Debunked! 9 Myths About Alcohol Addiction Everyone Needs to Know

Myths About Alcohol Addiction

 Myths About Alcohol Addiction Debunked! The latest statistics reveal that Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) affects over 14 million adults in the United States. Many other adults drink more than the recommended daily amount of alcohol but don’t suffer from abuse or addiction. How do you know if you have a problem? There are many myths […]

Quitting Drinking: What’s Stopping You?

Quitting Drinking

 Quitting Drinking – The Big Question: Why Are You Here? Here you are reading this blog post. Maybe you just discovered it and this is the first post you’ve read. Welcome. Or maybe you’ve been reading my blogs and watching my YouTube videos for years. Either way, presumably you are here because you are […]

2020 Sucks! But Has It Turned You Into A Problem Drinker?

2020 sucks

Has 2020 Turned You Into A Drinker? We have all been pitched in a whirlwind of stress and anxiety with the appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic. With authorities advising folks to remain at home to help handle the proliferation of the virus and the prospect of fluctuating amounts of “solitary confinement” for weeks ahead, the […]

Am I An Alcoholic – If You Have To Ask, Read This First

problem drinkers

 Am I An Alcoholic? Am I An Alcoholic? It’s the big question that so many nervously tap into Google and hope for the best. First, it’s important to understand there is a range of alcoholism. There are not just regular drinkers and alcoholics. There is a difference between problem drinkers and alcoholics.  The truth […]

Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol Revealed

Sobriety Rocks

Benefits of Quitting Drinking Alcohol Revealed The benefits of quitting drinking alcohol are off the scale good. However, flashy advertising boards and beautiful, creative newspaper advertisements are all around. The ultimate example of fake news, alcohol makes life better. Oh yes, you’ll be more attractive, desired, the life and soul of the party. Drink booze […]

How Thousands Have Quit Drinking With The Stop Drinking Expert

Remedies for Alcohol Withdrawal

 Stop Drinking Expert Has Helped Thousands To Quit Drinking The Stop Drinking Expert website and online alcohol addiction program came about because of the success of my book ‘Alcohol Lied to Me’. I wrote the book with little expectation that it would one day become what I do for a living on a day-to-day […]

Happy Sober Recovery The Easy Step by Step Escape From Alcohol

happy sober 1200

Happy Sober Recovery Getting a sober recovery from alcohol sounds like a miserable experience, right? It really doesn’t have to be claimed bestselling self-improvement author Craig Beck. Millions of hardworking, successful individuals around the world have also fallen into the trap of alcoholism. It has slowly become their go-to panacea for the stress and strain […]

Hey! I Quit Drinking But Now I Have No Self Confidence

self confidence

 Are you using alcohol to fake self-confidence? In my work, I talk to people every day who are considering moderating their alcohol consumption rather than quitting drinking because they believe alcohol gives them the self-confidence and courage to do things that they couldn’t when not drinking. One email I received recently was from someone […]

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