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San Francisco, USA - 30 Sep 2018

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Proven Effective: How To Stop Drinking Safely, Quickly And Without Willpower.

Are you sick and tired of feeling 'sick and tired'?

Are you worried about your drinking enough to do something about it?

Perhaps you are finding that more and more you are turning to alcohol on an evening to 'relax' and cope with life?

Maybe you are dealing with serious health problems, financial worries and failing relationships. Plus the guilt of not giving the people you love the 'real you' anymore?

I understand how you feel!

I was a heavy drinker myself. Alcohol became something that I couldn’t control despite how miserable it was making me. 

I had an outstanding career, beautiful home and family but one by one alcoholism was destroying them all.

Every day I made excuses about why I 'needed' to drink.

All the time, failing to make the connection that my alcoholism was the reason for the vast majority of my problems.

  • My health was going downhill fast
  • My marriage was falling apart
  • I was missing quality time with my children
  • My career was going nowhere fast
  • I was descending deeper and deeper into debt
  • Depression, worry and unhappiness were my life
quit drinking before and after

My drinking was hurting everyone I loved.

My family was everything to me! I would have defended and protected them with my life.

But here I was, badly hurting them myself!

My nightly drinking had turned me into a fat, selfish zombie. I wasn't interested in anything but drinking.

It made me so selfish! I wouldn't go anywhere or do anything unless I could drink at the same time. All clear signs of addiction but still I refused to accept it.

I am ashamed to admit I was a terrible husband and nowhere near the father I set out to be. 

There was no way I was going to AA!

I wanted to stop drinking, but Alcoholics Anonymous was too depressing, and I didn’t want to label myself as an alcoholic. I had a professional reputation to protect.

Rehab was too expensive and I couldn't risk taking an extended leave from work!

I tried everything.

From silly gimmicks, herbal supplements and hypnosis through to prescription medication (recklessly ordered from abroad online).

Nothing made any real difference.

For nearly a decade I’d been fighting a losing battle!

Finally, I realized willpower was not the answer to control my alcohol intake.

When I gave up trying to force myself to cut back. It was only then I discovered how to deal with my alcoholism in a more logical and simple way.

I changed the meaning of alcohol, it stopped being something a saw as a treat. To become something I saw as nothing more than 'attractively packaged poison'. 

Life suddenly became... peaceful and secure.

I lost weight, slept like a baby, reconnected with my family, and regained my career.

Suddenly it became so easy and the years I had struggled to force myself to cut back seemed silly now

I had tried hundreds of times to moderate my drinking.

All the time dreaming of drinking like a 'normal' person.

Creating silly rules for myself, desperate to get back in control and reach the utopia of being able to have 'just one drink':

  • I told myself I would only drink beer, never wine (FAILED)
  • Then I promised I would only drink on special occasions (FAILED)
  • I said I would stop drinking at home and only drink socially (FAILED)

Yet, In all other areas of my life I was successful.

Nobody outside my close family had any idea I was knocking back two bottles of wine a night, every night.

My friends just thought I could 'handle my drink', like it was something to be proud of!

after stopping drinking 1
after quitting drinking 2
before and after 3

Then I Had A Lightbulb Moment!

Everyone agrees quitting drinking is difficult, miserable and painful right?

That's only because drinkers the world over are using the same broken 'solution' over and over and expecting the outcome to change.

Trying to force yourself to moderate your drinking has a 95% chance of failure.

So why then does EVERY traditional way of dealing with alcohol addiction still uses this as the go to solution?

Willpower does not work

Alcoholics Anonymous tells you that you are broken and always will be.

Therefore, you must spend the rest of your life forcing yourself to stay away from the thing you want the most!

Rehab costs tens of thousands of dollars to do the same thing.

Using prescription medication to deal with any addiction still requires willpower in order to keep taking the tablets.

Plus they come with side-effects worse than a hangover!

It's like the whole world has agreed that the best way to put out a fire is by throwing a bucket of gasoline on it!

If it wasn't killing over three million people every year (according to World Health Organization figures) it might even be funny.

But for those of us trapped in the loop, it's not funny. It's a miserable experience.

So, I created a method that doesn't involve embarrassing group meetings, expensive rehab, dangerous medication and certainly no useless willpower.

Stop Drinking = Better Health

Within 3 months of quitting drinking my high blood pressure vanished. More than that, it return to perfectly normal levels, despite being elevated for over a decade.

My sleep apnea cleared up and the scary pain in my side went away and never came back. Proving to me that it was being caused by my drinking all along.

God only knows what would have happened if I had carried on drinking.

I lost 57lbs of body fat without any real effort. It turns out there is a lot of calories in all that alcohol I was knocking back. 

But my story is not unique. You are about to find out for yourself the significant health benefits of kicking the attractively packaged poison out of your life:

  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Clarity and less brain fog
  • Clearer skin
  • Increased mental focus
  • Weight loss due to less caloric intake
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of cancer
  • Better immune system
  • Improved memory function
  • health benefits of quitting drinking

    Stop Drinking = Saved Relationships

    If you are a problem drinker your relationships are under an unbearable amount of pressure.

    The hard truth is, drinkers are focused on when they can have their next drink. Not on how they can be a loving, caring and passionate husband or wife.

    When you discover your own happy sober life, so many good things happen to your relationships:

    • No more drunken arguments and saying things you will regret.
    • More quality time together.
    • Never choosing alcohol over your partner again.
    • Sexual dysfunction and impotence can improve.
    • More passionate and enjoyable sex where you are both 100% present.
    • Stop giving your partner the 'lazy zombie' version of the person they met.
    • Be the loving, attentive parent that you set out to be.
    • Rediscover the authentic you. 

    Stop Drinking = More wealth & more success

    The average Stop Drinking Expert member saves over $6000 a year. But alcohol is stealing so much more than the financial cost!

    When you're sober, you naturally operate at your maximum capacity. You're lucid, focused, and you wake up feeling like a million bucks every day (this benefit cannot be overstated).

    When I was drinking, my effectiveness on any given day might have been around 80%.

    Now, I feel like I'm operating at 98%. What's incredible is that this improvement has had an exponential impact on the tangible success I've achieved.

    Get back in control of your life easily

    I always dreamed of escaping the rat race and being my own boss. For over a decade my drinking problem prevented me from even getting started.

    As soon as I escaped the trap of alcoholism my life started to change in the most amazing ways.

    I quit drinking and then I quit my miserable 9 to 5 job. Today, I never go to 'the office', I am never stuck in the dreaded commute and I don't have a boss to answer to.

    Thousands of people just like you have done exactly the same thing with my help...

    Just as soon as they kicked this life limiting poison out of their lives!

    You will discover how to stop drinking alcohol without any of the usual hard work and struggle... ready?

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    I will personally take you through an easy to follow 7 step process:

    • Control alcohol quickly & easily
    • Dealing with your drinking friends and family
    • Relaxing without a drink
    • Dealing with stress and anxiety
    • Destroy all cravings in 3 easy moves
    • Sleep better and rest better
    • How to vacation & celebrate without alcohol (and have a great time)
    • Retaking control of life and going after your dreams.

    Craig Beck: Alcohol Addiction Therapist & Mentor

    Craig Beck ABNLP. ABHYP. DhP. is a renowned, professional alcohol addiction therapist and mentor. He is the author of several bestselling addiction recovery books such as Alcohol Lied to Me and The Alcohol Illusion.

    His specialist approach to alcoholism rehabilitation is based upon his experience as a former problem drinker. This combined with his psychology background, certification as a ICF coach, master practitioner of neuro linguistic programming and hypnotherapy masters certification.

    Offering a completely private and confidential online program, clinics locations around the world and one to one individual treatment options.

    His method is rated 'excellent' with clients around the world learning how to stop drinking and get back in control of their life... more >>>

    Craig Beck Stop Drinking
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    stop drinking course part 1

    Alcohol Addiction Therapy

    Duration: 1h 35m 

    Discover why your past attempts to moderate your drinking failed. Learn how to stop drinking without cravings

    alcoholism help 2

    Why You Are Not 'Alcoholic'

    Duration: 1h 05m

    I will never call myself an alcoholic & I do not believe you are either. You are trapped in a loop - but I can break it.

    cut back on drinking

    Rapid Health Repair

    Duration: 0h 55m

    Every time you have tried to cut back on your drinking in the past you had a less than 5% chance success. Why?

    quitting alcohol

    You Are Not Weak Willed!

    Duration: 1h 25m

    Alcohol is the second most addictive drug on planet earth and yet we treat drinkers like they are the problem!

    want to stop drinking

    Relaxing Without Alcohol

    Duration: 1h 01m

    Alcohol withdrawal feels like stress, & so we believe drinking helps us to relax. I will help you break this loop.

    how to quit drinking

    A Happy Sober Social Life

    Duration: 0h 45m

    How to deal with social situations, drinking buddies and discover a whole new world of sober benefits. 

    alcoholism button

    The Psychology Of Addiction

    Duration: 1h 04m

    Identify the signs of alcoholism and get leverage on your drinking so quitting becomes easy.

    alcohol use disorder

    Giving Your Family You Back

    Duration: 0h 55m

    Alcohol robs your friends and family of the 'real you' that they love and respect so much.

    part 9

    Socialising Without Alcohol

    Duration: 1h 01m

    Getting started on your new happy sober life and enjoying all the wonderful benefits. 

    stop drinking expert 10

    Getting Back In Control

    Duration: 0h 47m

    The same process I went through to quickly & easily quit drinking after being out of control for 20 Years. 

    hanna 500 problem drinking

    “I recommend Craig Beck's how to stop drinking alcohol program to all my clients”

    “I look back at those pictures from 9 months ago & I barely recognise myself. Tired, bloated and deeply unhappy. Yet at the time I tried to kid myself into thinking life was good, that alcohol wasn’t needed to numb the monotony. Today I recommend The Stop Drinking Expert to all my clients and friends”, Hanna Sillitoe (Bestselling Author of Radiant)

    Over 5x More Effective Than Traditional 'How To Stop Drinking' Methods. Why Have Even One More Hangover?

    Verified Tesimonials

    stop drinking expert review blank


    trust pilot verified

    I have tried willpower, AA, etc. and nothing seemed to work - the way he presents the concept of addiction is so clear and so hard to reject (ego) that I finally feel like I want to quit drinking.

    I'm on Day 4, and something inside me has changed to the point where the thought or smell of alcohol almost makes me gag. No delirium tremens and I feel much stronger in my conviction than I ever have and I am so very grateful.

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Peter G

    trust pilot verified

    Mr Beck gets it. Alcohol is just pure BS when I realized there's pain and no pleasure in drinking a light bulb went off which he calls a paradigm shift. To me, alcohol is like stepping into a ring with Mike Tyson I have no chance at winning a futile fight, so I choose not to get into the ring any longer, it is a pointless waste of time to drink, all I see now is destruction.

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Dana Grove

    trust pilot verified

    What a fantastic day spent with an absolute expert. I had very high expectations for the one-day how to stop drinking seminar in London and was not disappointed. This man's passion and calmness when he tells you that alcohol is the discharge of decaying fruit and that is will kill you had me astounded.

    He made me cry, he made me laugh but most of all he made me understand my problem to take it seriously. I am free of alcohol now and can spend my time on becoming the millionaire I will be.

    Thank you, Craig, I am in your debt.

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Sarah Sanchez

    trust pilot verified

    Nothing else has worked for me. AA, Rehab, Counseling, Willpower... it wasn't until I found Craig on YouTube talking about the signs of alcoholism that I realized why nothing had worked.

    His thoughts, ideas, and program are just simply amazing, and it takes practically no convincing on his part to make you realize how evil alcohol is and how your life is so much better without it. Just the things he says hit me so profoundly that it made it easy to just stop. 

    Of course, some parts of his stop drinking process aren't as easy, but he gets you through that as well. I have read a LOT of books and watched a lot of videos and nothing has come close to the help Craig has given me, and tons of others.

    Thank you, Craig, for your fantastic work.

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Karen Lanese

    trust pilot verified

    This program can work for ANYONE! I have tried many things, mostly on my own for over ten years. If you are ready, the tools that Craig provides are all you need. The company's service is prompt, knowledgeable, personable and will go above and beyond if you need extra help.

    Commit to it; Dr. Beck can educate, dispel doubts, banish excuses and give strength to ANYONE. Type A, Intellectual, Educated, or Not, Atheist or Faithful, Hopeful or Hopeless. You have landed in the right place; this can be your answer if you follow the program. How do I know?

    Happily sober, going on five weeks, does that not sound like much time to you? Well, considering that I haven't been able to string more than a couple of sober weeks together in 17 Years, I'll take it! Confident in the knowledge that I will never drink poison again.

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Phil Williams

    trust pilot verified

    Craig’s knowledge so inspires me as it relates to my problem as no one else has before. I purchased the monthly subscription after seeing the vast free help videos he has posted on YouTube.

    Once inside the members' area was listening to some hypnosis and being explained what is going on in such a relatable mythological way I emailed Craig who responded himself, refunded my monthly payment so I could buy the lifetime membership.

    This is going to work! 

    No one I have ever spoken to has the knowledge, dedication, and care that this expert has. Why not go to the best the very best, what is a few hundred pounds when you will save thousands!

    You deserve the best, kill this problem once and for all!

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Tresa Brazier

    trust pilot verified

    Craig is right on, and I am very grateful for his work! I have tried AA and rehab, which if anything has made the problem worse for me and contributed to a sense of shame, defectiveness, and powerlessness. The answer indeed is changing one's perspective and view of alcohol and just not wanting it anymore. Thank you, Craig!

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Rob Brown

    trust pilot verified

    Alcohol effects life in such a terrible, evil way.

    I am so incredibly motivated by this how to stop drinking course and the incredible Craig Beck! I am personally on Day 7 with no alcohol! I have been drinking alcohol for 30 years but only hit bad by the drug in the last ten years.

    I have detoxed many times, tried counselling and medication, but nothing worked. I am now on Day 4 of this course and on fire as a result of all the things I have already seen and heard, the remarkable free book Craig very kindly provided was what started the process of me wanting to understand and learn more. I have been using his TFT and Hypnotherapy, and that is just amazing.

    The private Facebook group is also such a help as you are sharing with others and even reading about their journeys, it makes you feel that you are not fighting this battle on your own.

    This whole programme is just fantastic, I know, at last feel I can win this battle and be free from alcohol addiction forever. Thank you, Craig, for all you do, you are the best!

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Sue Barlow

    trust pilot verified

    Craig Beck is an Angel in disguise.

    He is so honest and truthful and blows apart every myth we ever believed in alcohol. I am so blessed to have found Craig’s programme. So much of what he says resonates with me, and I’m finally beginning to understand. Craig speaks from the heart having had an alcohol problem himself in the past; it’s not just some randomer who doesn’t know what you are going through.

    I genuinely believe that I can kick this and never go back to it because of this programme. Thanks, Craig.

    stop drinking expert review blank


    trust pilot verified

    I want to say to anyone out there with a drinking problem Craig's course is unusual, why? Because it works!! I have been scouring the internet for some time and identified with Craig  immediately, there are so many sites, but none appealed to me.

    The funny part is I identified with everything he said, which only means one thing, he has honestly really been through it himself and is not a chancer.

    I have never been so confident and happy for a long time now, too long. This guy is a genius at what he does, and I'm truly indebted to him for saving my marriage, my business, and my life.

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Donn Stout

    trust pilot verified

    Craig is The Man. So personal and can relate to every word he teaches.

    This program is worth its weight in Gold. I tried to work out how to stop drinking a million times, but there are so many tools in this program I genuinely think this it. The Evil Clown will stay trapped inside my head forever, and I won't give him the satisfaction of revealing himself ever again.

    Craig, you are amazing, I can't thank you enough!

    stop drinking expert review blank


    trust pilot verified

    Craig Beck knows his stuff; I highly recommend him and his how to stop drinking program. It works and makes it very clear why you should stop and how.

    There is plenty of exciting video's to watch for all kinds of circumstances; it's clear to me that he understands from experience how a drinker thinks.

    Ps. He does answer his emails, Craig made a video especially for my situation, truly impressive.

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Craig Kantack

    trust pilot verified

    I have found Dr. Beck's how to stop stop drinking program to be refreshing and successful for me. This may sound cliche, but as an individual who has a drinking problem/functional alcoholic whatever moniker you choose, his words are a helpful/guiding light on a cloudy horizon.

    I would strongly recommend the Dr. Beck's program to anyone who has started to notice the clear signs of alcoholism in their life.

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Kate Bauer

    trust pilot verified

    This has changed my life. I found them right before getting an alcohol monitor off, and while I saw how much better life was without alcohol, I still didn't fully understand the absolute truth and these videos opened my eyes in a way nothing else ever had. I can't thank Craig enough.

    I was merely searching around the internet and came across one of his videos; I stayed up half the night because I couldn't stop myself from watching as many as I could because they offered me so much clarity.

    I beg anyone with a problem to listen, I drank for around 12 years, and this how to stop drinking course offered me the first sense of relief and finally empowered me to feel wonderful about being a none drinker vs. a poor broken alcoholic who "got clean."

    I cannot say enough about how intelligent and well done these videos are. Seriously changed my life!

    Craig, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Pete McNaught

    trust pilot verified

    After over 20 years of drinking and developing a dangerous daily routine with alcohol I managed to kick alcohol out of my life after reading Craig's how to stop drinking book 'Alcohol Lied to Me'.

    I also signed up to his online quit drinking course which offered so much help through a colossal amount of cleverly thought out material including audio, video and hypnosis downloads. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to control their drink problem.

    I have not had a drink or wanted a drink in 3 months now, it really works. I might add that the customer service and feedback from the company were outstanding and easy to deal with too.

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Maria Sapia

    trust pilot verified

    I'm thankful every day I found Craig Beck's how to stop drinking books and program. I've been sober and happier longer than any stretch of time I've tried with AA and without using willpower.

    Craig exposes alcohol for what it indeed is, poison, and has convinced me it truly no longer has a useful place in my life. Only a destructive one.

    I'm a grateful lifetime member. My only regret is that I didn't learn this stuff a lot sooner.

    stop drinking expert review blank

    Emma Lee Bower

    trust pilot verified

    Cannot recommend enough. After being a very heavy drinker from age 18, I’d tried numerous times to quit/cut down, etc. without any luck. Everything in my life was suffering because of alcohol. Then I found Craig Beck, within 24 hours of listening to Craig’s quit drinking book, 'Alcohol Lied to Me', something changed, something just clicked for me.

    I had no want or desire to drink.

    I’ve been alcohol-free for almost three years now. I know this wouldn’t be possible without the help and support from Craig and his approach to quitting drinking alcohol. I cannot thank him enough. Turning 40 in a few weeks, my life now is uncomprehendingly better and more prosperous than it ever was.

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