Why AA Didn’t Work For Me

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AA is a life saver to thousands of people but it is not for everyone, me included.Why AA Didn't Work For Me

I knew that my drinking was dangerously out of control but I didn’t want to sit with a bunch of strangers and label myself an ‘alcoholic’.

I didn’t want to tell my family that I was going to AA and that meant I would have to lie to them about where I was going. My list of problems with AA grew larger and larger.

The biggest problem though is that for most people it doesn’t work.

Attending Alcoholics Anonymous does not involve any ‘treatment’, they follow the 12 steps in a hope one will stop drinking, however many people who are following ‘the steps’ are still drinking.

The twelve steps were created in 1935 and have no ‘intervention’ properties, they involve a process of prayer and meditation to achieve a ‘spiritual awakening’. In fact the Ditman-Study provided evidence that AA is no more effective than doing nothing or ‘no treatment at all’.

AA Didn’t Work For Me and Many Others Too

New member drop out rates, the percentage of those that leave is, 81% after one month, 90% after 3 months, 95% after 12 months.

AA have a 5% retention rate, yet are perceived as a successful organization.

Yet again proving that willpower does not work as a cure for alcohol problems.


AA Didn’t Work Because I Am Not Broken!

For me there was a hopelessness about Alcoholics Anonymous. Being told that you are broken and will always be broken is overwhelmingly depressing if you ask me.

Additionally, the concept of giving your recovery to God is problematic. I am not a religeous man but I do believe in God and I am not adverse to asking for a little help and guidance from the big man from time to time.

However, not everyone has this belief structure. Actually more and more people are turning away from religion and traditional belief system.

So, how do you think an atheist alcoholic feels when he finally plucks up the courage to attend an AA meeting and gets told to give his problem to God.

If you have stopped drinking via Alcoholics Anonymous, please understand that I know you will be upset with this blog post. I am not saying it doesn’t work for all people, I am not saying that there aren’t amazing dedicated people in the organization.

All I am saying is it didn’t work for me and it doesn’t work for most problem drinkers.

Whether you are quitting drinking or trying to lose weight and get fit… if you are having to use willpower, the chances are good that you will ultimately fail. My online program works so well because at no point do you have to force yourself to not drink.

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