How To Stop Being Lonely… Without Using Alcohol

How to Stop Being Lonely

Are you using alcohol to cope with loneliness? There are millions of people around the world suffering from a miserable condition. However, only a comparatively small number of them will admit to it. Yes, there is a lot of shame and stigma attached to openly acknowledging that you are lonely. Declaring yourself to be lonely […]

Eating Out When Sober – The Secret to a Good Meal Without The Alcohol

Eating Out When Sober

 Eating Out When Sober I receive questions all the time in my Quit Drinking Boot Camps and from my coaching clients about eating out while being sober. They are great questions. With the pervasiveness of alcohol in our society and the place of status, it is given as a required part of a social […]

15 Sober Activities for Yourself or With Friends That Will Promote Recovery

Sober Activities

15 Sober Activities for Yourself or With Friends Did you know that more than 14 million adults in the United States have an alcohol use disorder? Approximately 9 million of them are men while about 5.1 million are women. Although it can be fun to share one or two drinks with friends from time to time, […]

How to Socialize Without Alcohol and Still Have a Great Time

Socialize Without Alcohol

How to Socialize Without Alcohol and Still Have a Great Time You know that your drinking has gotten out of control lately. You’re tired of waking up the next morning with either absolutely no memory of the last night’s events or memories that you wish you could forget. In addition to the emotional consequences of […]

Alcohol And Relationships: How Intimacy Changes When You Get Sober

Alcohol And Relationships

Alcohol And Relationships… The Big Impact One of the biggest things alcohol addiction effects is your relationships, and a big factor in relationships is sex and intimacy. It’s also one of the biggest areas of improvements in your life once you get sober. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lied, stolen, or stabbed friends in the […]

Natural Remedies for Alcohol Withdrawal: How to Safely Detox

Remedies for Alcohol Withdrawal

Natural Remedies for Alcohol Withdrawal What if you could quit drinking without expensive rehab? Without the guilt and the shame and without blaming yourself? If the anxiety of quitting or just merely thinking about the withdrawal symptoms are too much to bear then that makes AA out of the question. So what can you do? You might want […]

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