Right Side Abdominal Pain After Alcohol – What Does it Mean?

right side abdominal pain

Right side abdominal pain is a warning sign

Back when I was problem drinker I had flank pain or right side abdominal pain, as it is known.  I didn’t want to accept that it could be the result right side abdominal painof my alcohol consumption.

I spent a lot of time on Google trying to prove that my health problems were not the result of my drinking.

Hoping to find a ‘get out of jail free’ card that would allow me to continue drinking. It’s hard to accept the possibility that you might have damaged yourself with alcohol.

You could find me searching for hours until I found a benign disease that roughly matched my symptoms.

I diagnosed myself with dozens of different illnesses from simple muscles strains to irritable bowel syndrome. I was willing to consider everything and anything except the most obvious and likely culprit.

The danger of confirmation bias

This behavior is a well-documented behavioral pattern of human beings. It is called confirmation bias. It has been proven time and time again to be the primary cause of many poor judgments.

Essentially confirmation bias is the process of searching for evidence to back up your current beliefs. Then stopping when you find the ‘proof’ required to support your original position.

We close our eyes to what we are doing and ignore the obvious fact that pretty much anything can be ‘proved’ with supporting evidence found online today.

For example, if you hold the profoundly held belief that ghosts exist. Your online search criteria are likely to be looking for examples of past ghost sightings and not a more open-minded and objective approach to the subject.

Google is the giant that it is will no doubt furnish me with millions of websites to back up my beliefs and bingo!

I have my proof and because it doesn’t wake any waves in my current belief structure I am willing to overlook and ignore the blatant confirmation bias.

Right side abdominal pain is a warning sign for any drinker

If you are routinely drinking alcohol to excess and you have a ‘dull ache’ in your right flank that may even be radiating around to your back then you need to stop drinking immediately and see a doctor.

Pain or discomfort in this area of a problem drinker is likely to be associated with distress to the liver and or pancreas.

Is the pain something serious?

You may be tempted to think that if it was a serious problem then the pain could not be described as a dull ache.

pain in right sideSurely you may postulate that serious damage would result in serious pain?

People sometimes say that they could never honestly describe themselves as being in pain. They say that it is more they are just conscious that something is wrong.

For example, I would always sleep on my left side because it was uncomfortable to lie on my right. It felt as though there was a hard lump in the mattress.

Would you believe I even considered buying a new bed? Despite the screamingly obvious fact that it was only comfortable when I lay on one particular side?

How about that for confirmation bias?

The reason the mildness of the right side abdominal pain is not a reason for reassurance is down to the composition of the liver.

This amazing organ is the most forgiving of the human body. If you treat it with respect it will filter the toxins out of your body and even repair itself when it gets damaged.

Unless you drink poison for decades of course. Then it gets to the point where it says ‘enough is enough – I give in’.

Will You Need a Liver Transplant?

When your liver says ‘I give in’ that’s it I am afraid, its game over you are a dead man or dead woman walking.

Craig, are you being a little melodramatic there? Are you forgetting about liver transplants?

Not at all. I have taken into consideration the possibility of a transplant and you are still doomed by the math. By the time you realize you have destroyed your liver.

You will be given between three and six months to live.

There are currently eighteen thousand people in the United States awaiting a liver transplant. The average wait time is around three hundred and thirty days, long after you are in the ground I am afraid.

The Amazing But Limited Power of The Liver

free stop drinking bookThe liver doesn’t complain about the vast amount of abuse you are throwing at it.

The liver contains virtually no nerve endings and as such does not directly feel pain.

The dull ache you feel is not coming from the liver, as it is unable to detect pain. However, as the liver becomes inflamed and swells and deforms it presses on other nearby sensitive organs in the abdomen.

If you are experiencing the dreaded drinkers right side abdominal pain. This means that your liver has become dangerously swollen. As a result, it is now applying pressure to other sensitive body parts.

Please don’t waste time trying to find an alternative explanation online.

However, do not miss what might be your last chance to act before you do irreversible damage. Make a decision that you will not become person 18,001 waiting for a liver that will never arrive.

The Solution To Your Pain

Don’t spend years trying to find solutions to this discomfort, all the time ignoring the elephant in the room.

Everything gets better when you kick this attractively packaged poison out of your life, everything!

Relationships improve, you become the parent you set out to be and your health dramatically gets better.

That includes but is not limited to that ride side abdominal pain. Whether it’s fatty liver, inflammation or some other internal irritation. Providing no lasting damage has been done, you should feel a difference within a couple of months. That’s how it played out for me.

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