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Problem Drinking vs. Alcoholism: Is There a Difference?

Problem Drinking vs. Alcoholism

 Problem Drinking vs. Alcoholism: Is There a Difference? It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the United States has a complicated relationship with alcohol — over 25% of adults binge drink at least once a month. While many of these individuals don’t identify as alcoholics, quite a few will admit that they do have a problem […]

You Grew Up With A Problem Drinking Parent, Right?

Drunk mom

Typical Personality Traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics Almost 15 million people struggle with alcoholism in the United States. Less than half of those who suffer receive treatment. Those who suffer do not suffer alone though. Alcoholism transcends beyond those who are suffering the disease. Growing up with the disease present in the home can […]

Naltrexone Alcohol Medication For Problem Drinking Explained

Back to Social Drinking

Considering Naltrexone Alcohol Medication When I finally threw in the towel and acknowledged that I had zero control over the booze. For what I thought was the final time in July of 2007, I managed to go an astounding nine calendar months sober at the same time preserving a successful career and family life. I […]

Kudzu Alcoholism Is This The Cure For Problem Drinking?

kudzu alcoholism

Kudzu Alcoholism And Problem Drinking: Kudzu alcoholism treatment is a herbal solution to problem drinking, or so the claim goes! Fresh alcohol addiction headlines have emphasized the significance of cutting down. Could a traditional Oriental organic treatment help you get that gratifying buzz even though drinking much less? People drinking alcohol for many reasons, including […]

How To Spot An Alcoholic: Signs Of Problem Drinking

how to spot an alcoholic

How To Spot An Alcoholic Alcoholics and problem drinkers spend a great deal of their day thinking about the next drink. They will put this above other more important tasks and duties. An alcohol addicted individual cannot operate without it; what is more, they are no longer in control of it, instead, booze takes command […]

3 Reasons Why AA Is Rarely The Answer To Problem Drinking

It's Okay To Hate Alcoholics Anonymous.jpg

Why It’s Okay To HATE Alcoholic’s Anonymous What is the answer to problem drinking? If you develop a drinking problem, where do you go? Don’t say Alcoholics Anonymous until you read this! The answer to problem drinking has never been the obvious choice. The initial pioneers turned up with a fantastic desire for bourbon and […]

Hypnotherapy For Alcoholism And Problem Drinking… Does It Work?

Hypnotherapy For Alcoholism

Hypnotherapy For Alcoholism And Problem Drinking? All the issues we face in life are our responsibility, as they are manifested directly by us, via the programs that run in our subconscious mind. Most of these sub-routines are beneficial and serve a valuable purpose such as controlling our body temperature and keeping us breathing at the […]

Definition Of Alcoholic: Is Your Drinking Alcoholism Or ‘Problem Drinking’?

definition of alcoholic

What Is The Definition Of Alcoholic Drinking? What is the definition of alcoholic, and how do you know if you are one? Drinkers get quite obsessed with comparing their drinking to that of other people. They generally want proof that they are ‘not that bad’. Or they are looking for a definition of alcoholic to […]

The day my social drinking changed into problem drinking

problem drinking

Do you remember the moment you became a problem drinker? Us drinkers spend a crazy amount of time comparing our drinking to that of other people. Despite the fact it is the most blatant form of confirmation bias you will ever witness. It is entirely pointless. You see, we are not looking for evidence that […]

Alcohol Diseases: 14 Health Problems That Come from Heavy Drinking

Alcohol diseases 101

Alcohol Diseases 101 When you start looking into your drinking and the alcohol diseases you are risking, it’s a slap around the face. About 88,000 deaths result from alcohol abuse each year in the United States. Individuals with alcohol diseases die 30 years earlier than expected. Alcohol touches every part of your work, school, and social […]

Most problem drinkers can deal with their drinking easily

problem drinkers

Most problem drinkers can deal with their drinking easily This is my controversial standpoint on alcohol use issues. Over the last eight years, I have helped over 50,000 problem drinkers to get back in control of their drinking. The most powerful program I do is my one-day Quit Drinking Bootcamp. It is so powerful because it […]

Quitting Drinking Without AA: Everything You Need to Know

Alcohol Use Disorders

Quitting Drinking Without AA Is quitting drinking without AA a good way to go about things? What alternatives do you have? This article answers all your questions. In 2018 14.4 million adult Americans had an alcohol use disorder. Not everyone wants to talk about what’s going on in their personal life in a room full of […]

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