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Craig Beck the author of Alcohol Lied to Me insists that the only really effective way to discover how to stop drinking alcohol is to change what alcohol means to you. Instead of seeing it as a treat, How to stop drinking alcoholwake up to the reality that it is nothing more than attractively packaged poison.

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In spite of the image of problem drinkers being teenagers starting trouble outside a takeaway, or winos sitting on a park bench, actually, it’s the well-off middle-aged who are worst.

According to a report published the other day, those who are wealthier, better informed and have kids who’ve left home are most likely to drink at harmful levels than any other group. The researchers warned that well-off baby-boomers are ‘sleepwalking’ into ill-health.

Yet, each night, they practically drug themselves up with alcohol. It is not uncommon to see middle-class professionals consuming more than ONE HUNDRED units a week, the equivalent of 10 bottles of wine when guidelines say males should consume no greater than 21 and females 14.

They sit there persuading themselves that some mean jobsworth has thought up alcoholic drinks restrictions deliberately to spoil their fun. ‘What do they know?’ is their refrain.

Well, what anyone with a brain knows is that alcohol is a toxin. And while some individuals manage to evade its effects, many, many don’t.

How to stop drinking alcohol and why you should!

One of my first jobs in alcohol treatment was working on a liver facility in a big city hospital. Of course, there were the drifters who ‘d been hard drinkers all their lives. But I was stunned to see accountants, attorneys, physicians, and teachers. They, like Mrs Richardson, couldn’t believe their drinking had made them ill – it seemed like crazy talk.

These types were always the toughest to deal with. Give me a vagrant with only one shoe and a can of strong lager any day. At least the impact of their drinking is so transparent that they can’t deny it.

But time and again I have sat in consulting rooms arguing with often extremely affluent patients, attempting to let them know that, actually, despite the fact that they could drink 4 pints at lunch and still finish their game of golf, they had a drinking problem.

Staying SoberAlcoholism Effects Every Gender, Every Demographic:

One guy, a millionaire financier, only came because his partner hen-pecked him into it. Rather than deal with his problem, he presented me with a plan: he ‘d show up to placate her but spend the appointment replying to e-mails on his iPhone while I filled out the forms.

I tactfully declined.

Why is it that individuals with such gilded lifestyles are determined to consume a toxin that’s destroying their bodies? Put simply, we just don’t see alcohol as a drug: we see it as a benefit. And successful, middle-class individuals feel they deserve a reward each night after a day of worry and achievement.

This feeling of entitlement is incredibly difficult to crack. Advising these ‘up-and-comers’ to quit drinking is taking away a product they feel they’ve earned. They don’t want to know how to stop drinking alcohol, why would they – to them it’s a reward, not a poison.

Lower, Middle & Upper Class – It Makes No Difference:

And, of course, not every middle-class life is as bright and shiny as it seems from the outside.

Alcohol occupies the emptiness and helps deflect men and women from loveless marriages, chaotic divorces, and loneliness. I have genuine compassion for people who consume alcohol in such circumstances, but that does not stop them being addicts. It doesn’t stop booze gradually killing them.

If you are drinking every night because all your friends also do it – this won’t protect you from serious harm. There is no safety in numbers when it comes to alcohol

Tonight, like every night, countless men and women will pour themselves a drink and take one more step down a path that leads to a sinister and hazardous place, telling themselves at the same time that everything is okay. How desperately depressing.

If you are ready to discover how to stop drinking alcohol without willpower. Or putting it a better way to ‘kick the poison out of your life’ once and for all click here for a simple step by step way to do it.

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