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How to Stop Drinking Without ANY CRAVINGS... GUARANTEED

Imagine waking up tomorrow with no hangover, no guilt or regret. Full of energy and vitality.

Over 50,000 Have Quit Drinking Quickly & Easily With This Confidential System.

  • No missed work for treatment or AA meetings (avoid uncomfortable discussions with your boss)
  • No forced public admission of alcoholism (skip the judgement and pity of others)
  • No medical record of your problem (bypass the lectures from your doctor)
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Radiant: Recipes to heal your skin from within

I recommend The Stop Drinking Expert to all my readers and friends

“I look back at those pictures from 9 months ago & I barely recognise myself. Tired, bloated and deeply unhappy. Yet at the time I tried to kid myself into thinking life was good, that alcohol wasn’t needed to numb the monotony. Today I recommend The Stop Drinking Expert to all my readers and friends”,  

- Hanna Sillitoe (Bestselling Author of 'Radiant: Recipes to heal your skin from within')
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"Find out how this family man discovered a revolutionary simple solution to alcohol addiction"

how to stop drinking by a normal family man

Hello, my name is Craig Beck and I probably understand more than most  how you are currently feeling about your drinking.

I have been where you are, alcohol became something that I couldn’t stop drinking despite how miserable it made me.

Alcohol replaced the ‘real me’ with a fat, unhealthy zombie.

I got so sick of waking up full of regret and guilt.

I had a great job, beautiful home and family but... one by one alcohol stole them all from me.

Every day I made excuses about why I needed alcohol even more, failing to make the connection that the alcohol was actually the reason for the vast majority of my problems.

"I think I tried absolutely everything to control my addiction"

AA was too depressing, and I didn’t want to label myself as an alcoholic.

Rehab was too expensive for my joyless and broke self.

The thought of putting dangerous prescription drugs into my body in an attempt to rid myself of another drug didn’t make any sense at all.

key to stopping drinking

Finally... I realized willpower was not the answer. For nearly a decade I’d been fighting a losing battle!

When I eventually landed on the secret to controlling my cravings for alcohol without willpower, life suddenly became... peaceful and easy.

I lost weight, slept like a baby, reconnected with my family, and regained my career.

It is no stretch to say it both changed my life and saved my life, and it’s become my mission to do the same for other people in my same situation—so far over 50,000 people just like you have also escaped the trap of alcoholism.

That’s why I created this affordable, private, and fast-acting how to stop drinking program, so you don’t have to struggle as long as I did to control your craving for alcohol.

"I am passionate about helping other people to escape the quicksand of alcohol addiction"

stop drinking help by Craig Beck

Once you discover the secret of how alcohol is keeping you in a painful loop you will easily get back in control of your drinking in less than 3 weeks.

WAIT let me be clear, I do not mean you will have to go around telling people you are not allowed to drink any more.

The urge to drink will just fade away, you will no longer want to drink as often (or at all).

You should believe me with this! When I finally figured out how to quit drinking it turned my life around. I lost 57lbs in weight, all my health problems disappeared and I started enjoying time with my friends and family again.

This is all waiting for you just as soon as you get started today.

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"He knows exactly what is going on inside your head"

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"Things had got pretty bad, I was drinking behind my husbands back and had been for a long time. For a while he thought I was just being sociable but I knew deep down inside it was much more than that.

Then one day I shocked myself. I lied to my daughter. She asked me to look after my granddaughter and I told her I had a dentist appointment. I couldn't believe I was choosing to drink over spend time with my beautiful little Tia.

I couldn't bring myself to talk about this with anyone and I was worried if I told my doctor it would cause problems with my medical insurance.  I worried in the future they would decline any claim because I was a problem drinker.

"He described what I was doing as though he had actually seen me"​

Finding the Stop Drinking Expert website was a Godsend. I was nervous and full of doubt but I signed up anyway.

Craig is really good. He knows exactly what's going on inside your head. He described what I was doing as though he had seen it all. He knew about all the excuses I told myself and he knew what I had tried in the past to control my drinking.

It didn't sink in straight away and I was panicking that it wouldn't work for me. But one day I found I didn't want to drink. I was so shocked I forced myself to have a glass of wine. It tastes horrid and I ended up tipping it down the sink. That was the last time I had a drink.

I am so grateful to be where I am now. Alcohol nearly took the most precious thing I have. Thank you Craig"

Angie B. Nashville, USA

What If It Doesn't Work For Me?

I Guarantee It Will Work For You!

Dutch Courage

One of the most common reasons I hear from people worried about their drinking is 'what if I try to stop and I can't do it'?

Previously, every time you tried to deal with your drinking you used willpower to force yourself to cut down. Willpower has a 95% failure rate when it comes to alcohol.

I know you have tried to stop many times and I understand you are scared to fail again. But this time you will be doing it right!

I have been where you are right now and escaped. Yes, I am asking you to take a leap of faith and trust me but taking action in any area of life involves a little risk!

  • Go for the promotion at work = risk!
  • Ask somebody to go on a date with you = risk!
  • Try something new = risk!

It's easy to see that if you always listened to the voice urging you to stay in your comfort zone you would never have anything of value in your life.

Yes, your comfort zone is a beautiful place - but nothing ever grows there! Alcohol wants to keep you trapped there, because as long as you are, you will continue to drink.

You should trust me on this, if you are serious about getting this attractively packaged poison out of your life. It starts with one brave step - and only you can take it! Why not decide now and take that step right now?

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"To say the Stop Drinking Expert program saved my life is the understatement of the year"

quit drinking reviews

"I don't really know when it changed for me. I was always a guy who could 'handle his drink' and that was a good thing, I think.

We got into a routine at work, this was back in the 90's. We would all go to a bar down the street from the office for a couple of beers. We claimed that it was because they did amazing soups. I don't think anyone really believed that but nobody questioned it.

I remember about ten years ago the company got bought out and the new management came in like a tornado. They banned drinking in the day - what scared me was how upset and angry I was about that.

"The book was a real slap in the chops"

I ended up sneaking drinks while at my desk. I was constantly cleaning my teeth and sucking mints to try and hide the smell. I was terrified, I knew I was in big trouble but I couldn't even get 2 days sober.

I found Alcohol Lied to Me by accident one day. By this point I had already got a DUI which lead to me losing my job. I was quickly losing everything that mattered.

The book was a real slap in the chops and I joined the web course. To say the Stop Drinking Expert program saved my life is the understatement of the year. Without it I am sure my wife would have left and I would be on a downward spiral to the bottom.

If you are drinking everyday and you can't slow down - join this program before it's too late, that's all I can say"

Dave S. Atlanta, USA

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FREE Bestselling 'Quit Drinking' Book

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Your personal details are guaranteed secure

alcohol lied to me reviews
stop drinking expert reviews
alcohol lied to me reviews
stop drinking expert reviews
alcohol lied to me reviews

"He knows how you feel & how to help"

alcohol rehab reviews

"I was at the point where I couldn't sleep because of the pain in my side. I knew it was the drinking that caused it but I couldn't bring myself to go to the doctor.

I had a bit of a wake up call when my husband had a health scare and for a while we didn't know if he was going to make it. I decided I had to stop with the drinking - but I found I couldn't!

When people had questioned my drinking in the past I had always attacked them and told them to mind their own business. I said 'I could stop anytime I wanted', and I really believed that.

"People in the members area could relate to my story"

I managed three months without a drink and then I stupidly started to think that maybe I had fixed myself. I tried a drink and before I knew what was happening I was drinking more than ever before.

I turned to this website out of desperation more than anything. I expected to be told that I was ridiculous or broken or something.

There was none of that. I was surprised to find that most of the people in the members area could relate to my story. I thought it was just me doing these silly things but it felt so good to know that this nasty drug takes other down the same path.

The Stop Drinking Expert gives you a way out of the maze. But what I find most helpful is the community of friends I have found. It's so good to have people to talk to about how you feel. Sometimes I get the urge to drink and I just get my cell out and start chatting instead - it's so good"

Andrea K. Boston, USA

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How Will I 'Relax' Without Alcohol?

Step by step I will help you out of the trap...

Back to Social Drinking

Drinking to 'cope' with the stresses and strains of life is another very common statement of people struggling with alcohol addiction.

When you first step inside the members area, I will show you that this is just yet another illusion of the drug. Alcohol does not help us 'cope' or 'deal' with life in any way, shape or form. It's a very clever illusion and nothing more.

Take the statement: 'I only use alcohol to deal with life' and change the drug to any other you can think of. Instantly the insanity of the excuse will be revealed.

Alcohol has tricked you.

Are you finally ready to put a stop to it and say enough is enough. Or do you want to carry on be played for a little longer?

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"He doesn't talk down to you, he talks to you like he knows everything about you"

alcoholism treatment reviews

"I spent half my adult life trying to pretend I didn't have a problem with alcoholism.

I spent so long denying this that when I finally had no choice (The consultant told me I either stop drinking or I die). I felt completely lost and powerless.

I did what most people do in my situation, I went to AA. I hated every second of it, I am a very private person and standing up there in front of a bunch of strangers was not acceptable to me.

It was my son who found Craig's website and initially I refused to join because I thought it was too good to be true. I have been caught out before online and I wasn't about to give this British guy my money.

"It's hard to deny the common sense"

One Saturday night I found myself opening a bottle of Whiskey and something just made me go to the laptop and look into it a bit more.

I am so glad I did. He doesn't talk down to you, he talks to you like he knows everything about you. What I was surprised about was, every reason I had for drinking... he had an explanation for.

For the first few days I was still fighting against his logic, but slowly my determination to resist started to crumble. It's hard to deny the common sense he talks about this evil 'attractively packaged poison' as Craig calls it. I am very indebted to my son who gave me the push I needed"

Frank T, Geelong Australia

The Instant, Powerful Benefits of Taking Action Right Now:

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Save Thousands $$$$

How hard are you working just to pay for your poison in a pretty bottle? Did you know that the average member goes on to save over $3500 per year.

100% Private Cure

No medical records, no absence from work, no attending embarrassing group therapy. This is a highly effective solution that you can do in private.

Protect Your Family

Problem drinking doesn't just destroy your life. Alcohol steals away good parents and partners. Give the people you love the old ‘real you’ back.

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Why This Works So Amazingly Well For Problem Drinkers

pamela stop drinking expert review

"It REALLY hits home in a very good way"

"I have to say I was blown away by the unique frankness. It REALLY hits home in a very good way. It’s as if a very caring, non judgmental friend can see right through me in a way that can only be known by someone who’s been through it all. I kept arguing my case for drinking for a while, but everything I came up with was just eroded away by the common sense of it all. I can’t recommend Craig's course highly enough"

(Arizona, USA)
richard pamela stop drinking expert review

"A truly amazing system - thank you so much"

"I was certain you wouldn’t be able to fix me... I thought I was so different from everyone else who drank. I though my situation was so unique that it was completely logical that I drank as much as I did. The reasons for not drinking now seem a lot more real and true than the reason for drinking. A truly amazing system - thank you so much."

- Richard Thompson (London, UK)
Anne pamela stop drinking expert review

"I cannot thank you enough for the gift you have given me"

"I wanted to thank you personally for helping me save my life. My drinking got out of hand after my husband died and I turned to drink to help deal with the grief and loneliness. Alcohol ended up making everything worse and despite how bad things got. I didn’t know what to expect when I joined but you told my story as though you knew me and gave me a new perspective that ended the battle."

- Anne Bebon (California, USA)
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The Zero Willpower Solution to Alcohol Addiction

This is the comprehensive stop drinking course that you are about to get full access to.

What you get

Stop Drinking Expert Products

You are about to get instant access to my complete step by step 'how to stop drinking' program.​

I will personally take you through the same easy steps that I used to fix my own 2 decade problem with alcohol.

There is no need to quit drinking until you want to. This process is designed to be painless.

You should never feel like you want to drink and must force yourself to avoid it.

The entire program is downloadable and can also be streamed on any device from a desktop computer to your cell phone.

At the moment you probably feel a little confused.

You desperately want alcohol out of your life but at the same time, you can't imagine life without it, correct?

Don't worry, you are about to get access to my complete video coaching library. I will help you easily handle every aspect of getting your happy, sober life back.​

I will show you how to deal with your drinking friends and family, how to have fun without a drink, how to quickly stop all cravings and much more.​

There's a video for that!

how to stop drinking ipad download

Your 100% Private solution

ways to quit drinking alcohol on a macbook

No taking time off work

Nothing on your medical records

No forced admission to your friends and family

You don't have to attend embarrassing AA style meetings

Zero reference to alcoholism on your credit card

Massive improvements in health and wellness

Privately rescue your personal relationships

Get your career & professional life back on track

As soon as you get started you will be invited to join my secret Facebook group (it's completely hidden - nobody can find it).

It is full of like minded people. Nearly 500 ex-drinkers ready to help and advise you.

You don't need expensive rehab and you don't have to do this alone. 24/7 There is someone there to support, advise and encourage you.

I can't begin to tell you how much this caring group of friends are going to help you nail this problem once and for all.

Non judgemental community

how to stop drinking facebook page


1. Life repair bonus downloads included (worth $400)

2. Craig Beck hypnosis mp3 library included free (worth $800)

3. The average member goes on the save over $3600 a year on alcohol

Yes, I Am Ready! Show Me How to Stop Drinking Today

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stop drinking expert
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Certified 100% Secure & Private

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Decide Now Bonus: Get Free Access To Our Secret Facebook Group.

Help 24/7 From 477+ Caring Ex-Drinkers

The Stop Drinking Expert Facebook Group is locked down to the most private and secure level available. You will not even be able to find it without a personal invite from Craig Beck.

None of your friends will see you are a member and nothing posted will ever appear on your timeline.

benefits of quitting drinking
benefits of quitting drinking
benefits of quitting drinking
stop drinking
Happy Sober Solution Reviews
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Advantages vs Disadvantages

Are you finally ready?

hypnosis clock

I know you probably can't imagine a life without alcohol at the moment.

I've been there remember, alcohol was the worst thing in my life but I also believed it was the best thing too (I really believed my glass of wine was my little treat).

I spent a decade trying to find permission to keep drinking. Even when my health started to fail I was still looking for reasons why it wasn't the fault of my drinking!

Problems with alcoholism NEVER get better on their own. It is the insidious nature of the drug that it will get worse and worse. Your family and friends probably all drink... they can't help you!

Take the hand of someone who has himself escaped the quicksand of alcohol addiction and knows how to make it easy and painless for you.

Of course, you are free to keep searching like I did, but wouldn't it be better to do something now before it's too late?

The Benefits Of Taking Action

  • Dramatically improve your health and energy levels.
  • Give your loved ones the 'real' version of you back.
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Sleep better & wake up every morning feeling great.
  • Stop alcohol addiction dictating how you live your life.

If You Walk Away Today

  • Watch your health continue to slowly deteriorate.
  • Continue to flush thousands of dollars down the toilet.
  • Keep risking your career, income & driving license.
  • Fail to be the best parent, friend & lover you can be.
  • One day painfully regretting not taking action sooner.
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You got questions... I have the answers:

How is this different to AA?

Why should I try this?

Why have I never heard of this before?

How do I know it will work for me?

Do I have to stop drinking completely?

Where can I get more information?

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