The Link Between Alcohol Addiction & Work


Alcohol Addiction & Work

The Government’s long-awaited critique into the links between your job and substance addiction was published in December.

Is Alcoholism A DiseaseThe assessment by Dame Carol Black, An independent evaluation into the effect on employment outcomes of drug or alcohol addiction, and obesity, was launched in 2015 and has taken a look at the role work plays in bolstering the health and well being and self-worth of people with alcohol and drug addiction.

Among a wide variety of deductions, the evaluation emphasized that benefit claimants with substance addictions should, like all other claimers, do all they can to re-enter work.
Nevertheless, the ordering of therapy should not necessarily be the 1st action.

People Are Concealing Their Addiction

Certainly, the report suggested that “there is a solid consensus that mandating therapy would result in more people concealing their addiction than revealing it”.

Benefit claimers should attend “an early, structured discussion with an appropriate health care professional about the barriers to a return to work”, it added. The Authorities ought to also consider further ways to motivate engagement with the occupation support package.

” By bringing employment services into the therapy process, the Authorities could build on the beneficial elements of the process of recovery, and deliver job search forward into a non-threatening environment,” the statement suggested.

It would also be beneficial for the Authorities to “advertise more integrated collaboration across the benefits and health bodies, to enhance career consequences for this cluster of people and for many others with long-lasting health problems”.

Find A Doctor Willing To Help

Professor Dame Carol said: “Our objective has been to find methods of overcoming the employment issues that people face when they are addicted to alcohol or drugs, or are obese. After a searching investigation, we are clear that a new method is required; one that combines health, cultural, and employment agencies in fresh, synergistic ways, customized to the circumstances of each person.”

Last summer, the British Medical Association’s occupational medication board published its own advice in anticipation of the findings.

The advice, Alcohol, drugs and the work environment the role of medical practitioners, can be found here.

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