When is the best time to stop drinking?

The best time to stop drinking

the best time to stop drinking?

There are certain points in the year when it seems crazy to try and stop drinking right?

I remember back when I was a drinker I would say let’s just get Christmas out the way and I will sort this out in January.

I certainly couldn’t stop in June because it was my birthday month!

Then you would come up with other less convincing arguments, well you know it’s my moms birthday and well it is my fathers birthday a month after that so it better not start until the autumn.

Then I would say oh when is the dogs birthday?

Then it starts getting a little bit crazy.

I know that sounds ridiculous but you won’t believe some of the things I did when I was a drinker to try and justify my drinking and carry on doing what I was doing.


So when is the best time to stop drinking?

For example, you may think that the middle of December is the absolute worst time to stop drinking, what with Christmas coming up.

However, if you are thinking like that then you’re kind of missing the point. The only way, in my opinion, that you can effectively stop drinking. Without it being painful, frustrating and depressing is to completely change your thinking.

You have to change your belief structure around alcohol. Because most people try and use willpower and they nearly always fail.

January 1st comes and they stop drinking (using willpower) and it’s torturous! By the 3rd of January, they’re crawling the walls because they want to drink so bad.

By the 5th of January, they have just one drink… hey, that can’t be too bad right? Then by the 7th of January, they’re back to where they were just before Christmas – drinking every day and feeling miserable about it.

This pattern is such a common story and I’ve been there and done it myself.

So many people do this!

The only way you can stop drinking is to change the way you believe alcohol impacts your life.

I tell my members that there is not one single benefit to alcohol, not a single one!

Anything you can name as a benefit from confidence, self-esteem, helping you sleep, dealing with stress.  All of them are an illusion and nothing more.

When is the best time to stop drinking?

Ten years ago!

The next best time to stop drinking is right now!

Not after the holidays, not have your birthday, not after the summer but right now in this moment.

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