I Quit Drinking Alcohol And You Can Too!

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i quit drinking alcoholI Quit Drinking alcohol, it took me a long time to realize the way you do it has nothing to do with willpower. But when I worked it out, I quit drinking alcohol and it was easy!

Of all the culturally conditioned habits we’ve mindlessly adopted, alcohol as a harmless social pleasantry is among the most peculiar. We know alcohol kills millions of people every year.

We know that booze is highly detrimental to health, formally confirmed as the cause of 7 cancers in the nineties. We know that it specifically results in myriad social problems involving violence and drunk driving.

We also recognize that the booze industry is remarkably lucrative and devious.

Alcohol has government permission to be advertised and marketed with any claim it wants. No other product is allowed to claim things that simply are not true!

Some people claim that alcohol is needed to help us deal with our internal demons. However, even without getting too deep into this it’s easy to see that avoiding alcohol has some pretty amazing benefits. Especially for people looking for greater health and a fuller life.

But what do lovers of a cheeky glass of vino and the straight-out problem drinkers find when they give up the bottle? What can the observations from recently sober individuals teach us about the alcoholism sicknesses running rampant in our culture?

What I found when I quit drinking alcohol:

  • The first significant point I saw was a remarkable enhancement in my general physical health and wellness. This commonly includes considerable weight reduction (I lost 57lbs when I quit drinking), less food intolerance, higher levels of vitality and less tiredness, clearer complexion, and I no longer have to wake up with even moderate hangovers, a pounding head or a tongue that feels like a butcher’s chopping block.
  • Improvements in mental health include reduced general anxiety, improvements in depression, much higher levels of cognitive clarity, improved recollection, much better focus, reduced degrees of stress, higher self-confidence, greater motivation and a more favorable outlook on daily life generally.
  • Sleep dramatically improves. I found it a lot easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. Sure I would slip into an alcohol coma when I was drinking, but I would wake up feeling exhausted. Now I wake up every morning and they feel much more rested and full of energy.
  • When I quit drinking alcohol I saw a huge adjustment in my perspective in the direction of other people. Suddenly I could see things from the perspective of others much easier. I believe that without booze I became a nicer person. It became much easier to be empathetic towards other people.
  • Stopping drinking typically saves a great deal of money. I estimate that over my drinking career I wasted upwards of $100,000 on alcohol.

The Average Person Saves $3500 per year

  • Time, I got a lot more time. I got my evening hours, night-time, days back. I went back to judo and got started in new hobbies which were inconceivable to do with an inebriant lifestyle.
  • I realized that I do not actually need to consume alcohol to have fun and enjoy myself at parties and celebrations. Thus exposing the exceptional social lie that booze equals a great time. For many, they find that booze, in fact, strains relationships instead of strengthening them.
  • I started to view myself for who I genuinely am, no longer using alcohol as a mask behind which to hide. This can be both enlightening and startling as you are compelled to accept both the favorable and the negative elements of the self. You must then decide on the best ways to confront the emotional truths of your life. A little something that is just about inconceivable with regular use of alcohol.
  • I realized that booze tends to make personal problems much worse. Think about it, if you are struggling with debt then throwing your money down the toilet is not going to make things better.
  • I discovered that I have fewer regrets and guilt when living alcohol-free. I used to do really dumb, risky and problematic things when intoxicated. Now I live a better life and experience much less drama.

More Peace & Less Drama

  • Stopping is both very challenging and very simple. The first stretch when they stop drinking is among the most challenging, as the cravings for alcohol must be considered, yet once I experienced sobriety, I found it is much easier than I had envisioned to stay sober, even when hanging out with boozed up buddies and work colleagues.
  • Somehow it truly makes drinkers uncomfortable to be around someone who is abstaining from poison. I realized that people who consume alcohol (at problematic levels) are extremely superficial towards non-drinkers. Those addicted to alcohol will try everything to get a clean person to join the party with ‘just one drink’. They will even tease you or put you down.
  • Yes, I quit drinking alcohol and discovered that lots of people are just assholes when they consume alcohol. It’s hard to see this when you are knocking back the booze with everyone else, but with the clarity of temperance, I found that the hilarious ‘friend’ that seemed so entertaining at the bar was merely an attention seeking tool.
  • I soon discovered that alcohol-fed conversations are actually dull, ego-driven and quite shallow. Plus they are highly susceptible to aggression, misinterpretation, and bad feeling.

Don’t Worry About Losing Friends

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Finally, I recognized that individuals can be just as toxic as substances and that many associations are unable to survive without having the prop of booze. I learned a good deal about who my real friends actually were. Don’t worry about losing friends when you quit drinking, a lot of them were never your ‘friend’ in the first place.

Not drinking alcohol can offer you a major edge in a world where most everybody else is boozing it up on a regular basis.

The faux social proof of booze is that it makes life more fun. However, the truth is that it is a huge industry forced upon the general public.  Advertising and unrestricted marketing have then created a culture of self-destructive behavior.

Altering your individual habits to enhance your wellness, psychological clarity and metaphysical awareness.

Quitting drinking is challenging, but doing so is possibly the single most critical step toward personal growth.

When you are finally ready to kick this poison out of your life. Click here for more information on the Stop Drinking Expert program.

Craig Beck - The Stop Drinking Expert

About the author: Stop Drinking Expert - Craig Beck ABNLP. ABHYP. DhP. is an internationally renowned, specialist alcohol cessation coach and quit drinking mentor. Using his experience as a former problem drinker, combined with professionals qualifications, accreditations and practice as an addiction therapist, ICF licensed coach, master practitioner of NLP and master hypnotherapist. Independently respected and rated. Not a substitute for professional medical advice.

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