How To Stop Drinking Beer And Get Back In Control

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How To Stop Drinking Beer… and why!

A pint of lager or a bottle of beer occasionally is not probably going to damage your health. However, drinking excessively can result in a range of temporary and long-lasting repercussions.

Keeping your consumption controlled allows you to still have a beer with friends without placing yourself or other people at risk. If you believe you have a drinking problem and regularly consume too much lager or beer, get in touch with your GP who can help you in getting support.

Drunk is never a good look

beer bottleOne of the most evident outcomes of being the sort of person who considers a six pack an everyday thing is that you are likely to get a reputation for always being drunk. Drunk is often funny but not a great lifestyle choice.

Drunk people routinely make bad judgment calls, their sight and speech are adversely impacted, their instincts sluggish and staying upright is a challenge. These kinds of problems can make you to stumble, participate in unlawful conduct or have unsafe sex, all of which can lead to trauma, medical problems as well as prison.


Deciding to drive home after a night on the beer places you, other motorists and other people on the road in danger of accident or loss of life.

Accepting a lift home from somebody else who is also intoxicated presents the exact same risks. Every minute an individual is hurt in an alcohol-related car accident and every year approximately 11,0000 men and women perish in a vehicle collision where one of the motorists was drunk.

After a night on the beer don’t trust your judgment, call a cab, a relative or a friend who can get you home without the risk.

Liver Failure

The liver gets rid of poisons, including booze, from your body. Consuming sizable quantities of ale over an extended period of time can harm your liver, making it more difficult for it to do its job. Liver failure is often difficult to spot early because it can begin as a simple fatty liver.

This is a disease where fat gets deposited in the liver, but persisting to consume alcohol may make the issue advance quickly.

Alcoholic liver disease describes the break down of liver units with extreme beer, or other alcohol use and can happen with extended alcohol consumption. As soon as your liver function is harmed, regardless of the reason, your liver regrows in an unusual shape and can ultimately die.

Individuals experience liver harm at various rates and several drinkers can consume profoundly for a very long time before they discover a pain in their right side. While other drinkers will observe signs and symptoms quicker and with much less alcoholic beverages use.

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The ‘Mornings after’ from hell

How to stop drinking beer: Drinking excessive alcohol, beer and lager included, may lead to withdrawal the next morning. The problem can trigger a range of signs and symptoms, ranging in intensity. Amongst them are a migraine, retching, tiredness, light reactivity, lightheadedness, restlessness, and trouble focusing.

The majority of hangovers disappear by themselves, but a few can end in dangerous seizures, decreased respiration, decreased body temp or loss of consciousness. Having regular hangovers can also induce complications with your memory and judgment, which can result in issues at your workplace or college and might even lead to an accident.

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Hangovers & accidents are good friends

Consuming just a few beers across the week could be harming your well being much more than you believe: Even modest alcohol consumption could harm your gray matter, brand-new analysis from Oxford University in the United Kingdom proposes.

In the report, scientists enlisted 550 individuals, monitor their regular alcohol usage and gauged their efficiency on intellect activities over a 30-year duration.

Then, they carried out MRI scans on them to evaluate their brain health.

They found that men and women who consumed modestly, 14 to 21 units of alcohol each week, were 3 times more prone to have degeneration in the right side of their hippocampus than those who avoided drinking completely.

low alcohol beerBeer drinkers have worse memory

That’s significant because that region of the human brain influences your memory and spatial navigating abilities. Degeneration there is additionally a marker of Alzheimer’s disease, the scientists say.

Here’s what that implies for your bar visits: Every unit comprises of 8g of alcohol, and a conventional alcoholic beverage is approximately 14g of booze.

That’s 355ml of normal, 4.5% alcohol lager/beer/cider, or 147ml of 13% red or white wine. So that indicates consuming between eight and twelve beers a week will put you in that danger group.

Individuals who consumed more, a minimum of 17 beers a week, revealed much more wear and tear in the area of the cerebrum. They were almost 6 times as likely to present with degeneration in their hippocampus than people who didn’t consume alcohol whatsoever.

How to stop drinking beer

Remarkably, there was zero connection in between light alcohol consumers and brain degeneration, revealing that there does not appear to be any brain advantage to consuming just a small amount.

Additionally, the more booze folks consumed, the lesser their quality of white matter, an aspect of the human mind essential for intellectual functionality, and the higher their downtrend in particular dialect skill-sets.

Alcohol and its consequences are poisonous to the sensory neurons in your gray matter. This can create anatomical harm in essential regions of your brain like the hippocampus that are used in everyday cognitive operations, the scientists state.

This indicates that even consuming alcohol inside the suggested alcohol criteria, no greater than 2 beers a day for males, might still result in some brain issues.

stop drinking courseIt’s not worth the risk

Having a few (or a ton of) beers with the guys used to be seen as a harmless social pleasantry. Unfortunately, the serious consequences of alcohol are becoming so screamingly obvious that they are now very hard to ignore.

We really don’t want to come across as a killjoy, but the days of risk-free drunken habits are pretty much over.

Cutting back is a good idea if you can do it. However, for a lot of people looking for articles on how to stop drinking beer, that activity should be the first red flag that the best option is to quit completely.

Moderation is much more difficult than going totally sober.

If not stopping completely is a better route. For more help and advice click here.

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