Why Are More And More Moms Are Turning To Wine To Cope

wine to cope

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Wine to cope with life, is that where we are at?

wine to cope with lifeWine to cope? Look on Facebook on a Friday night, and you will see scores of women sharing meme’s about how “It’s Wine o’clock.”. We seem to have universally accepted that wine and parenting go hand in hand.

Jokes about mothers and drinking are a substantial part of parenting society. In fact, the idea that moms need a glass of vino after the kids go to sleep to cope with the stress of parenting is so usual and pervasive that the majority of us don’t honestly think about how screwed up the “mommy needs wine” joke is.

The “mommy loves her wine” message is everywhere. It can be spotted on t-shirts, wall art and of course on wine glasses.

There is even a brand of wine called Mommy’s Little Helper!

Sure, lots of people can and do have the rare or perhaps even nightly glass of wine without issue. However, for many others, that one glass could so easily become two, which can turn into a whole bottle.

For those who are battling with alcohol addiction, the culture-wide joke that they ought to consume alcohol when the children go to bed just isn’t amusing; it’s downright heartless in a lot of cases.

For the record, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional glass of wine sensibly.

Parenting is freaking tough, and moms and dads are under an incredible amount of pressure. Forget about bringing up a little one who is kind and smart and feels supported and adored. These days, that’s not nearly enough.

Parenting Is Super Tough!

People today will question your motives behind all of your parenting choices. From the type of nappy you buy, to whether you’re exposing your infant to foreign languages on a regular basis.

Unless you’re a sanctimonious, holier than thou kind of mother, or your name is Nanny McPhee. Society says that you need something to deal with the stress and anxiety that comes with raising a little human being. So there is some logic as to why someone might need a glass of wine after a day of taking care of that sort of strain.

But instead of examining why this occurs, and recognize the unhealthy levels of stress and anxiety parents are dealing with, we laugh at the fact that moms (never, it must be noted, daddies) “require” a bottle of Prosecco just to cope with the stress of parenting.

We may observe mothers needing their wine to cope with life as being one big funny facebook post. However, for mothers who might be dealing with real addiction, there’s nothing amusing about the idea that they toast the kid’s bedtime with a glass or three.

Alcohol addiction is the fourth top avoidable cause of death, with around 28,000 American mothers dying from alcohol-related causes every year, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Addiction.

It’s no secret that drinking too much over an extended period can have a severe effect on how your body functions. It can affect your cardiovascular system, brain, liver, pancreas as well as stress your immune system.

Yes, drinking alcohol may help take the edge off watching Sesame Street on repeat all day long. We don’t recommend mothers to dose up on valium or smoke cigarettes! Although drinking alcohol in extreme quantities has the potential to be just as dangerous to our health and wellness. So why do we think it’s hilarious when moms post up on Facebook and Instagram that they NEED a cheeky glass of wine, STAT?

Mother’s Have Too Much To Deal With

Is red wine good for youEven though we’re going to ignore the fact that mothers and fathers are expected to shoulder way too much these days, drinking alcohol isn’t the only way to deal with stress and anxiety. Telling a mom to have a drink to unwind is crappy advice for someone who has a drinking problem.

Wine to cope as a principle sounds crazy when you just change the drug. Glue to cope or heroin to cope highlights the insanity of the situation.

These days, many partners co-parent their kids, and increasingly more guys are handling the position of stay-at-home-parent. But, one-liners about Dads pining for a pint by the end of the day usually are not a ‘thing.’ “Sounds like Dad needs a drink” isn’t a part of our vocabulary.

Despite the fact that alcoholism amongst men is just as much an issue.

Fathers are more there in their kids’ lives than ever, yet the convention that mom is the primary carer. For that reason they must be the one who most requires a bottle of wine at the end of the night lingers as an accepted norm.

Outside of the fact that it’s kinda disgusting to joke about moms having to consume alcohol to cope with life. When you don’t know who’s fighting any form of alcohol use disorder. These “Mom needs her wine” memes are getting pretty dull and predictable. Aren’t we tired of gimmicky wine themed baby feeding bottles and social media wine memes?

Is there anyone left on the planet who thinks declaring that ‘it’s wine-o-clock’ is in any way intelligent or witty?

Wine To Cope With Life?

When we spread the wine to cope with life stereotype. What we are claiming is that we’re okay with the social pressure on mothers being so high that it prompts women to reach for the Prosseco at every chance. Shouldn’t we be trying to figure out how to deal with the way we look at parenthood so that when moms lift a glass, they’re doing it because they’re celebrating their position in life, not attempting to escape from it?

We need to do better: for our children, indeed, but also for each other and our selves. The reasons to stop drinking are huge. Mothers, shouldn’t allow themselves to be in a position where their job is so hard that people poking fun and always having an alcoholic beverage on standby is the only way forward.

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