Shocking New Research On Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Revealed

pregnant and drinking

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder rates are revealing something shocking Even more youngsters from the United States could be living with a brain injury from their mother’s prenatal drinking than specialists had previously assumed, a new report proposes. The study of several American communities discovered that at least 1.5 percent to 5.5 percent of first-graders had […]

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Why Alcohol Damages Relationships

Why Alcohol Damages Relationships So Badly Why Alcohol Damages Relationships? We have a somewhat twisted collective view of alcohol. We prefer to see it as the elixir of sociality and good times. However, when alcoholism takes hold quite the opposite become true. A drinking problem can cause more harm to your relationships that debt and […]

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How does alcohol affect your weight?

how does alcohol affect your weight

A Common Question: How does alcohol affect your weight? How does alcohol affect your weight? There is a lot of misinformation about regarding how drinking alcohol affects weight gain. This is driven by two factors. Firstly, by drinker confirmation bias. This means that we tend to go looking for information that backs up our current […]

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Considering Doing Dry January? Here’s What Might Happen!

dry january

Considering Doing Dry January? Considering Doing Dry January? Certainly, there are numerous incentives for folk to quit consuming alcohol. Even if it is just a dry January they are aiming for. The festive season is hard on the liver and the pocket. One might be a little weary of booze, or bored of the whole drinking […]

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