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What If Alcohol Was Released As A New Product Today?


sick and tired of drinkingAlcohol is getting away with murder!

Today you cannot advertise a product with outlandish claims unless you can prove them. What is more, you cannot launch a product for use on or by humans that hasn’t been properly tested by expensive clinical tests. Even then, if you get it wrong and your product causes harm you are liable for millions of dollars in legal claims.

With this in mind imagine if today I walk into my local patent office and said I would like to register my new beverage, alcohol. I explained that I have plans to spend billions of dollars advertising this new drink all over the world.

I tell them it is made out of the waste product of rotting vegetables and costs me pennies to produce, but I am looking to charge $30 a bottle for it.

I am asked what the benefits of the product are and I claim:

  • It makes you happy.
  • You are more fun to be around when consuming it.
  • It makes you feel brave and courageous.
  • It helps you relax and sleep.
  • The product makes shy people gregarious.
  • A good meal is enhanced by its addition to the table.

Of course when asked if I can prove any of these claims I must admit that I can’t and mainly because not one of them is true. Every single perceived benefit of booze is an illusion generated by the core basis of the drug.

People really don’t like it when you call alcohol a drug but that’s because it damages the convenient lie we tell ourselves that it is just a harmless social pleasantry.

I then explain that the product will create the following problems:

  • It is highly addictive and people will end up spending money they can’t afford to lose.
  • It causes birth defects in unborn babies.
  • It makes people obese and malnourished at the same time (impressed stuff).
  • It destroys internal organs and rips brain cells apart cause premature aging.
  • The morning after drinking the product you will often feel so ill that you won’t be able to get out of bed.
  • Consumers will certainly miss several days of work due to the affect of the drink.
  • The more of the liquid you drink, the more dehydrated you become.
  • It is an anesthetic and puts its users into a coma.
  • If you drink enough of the liquid you will vomit and be extremely ill. 
  • My product will massively increase the number of road traffic accidents.
  • And finally, it will destroy families, ruin careers and turn promising lives into dust.

Firstly, do you think I would have a hope in hell of getting this product approved for human consumption?

Do you think a single supermarket would agree to stock it? Would I last more than a month in business before I got sued to oblivion and back?

If discovered today Alcohol would be banned before it even saw the light of day. It exists and dominates society so ruthlessly today because it has been around long enough to set its own precedent. What I mean by that is, the voting majority was already addicted by the time the scientific community, the medical profession, and governments discovered just how dangerous it is.

Deal with alcohol addiction today… let me show you how to stop drinking without willpower or cravings!

Craig Beck
Stop Drinking Expert


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