Life without alcohol means more quality time, more opportunity, more fun

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Life without alcohol means…

stop drinking in one day liveIf you have not ever called into question your relationship with drinking if you have never fretted whether you are drinking excessively or consuming alcohol for justifications that do not feel right, this article isn’t for you and you ought to click elsewhere.

If you take pleasure in a glass occasionally and do not see what the biggie is at all, this article isn’t really for you.

However. If you do consume alcohol, if you often consume a bit too much or what you sense is excessive, this article might be for you. If you have worries about drinking habits in you, in a loved one, in your drinking buddies, in the general public at large, this article could be for you.

If you are kind of over it, this ‘everybody must drink’ attitude of our modern-day society and are interested (if only just a little) about doing or merely finding out about life being lived another happy sober way, this article might be for you.

From drinking to sober

In my journey of drinking alcohol and currently on the wagon, in the many years I have devoted considering and exploring alcohol consumption, re my way of life and the wider realm we inhabit, in the time I have discussed it and not discussed it, referred to it, not referred to it, I have gotten to appreciate how greatly private all of this is.

Quitting drinking was a preference I took and keep on taking and it is a preference that has been exceptionally good, if convoluted, for me.

I delay discussing my personal journey through this since I have zero curiosity in laying down the law about what all of you folks must do. All of us have complicated daily lives, tough and challenging existences filled with obligation and stress, happiness and optimism, tradition and passion.

I am in no place to advise anybody what to do. I am in no place to say the phrase ‘you bloody ought to’ and I positively choose not to.

The reality is that I started wondering about things only when I prepared my self to quit drinking. Had another person come to me and stated, I insist that you quit drinking, I think I might have been turned off by their interference and been very resistive.

I would have refused.

Rather, I arrived, right here, on my own. I became interested in what daily life might resemble with no omnipresent varnish of alcohol. What might it resemble to never ever get a hangover? To party hard but without having a box of vino at the ready?

What would vacations feel like? Family BBQ’s and get-togethers? How would I be me without it? Would I be a different partner to my wife? A different father to my children? A different author and sibling and son and all round resident of planet earth?

I made the choice to quit drinking. It was a preference to refrain although nobody ever told me I HAVE to. There is zero dependency, there are no meetings. There is although a bit of disarray regarding where I fit into the social world at times.

You see, quitting drinking is not similar to forgoing wheat. It is more laden with problems than that. In numerous ways, civilization requires us to consume alcohol, to take part and whenever we don’t it’s frequently viewed as unusual or peculiar.

But suppose it’s not?

Suppose it’s simply a preference? A preference to be transparent and mindful, to absorb the compositions of our moments, moments that shift too rapidly anyway? This is the way I look at it.

Yet where are the other people who consider it like this, as simply one more life selection?

What keeps us stuck.

We are continuously striving to discover the important things that will make us a greater variety of our own selves, to go beyond into that detail we so long to be. We go natural and organic and detox and we enjoy salads and green juice. We do tai-chi and practice meditation and get self-help books, watch TED Talks, ingest a limitless surge of health websites, and we are constantly searching for that magical e-book that may show us the meaning of life.

We long for joy and satisfaction – of more for our own real selves. Indeed, we want A lot more. Plus, we will do almost anything to get it, everything, apart from taking a look at our intimate relationship with drinking.

And exactly why?

Due to the fact that it’s bloody frightening.

Civilization has informed us that we have to consume alcohol to have a good time, that it’s ordinary to imbibe, and there is something not right with us if we cannot deal with it. We are possible “problem drinkers” or “non-alcoholics”, and we either have the family of the bar scene or the family of twelve step group.

There’s positively zero mention of the neutral ground that is the majority of our real life, and it’s an extremely disempowering black and white thinking. One that always keeps us trapped, frightened, and still. One that keeps us from our real selves.

I understand that we can observe all of this as a preference and not a complication. I understand that a lot of us, perhaps the majority of us, desire a better life for ourselves and those we love and I understand with all my being that drinking (and various other traits) may interfere, frequently in manners we cannot even notice until we quit.

I have to say something. Therefore I am.

how to stop drinkingI’m recognizing that drinking, for a lot of people, is a time-stealer. A lot of us consume alcohol to practically run away from the current instance, but then the issue is that we forfeit that instance and cannot have it back. If we overdo, alcohol excessively, then we can essentially forfeit blocks of opportunity.

If we are regularly or constantly hungover, we are experiencing valuable pieces of time viewing the universe via a twisted, agonizing fog. If we are stressed over whether our habits are healthy and balanced, whether we ought to quit, if we are squandering time worrying or sinful then we are not investing that opportunity going on escapades, having fantastic thoughts, carrying out essential work, having a good time, snuggling with our loved ones, etc.

It is a time-stealer. Not for everyone. Perhaps not for you, but I presume that if you’ve read this far, it’s not so straightforward and it has struck some sort of chord with you.

Ready to take action? Ready to get more of that precious time and opportunity back?

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