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Step By Step Quit Alcohol Coaching

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A Personal & Intelligent Solution To Problem Drinking Made Easy

No Willpower Required

Willpower does not work against alcohol addiction. Trying to force yourself to drink less is the most common approach to control drinking but it has an 95% chance of failure. 

No Dangerous Medication

Prescription medicines treat the symptoms of alcoholism not the root cause. This program tackles the foundations of your drinking and makes it easy to quit. 

No Expensive Rehab

No need to take time off work. You can deal with this problem quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home. 

No Embarrassing Group Therapy

This is a 100% private and confidential proven solution to alcoholism. No record on your medical insurance, no requirement to speak in front of strangers. 

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A Genuine Alternative To AA & Embarrassing Group Therapy

A complete how to stop drinking video course that treats the root cause of alcohol addiction, not just the symptoms.

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How To Control Alcohol

Duration: 1h 35m 

Discover why your past attempt to moderate your drinking failed. Learn How to get control without cravings.

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Why You Are Not 'Alcoholic'

Duration: 1h 05m

I will never call myself an alcohol and I do not believe you are either. You are trapped in a loop - but I can break it.

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Quitting Without Willpower

Duration: 0h 55m

Every time you have tried to cut back on your drinking in the past you had a less than 5% chance success. Why?

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You Are Not Weak Willed!

Duration: 1h 25m

Alcohol is the second most addictive drug on planet earth and yet we drinkers like they are the problem!

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Relaxing Without Alcohol

Duration: 1h 01m

Alcohol withdrawal feels like stress, & so we believe drinking helps us to relax. I will help you break this loop.

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A Happy Sober Social Life

Duration: 0h 45m

How to deal with social situations, drinking buddies and discover a whole new world of sober benefits. 

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The Psychology Of Addiction

Duration: 1h 04m

In this part of the course, Craig will show you how to get leverage on your drinking so quitting becomes painless

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Delete The Addiction Code

Duration: 0h 55m

So many fail to quit drinking because they don't address their 'reasons' for drinking. You will be different.

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The Sober Way Forward

Duration: 1h 01m

Getting started on your new happy sober life and enjoying all the wonderful benefits. 

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Making It Stick

Duration: 0h 47m

The same process I went through to quickly & easily quit drinking after being out of control for 20 Years. 

Craig Beck: The World's #1 Quit Drinking Coach

I understand where you currently are. I was a heavy drinker myself. Alcohol became something that I couldn’t control despite how miserable it was making me. 

I had an outstanding career, beautiful home and family but one by one alcoholism was destroying them all. Every day I made excuses about why I 'needed' to drink. All the time, failing to make the connection that my alcohol use was the reason for the vast majority of my problems.

AA was too depressing, and I didn’t want to label myself as an alcoholic. Rehab was a risk to my professional reputation. Finally, I realized willpower was not the answer to control my alcohol intake.

For nearly a decade I’d been fighting a losing battle!

When I gave up trying to force myself to cut back. It was only then I discovered how to stop drinking alcohol in a more logical and simple way. Life suddenly became... peaceful and secure. I lost weight, slept like a baby, reconnected with my family, and regained my career.

Now I help successful individuals like you to protect their income, health, relationships & reputation by personally mentoring them out of the vicious circle of alcoholism... More >>>

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I Have Helped Over 50,000 People To Quit Drinking & Protect Their Lifestyle

Is This Quit Drinking Coaching Program Right For Me?

This How to Stop Drinking Course Has Helped Over 50,000 Successful People Escape Alcoholism. Are You Ready?

Who is this for

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    Highly committed individuals who are ready to invest in themselves & discover how to stop drinking today.
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    People who are drinking every night to 'relax' and help cope with the stress of career & life. 
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    Creatively minded individuals who are using alcohol to help with boredom or loneliness.
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    High achieving individuals who are looking to deal with this privately and without risk to their career.

Who is this not for

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    People who have been told to quit drinking by someone else but don't really want to stop.
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    People not willing to invest in themselves and their future sobriety & success.
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    Chronic alcoholics who are constantly drinking and no longer able to function in general society.
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    Individuals using multiple drugs/substances. For example alcohol & heroin at the same time.
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“I recommend The Stop Drinking Expert to all my clients”

“I look back at those pictures from 9 months ago & I barely recognise myself. Tired, bloated and deeply unhappy. Yet at the time I tried to kid myself into thinking life was good, that alcohol wasn’t needed to numb the monotony. Today I recommend The Stop Drinking Expert to all my clients and friends”, Hanna Sillitoe (Bestselling Author of Radiant)


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Yes, I Am Ready To Get Started

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Join A Caring, Non-Judgemental Community

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Imagine what it's like to have friends supporting you on this journey. Caring people who know exactly how you are feeling.

When you get started on this how to stop drinking alcohol coaching course. You will get instant access to our secret community. Inside, you will find hundreds of friendly, understanding people who are ready to encourage, support and advise you.

The group is set to the maximum possible security settings. Nobody will know you are a member of the group and none of your posts will ever be shown to your Facebook friends and family.

This is 100% private and confidential at all times.

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benefits of quitting drinking


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"So personal, and I can relate to every word he teaches. This program is worth its weight in Gold. I tried to stop drinking a million times, but there are so many tools in this program I genuinely think this it. I can't thank you enough", Donn Stout

Disclaimer: This online 'how to stop drinking alcohol' coaching program reflects the personal experience of the author only. It is not intended as a substitute for professional medical assistance, but describes a program to be undertaken only under the supervision of a medical doctor or other qualified healthcare professional. Individual result may vary.

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