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"Imagine waking up tomorrow morning with no hangover, no regret, no guilt. Full of energy and vitality. It's possible if you decide now and take action today".

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Stop Drinking Expert Reviews & Testimonials:

"Thank you Craig and all the members who supported me"

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"I put this off for over a year. I was scared that I would lose my friends and social circle. I don't go out as much as I used to now. But my husband and I are spending a lot more quality time together and weekends with the kids are so good. I feel a little ashamed at how much of this beautiful time with my family I have thrown away in the past, all thanks to my obsession with wine. Thank you Craig and all the members who supported me.", Jenny B - Coffs Harbour, Australia

"I can't tell you how much better I feel"


"I read Alcohol Lied to Me three times before I finally decided enough was enough. I was convinced I should be able to deal with this drinking problem on my own. I didn't want to quit initially, just cut back on my drinking. However, today I celebrate one full year alcohol-free and I can't tell you how much better I feel. Most of all I am the father, grandfather and husband that I set out to be", Michael Leyton, Austin USA

"The next day I started the program and I have been sober since"

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"I was searching on Google for how to drink less when I stumbled on a video of yours. You said that a telltale sign of alcohol addiction was that your next drink is always on your mind. That hit home, I downloaded your book and read it from start to finish in one night. The next day I started the program and I have been sober since (apart from one slip up that taught me a hard lesson).", Angela M, Orlando USA

"Today I recommend The Stop Drinking Expert to all my readers and friends"


"I look back at those pictures from 9 months ago & I barely recognise myself. Tired, bloated and deeply unhappy. Yet at the time I tried to kid myself into thinking life was good, but wine was needed to relax. Today I recommend The Stop Drinking Expert to all my readers and friends", Hanna Sillitoe, Bestselling Author

"A new perspective that ended the battle"

"I wanted to thank you personally for helping me save my life. My drinking got out of hand after my husband died and I turned to drink to help deal with the grief and loneliness. Alcohol ended up making everything worse and despite how bad things got, I couldn't control it. You told my story as though you knew me and gave me a new perspective that ended the battle. Therefore, I am happy to recommend the program to anyone using alcohol too much.", Anne B, California USA

Am I Drinking Too Much?

  1. Do you regularly drink on your own?
  2. Are you are lying to others about your drinking habits.
  3. Are you taking dangerous risks? For example driving under the influence.
  4. You wake up with full of shame and regret.
  5. Your relationships are falling apart because of your drunken behavior.
  6. Has a loved one or friend suggested that you are drinking too much?
  7. Are you planning your diary around opportunities to drink?
  8. Do you sometimes have to ask yourself if 11 am is too early to start drinking?
  • Once that you've established that this habit is just making you miserable. It's time to seriously look into how to stop drinking and the benefits to doing so. There are many more than the benefits below, but these are the ones we think are the most valuable.
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Benefits Of Getting Started:

  1. Dramatically improve your health and energy levels.
  2. Give your loved ones the 'real' version of you back.
  3. Save tens of thousands of dollars.
  4. Sleep better & wake up every morning feeling great.
  5. Improve your appearance. Heavy drinking can add 10 years!
  6. Stop alcohol addiction dictating how you live your life.
  7. Gain mental clarity- say goodbye to cloudy thinking.
  8. Enhance and accelerate your career.
  9. You will feel much happier and self-confident.
  10. So much more quality time for family, friends and exciting hobbies.
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