Does life without alcohol suck?

life with without alcohol

life without alcoholThis question came from a couple of my Stop Drinking program members who were chatting on Facebook.

They were agreeing with each other that a life without alcohol appears to be dull.

I can completely understand this thinking.

I probably spent five years of my drinking life avoiding dealing with my addiction due the same sort of thinking.

Alcohol was so deeply ingrained into my life that I simply couldn’t see how I could function without it.

I worried that I would have no way to relax, no way to socialize and even no way to get to sleep of a night.

The only thing I can tell you, having been on both sides of the coin is this. The worry that life is less without alcohol is just another illusion of the drug.

You have to marvel at the power of this poison.

It has the power to make you look at black and call it white.

Alcohol brings nothing but misery and suffering and yet somehow it manages to persuade you that you can’t live without it.

I wish I had the words to describe the difference between my happy sober life not and the fat, zombified existence I insisted I enjoyed as a drunk.

It’s a frustrating problem for me personally, because I speak for a living.

I spent over twenty years as a professional broadcaster and yet I can’t describe just how much better my life is without alcohol.

Perhaps the words don’t exist!

Does life without alcohol suck?

I have mentioned repeatedly about the obvious downsides of alcohol addiction. The fact that it steals your money, time, health and relationships.

What I have never talked about before is the damage alcohol does to your spiritual health.

Wait… before you run away because I have gone all-spiritual on you.

What I mean by spiritual is an inner state of peace and happiness.

We as a species get a little confused between happiness and fun. I believe happiness comes from within and fun is just an external input.

Whether you are religious, spiritual or just open to meditation the fundamental goal remains the same:

To reduce the ego and spend more time in grateful appreciation of the present moment. True peace and happiness only exists in the ‘now’, never in the future or past.

Alcohol prevents you achieving this aim.

The alcohol addict is rarely in the moment.

While they are consuming alcohol they are sedated and prevented from being fully aware by the drug.

When they are not drinking they are plotting and planning when they will next be able to do so.

I recorded a video to go along with this chapter. I went to the beach where I got married fifteen years ago.

The stunningly beautiful location I have been with my children and family many times in the past.

Until I went back to make the video I can honestly say I have never really been there before.

Let me explain that statement, sure I have been there physically, many times before. However, I was never really present mentally to appreciate the beauty around me.

All I was thinking was ‘yes very good, when can we go back to the hotel’.

It’s not that the hotel was so amazing that I couldn’t bear to be parted from it. I think you know why I was so desperate to get back to the hotel.

Your life without alcohol is waiting

Finally, when I stood on that beach sober and allowed myself to really experience the beauty of the place, a wave of peace washed over me.

It almost brought a tear to my eye – a powerful moment I allowed alcohol to steal from me a million times over.

If you want to be sad live in the past, if you want to be worried live in the future. Happiness and true peace exists only in the present moment.

Alcohol will do everything it can to prevent you staying here.

Are you ready to take the risk that I might just be right about a life without alcohol? Click here to find out how to stop drinking today… not tomorrow!


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