How to master sobriety and embrace teetotalism

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How to master sobriety and embrace teetotalism.

teetotalismTeetotalism really? If you want to be a success in life then the advice is to model yourself and your habits on those of others who have achieved success.

It is no coincidence that most millionaire entrepreneurs have very similar routines and disciplines in life.

Vladimir Putin is an individual who has been in the media quite a lot of late.

Regardless of how the western press portrays him, back home in Russia he is revered and respected.

In the UK Theresa May attempted to appear ‘strong and stable’ by simply repeating the phrase as the answer to any question she was asked.

Of course it failed, because the general public are not as stupid as career politicians assume.

Putin owns ‘strong and stable’ in Russia because he has a set of principles that he won’t compromise on.

These include a daily two-hour swim, a ban on all technology in his office and a solid commitment to teetotalism.

Part of the reason he doesn’t drink is to send a message to the public that alcohol is not necessary or advisable.

This is a part of his belief structure and I doubt you will ever catch him with a drink in his hand.

The difference between people who successfully kick alcohol out of their life and those that don’t is largely down to mindset and how much passion they have for what they are doing.

In the years of running I have noticed that the people who really manage to escape this drug are the ones who get a little bit obsessed with what they are doing.

Living a sober life becomes an essential part of their being.

Sobriety becomes woven into the fabric of their outlook; it’s as much a part of them as their views on fidelity, friendship and family.

In a way they embrace teetotalism just as passionately as some people take to veganism.

It doesn’t mean they are never tempted to have the odd bacon sandwich but their beliefs are so firmly embedded that it never gets any further than just that ‘the odd temptation’.

The frustration for me as an alcohol therapist is watching people repeatedly trying to use willpower to stop drinking.

I see many comments along the lines of ‘managed to get through the weekend without a drink’ and ‘damn, I was doing so well and then I buckled last night and had a beer or two’.

These comments are followed up by well meaning people who say ‘don’t beat yourself up, you did well to last a week’ etc.

Teetotalism has nothing to do with willpower!

sober vacationLet me be absolutely clear about this ‘you did not do well to last a week’.

You have failed to understand the way alcohol works.

The drug is more than happy for you to go a week without a drink, because it knows you will come back to it even harder every time you do this.

Once you get truly committed to living a sober life then there is no ‘getting through the weekend’.

There is no battle because you are not forcing yourself to avoid something that you want.

Vegan’s rarely have to say ‘thank God the weekend is over, I made it through without having to eat some lovely meat’.

Not eating animals is a part of their personality, it is who they are!

Now, of course I know that meat is not addictive and that is where the comparison falls down.

However, what I am trying to tell you is, if you are serious about quitting drinking then you need to make teetotalism a part of who you are.

Decades of drinking alcohol has physically altered your brain

Because of this, you can never go back to moderate drinking, ever!

From now on when you drink this attractively packaged poison your brain is going to light up like a Christmas tree.

Despite what some people say, your neural pathways will never return to normal.

With this hard reality you have a choice.

You can spend the rest of your life being miserable forcing yourself to avoid the thing you want the most (AA style).

Or you can re-frame alcohol so it becomes as repugnant to you as a leather jacket is to a committed vegan.

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