinking got out of hand after my husband died and I turned to drink to help deal with the grief and loneliness. Alcohol ended up making everything worse and despite how bad things got, I couldn't control it. I didn’t know what to expect when I joined but you told my story as though you knew me and gave me a new perspective that ended the battle. Therefore, I am happy to reccomend the program to anyone using alcohol too much.", Anne B, California USA

Yes, Show Me How to Stop Drinking Today

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I have carefully designed this how to stop drinking program to make a significant difference to your life. Consequently its effectiveness and ease of use is very important to me. If after 30 days of using the program you don’t feel a noticeable urge to drink less alcohol I want to hear from you. If I can’t personally help you one to one then I will offer you a full unconditional refund of your money”, Craig Beck DhP. ABNLP.

What If I Am Not Sure If I Should Quit Completely or Just Cut Back?

Does Alcohol Help With Stress?

I understand. It took me a decade to stop drinking and for the first five years of that, I was in denial about the problem. I point blank refused to accept that I couldn’t find a way to moderate my drinking rather than stop completely.

Pretty much everything I liked to do involved drinking alcohol. How could I give it up, my life would be a misery, wouldn’t it?

I wasn’t ready to stop drinking

Alcohol is exceptionally good at what it does, it is the second most addictive substance on earth (just behind heroin). Alcohol kills 2,500,000 every year and pretty much every one of those people at one point claimed ‘I can quit anytime I want’.

You are not sure you are ready to quit drinking because you are afraid.

Alcohol has absolutely convinced you that it helps you cope with life. It has told you so many times that it is a special treat that you believe in it as much as you believe in gravity.

When I tell people just how much better my life is now I don’t drink it often makes no impact on them at all. I presume they are thinking ‘well good for you, it wouldn’t be like that for me though’.

Ask anyone who is more than six months sober and they will confirm for you that every aspect of life is better without alcohol.

Finally, are you ready to discover how to stop drinking or cut back quickly and painlessly?

Yes, I Am Ready To Get Back In Control Today

100% Private, Secure & Confidential Guaranteed

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How To Stop Drinking Blueprint

The path out of alcohol addiction is easier if you follow the blueprint below:

  1. Acknowledge that you have a problem. Many people devote their time and effort to proving that their drinking isn't unusual. Social proof provides no protection and won't keep you safe.
  2. Take action. Problems with alcohol never get better on their own or given time. Alcohol is a powerfully effective drug and the only way to beat it is to take direct, positive action.
  3. Evaluate your life. Are you friends really friends or do you just hang out together because you like company while drinking. Have you given up on hobbies and family time in favour of drinking? Now is the time to change.
  4. Avoid the trap of 'just one drink'. After a period of sobriety many people incorrectly assume that they have fixed their problem with the booze. They wonder if they can control it now. One drink always proves otherwise.

P.S.: Point two is perhaps the most important! The best time to have dealt with this problem was ten years ago. The next 'best' time is right now. In conclusion, don't miss this golden opportunity to take action and get back in control of your life. If you have any questions, or just need some friendly advice. Please don't hesitate to get in touch.", Craig Beck ([email protected])

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Disclaimer: This online 'how to stop drinking' program reflects the personal experience of the author only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical assistance, but describes a program to be undertaken only under the supervision of a medical doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Individual result may vary.

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