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"Learn The Unusual Way A 40-Year-Old Family Man Taught Himself How To Stop Drinking Alcohol Without Willpower, Rehab Or AA"

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Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow With No Hangover, No Guilt Or Regret. Just Full Of Energy And Vitality.

If you're struggling with alcohol addiction and want to learn how to stop drinking, you're in the right place. At Stop Drinking Expert, we provide expert guidance, support, and resources to help you overcome alcohol addiction and live a healthier, happier life.

How to Stop Drinking - A Proven Effective Solution

Stopping drinking is a challenging process, but it's also an incredibly rewarding one. Our comprehensive coaching program on "How to Stop Drinking" covers everything you need to know, from understanding the signs of addiction to developing a quitting plan and finding support.

Here are some of the key topics we cover:

  • Understanding addiction: Learn about the different types of addiction and how they affect the brain and body.
  • The consequences of drinking: Discover the long-term effects of alcohol abuse on your health, relationships, and career.
  • The quitting process: Learn how to create a quitting plan that's tailored to your unique needs and goals.
  • Coping with cravings: Get tips and strategies for managing cravings and avoiding relapse.
  • Finding support: Learn about the different types of support available, including therapy, support groups, and medication.
  • Living a happy sober life: Life after quitting must be better than before, otherwise, what is the point. We show you how to replace the alcohol with something better, much better. 

Expert Advice and Support to Help You Stop Drinking

At Stop Drinking Expert, we're dedicated to helping people overcome alcohol addiction and live their best lives. Whether you're just starting the quitting process or have been struggling for years, our team of experts is here to provide guidance, support, and resources.

Here are some of the services we offer:

Personalized coaching: Work one-on-one with Craig Beck, your dedicated sobriety coach who will help you develop a quitting plan and stay on track.

Support groups: Connect with other people who are facing similar challenges and get support and encouragement from a community of peers.

Online coaching program: Access a wealth of online resources, including the complete 90 coaching program, articles, videos, and audio recordings, to help you quit drinking and stay sober.

Start Your Journey to Sobriety Today

If you're ready to take control of your life and quit drinking, we're here to help. Book your place on today's free quit drinking webinar to learn more about our services and start your journey to sobriety. Together, we can help you overcome alcohol addiction and live a healthier, happier life."

No Judgment | No Labels | No Guilt

I believe that if you routinely drink a highly addictive substance and end up getting addicted, that should be seen as the entirely logical conclusion of your actions and not some indicator that you are broken or weak-willed.

No Willpower | No Cravings | No Gimmicks

Every other 'solution' to problem drinking requires an amount of willpower. To be successful, you must force yourself to remain abstinent. This sort of approach has a 95% chance of failure! Are you ready to try something different?

No Rules | No Cliques | No Religion

This is a logical, scientific & proven solution. There is no religion or 'giving your problem to a higher power'. Plus, only you will decide whether you need to cut back or quit altogether - no rules - no pressure.

No Expensive Rehab | No Dangerous Medication

The vast majority of drinkers don't need to take time off work and spend $30,000 or more on expensive rehab. If you are entirely functioning in life but stuck in a loop of daily alcohol use, there is a better & quicker way.

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Stop Drinking Expert Reviews

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Bob Wadley
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"Craig Beck and this course have given me life"

Craig Beck and this course have completely changed my mindset. I not only do not want to drink, I loath the thought of what alcohol has stolen from me (or rather I gave away to alcohol).

It really makes me angry that I bought into the false narrative of needing alcohol to have fun, celebrate, relieve stress, deal with life, etc. I drank for 30 years and could not have imagined life without it.

Now I cannot imagine life with it. That is what this course has done for me. At the rate I was going I believe I would have been dead in the next two years. Now I think I may have several years left in me. This course has literally given life back to me.

"Invest in your future & yourself with this"

I am only on day 4 and so far this program has changed my life! It is so refreshing to be treated as a person of value rather than a degenerate. It is so wonderful to finally have someone explain the "why" to me rather than simply say the "why" doesn't matter just accept what you are and move on.

The "why" was always important to me and, as it turns out, actually really important to understand to help keep me sober rather than thinking I am missing out on something spectacular and depriving myself. Thank you so much, Craig, for this amazing program! It has, already, made a significant impact on my life!

I finally feel empowered and excited about recovery!


Tracy Liberatore
(Verified Review / Stock Photo)


Fee McHugh
(Verified Review / Stock Photo)

"Loving Life Again"

I am loving life once again. I am 15 months sober after drinking heavily for the last 30 years. This program has given me back a mental calmness that I never thought possible. 

I am forever grateful to Craig Beck and his amazing support group for giving me back my future.

"The best thing that ever happened to me"

The best thing that ever happened to me was to discover Craig Beck.

I have been watching his you tube videos on dealing with alcoholism for some time now and still am. I attended the Quit Drinking Bootcamp in London this January and it was an amazing day which has filled me with determination and drive to quit this evil poison.

I am also reading his book "Alcohol Lied To Me" which I would highly recommend! If you are thinking of dealing with your drinking habits or want to quit for good, please give this course a go, you won't regret it.


Martyn Reynolds
(Verified Review / Stock Photo)


Linda Hemsworth
(Verified Review / Stock Photo)

"It's astonishing how easy it was to stop drinking"

I was very sceptical this would work - I feel like I had tried everything.

This is just astonishing how easy it was to stop drinking. I no longer even like it let alone miss it. If you are thinking about how damaging drinking alcohol is to your life you need to invest in this.

I have a wine cabinet and liquor cupboard full of 'attractively labelled poison' that I don't even want to open. My partner is still drinking beer and I don't feel I am missing out on anything at all. I am passionate and brightly aware and awake and looking forward to experiencing the rest of my life. Thank you so much Craig.

"A solid return on my investment in me"

I like to consider myself a fairly savvy investor and prudent shopper.

I'm pleased to say there is no buyers remorse here. This alcoholism treatment course is yielding a solid and tangible return on my investment in a lasting and satisfying sobriety. I'm typically reluctant to give perfect scores but this one is most deserved.


Larry O'Toole
(Verified Review / Stock Photo)


Mr. R. Clark
(Verified Review / Stock Photo)

"Life changing course"

Great course. Changes the way you think about drinking. Gives you the power to stop and stay stopped. I was spending £30 a day on booze so it has paid for itself - money-wise.

Health-wise it is priceless - I feel and look 10 years younger. The excess weight is dropping off (my diet is much better and I am doing, and want to do, more exercise which is part of it though). Aches and pains gone. Getting more done in a day that I used to get done in a week. Well worth the money.

"So excited and amazed"

From the first day, this course has changed my life and made being sober one of the most easiest things I’ve ever done.

I can’t believe that. I’m so so excited about this and my friends are so amazed at my enthusiasm in excitement in life in just these days that I’ve been taking this course. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for who I really am.Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Jean Jennings
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Sarah Sanchez
(Verified Review / Stock Photo)

"Nothing else has worked for me"

Nothing else has worked for me. AA, rehab, therapy, Willpower... it wasn't until I found Craig on YouTube that I realized why nothing had worked.

His thoughts, ideas and program are just simply amazing. It takes practically no convincing on his part to make you just realize how evil alcohol is and how your life is so much better without it. Just the things he says hit me so profoundly that it made it easy to simply stop.

Of course, some parts his mentoring process aren't as easy but he gets you through that as well. I have read a LOT of books and watched a lot of videos and nothing has come close to the help Craig has given me, and apparently tons of others. Thank you, Craig, for your amazing work.

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