How to stop drinking beer

how to stop drinking beer

How to Stop Drinking Beer… Nick’s Story

When I first tasted bitter lager I never thought I would get used to the taste so imagine my surprise that I am here now looking for how to stop drinking beer on Google. After a long day or busy week, it seems so right to knock back a cold one, have a tumbler (or sometimes bottle!) of wine, or hit the bar for happy hour.

Which is why it may be astonishing that I decided to give up beer completely for two whole months.

Why the Hell Would You Do That?

how to stop drinking beerHow to Stop Drinking Beer : The Experiment

Believe me, I asked myself this question several times during my experiment. The short answer is that I intended to do it because I wasn’t sure that I could. I ‘d had a few friends who ‘d taken voluntary respites from booze, and they all took it in stride. But it seemed downright inconceivable for me. How could I not drink at least a little?

Could I really survive the week without a few evenings with a beer or four? The fact that I didn’t actually know if I could do it meant that I had to make an attempt.

But further than the challenge of it, I also really wanted to see whether it had any effect on my wellness or my physical fitness habits. Even though research suggests moderate quantities of alcohol are not bad for our health and wellness, greater amounts of alcohol can adversely affect sports effectiveness and recovery. People tend to eat more when drinking, and raising alcohol consumption over time has been identified as a risk-factor for long-term weight gain. Additionally, there’s the potential for headaches, fatigue, and various other hangover feelings that can definitely make you drag the next morning.

So I wondered what improvements I may observe if I gave beer up. Would I lose the beer belly? Would I be motivated to work out harder? Would it be easier to avoid over-eating at gatherings?

Would it make me a happier guy to be around?

To find out, I resolved to try to not drink beer (or any other alcoholic drinks) at all for two months. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I thought I ‘d try and see what would happen.

How to Stop Drinking Beer: The Stuff That Was Simple

It was a lot simpler to give up alcohol than I believed it would be, which was a delightful shock. Having a few late nights out, the kind after which you don’t always want to drink for a while– right before my booze-free challenge definitely helped. But even after those nights wore off, it was much easier that I ‘d expected.

binge drinkingIt consistently seemed to me that everyone drinks alcohol, but once I stopped drinking, I realized that lots of other people weren’t drinking either. Early on in my experiment, I was traveling a lot for work. I was bummed that I wouldn’t be able to try the local craft brews at restaurants and worried that I ‘d make other people feel uncomfortable if I wasn’t drinking during dinners and they wanted to.

Even after I returned from my trips, I realized that most the time, as long as I had a drink in my hand, it really did not matter what it was. There were moments when I ‘d enviously eye the beer can, but the temptation was pretty tiny. Instead I drank a lot of sparking water, tea, espresso, and an infrequent diet soda at social events, and nobody cared. My friends understood, and a lot of them talked about times when they had chosen not to drink or their current philosophy to “stay dry during the week” to be a bit more vibrant in the mornings prior to work.

One more nice effect was that I didn’t have to think about alcohol consumption. All sorts of small decisions went away, like whether it was mine or my wife’s turn to be the designated driver, or whether I was getting a little too sloshed, or whether I had to pick up beer on the way to a function. All of that thinking was gone, and it was a relief.

How to Stop Drinking Beer : The Part That Sucked (But Only a Little).

While it wasn’t difficult to live without my beer, in general, that beginning moment at social events when others start drinking was the hardest part was. It was then that I ‘d feel that signal that itch that told me it was time to have a cold one and relax. It felt like the two activities were connected (have-a-beer-and-relax!), and I would temporarily wonder if I could relax without having the drink.

In that moment, I ‘d have to remind myself that it was no big deal and that I could do it. At bars or restaurants, I ‘d tell the person taking drink orders, “I’ll start with drinking water,” to take the stress off that first one. Usually that was enough, but if it wasn’t, I ‘d start up a new conversation or find another way to distract myself. Once that initial moment passed, the rest really was simple.

How to Stop Drinking Beer : The Shocking Things I Learned.

the stop drinking expertMy 2 months is up. I’m drinking once again, but I have altered some of my routines, mainly that I’m only drinking beer socially. I’ve made a decision to give up alcohol consumption at home or alone because I don’t get enough enjoyment out of it. The other change, which is a bit harder, is that I want to restrict myself to only one or two beers socially, for me, two pints is the limit for feeling good the next morning. I know that I’ll still sometimes tie one on, but ideally I can use a few of my secrets to remain on the sober side a bit more often.

Not drinking beer didn’t magically improve all of my health habits, but there were noticeable favorable results. My face improved almost instantly. I still ate a ton of food at the game and at parties, but most likely not as much as I would have if I ‘d been drinking (plus, I was skipping out on all those alcohol calories). And not drinking on Friday and Sunday nights meant that I felt a lot better on the weekends and was more likely to have a great, weekend-warrior workout.

Most importantly, giving up alcohol made it much easier to believe that I could give up other things. I’ve never been the kind to make big or rapid changes. And I don’t define myself as having strong self-discipline, especially the I won’t power that’s needed to stay away from things. It’s just not in my personality, so this experimentation was a big variation for me. But after stopping alcohol for 2 months, I could actually imagine giving up other things. Halfway through the big beer experiment, I made a decision to quit a number of foods with added sugar, such as cereal, granola, and energy bars.

For this reason, I’ve become a big fan of self-experiments. Of course there are lots of individuals who won’t want to try giving up beer (or sugar, or what have you). But whether it’s trying to get six-pack abs, do a handstand, or just being extra good, there’s incredible value in pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones.

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