Another Stop Drinking Expert Success Story

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Stop Drinking Expert Success: Patricia D

I see so many amazing stories in the Stop Drinking Expert secret facebook group. Obviously, most people don’t want to share there story publically, hence the reason why the group is set to secret.

Stop Drinking Expert Success

However Patricia D just posted this up and I was so impressed by it, I asked her if she would mind if I shared it on my blog.

Hey y’all ! 

Just checking in. I wanted to share some of my transformation and journey since I started with Craig’s how to stop drinking program.

At the beginning of the year, I was looking for some hypnosis sessions online to help me get a handle on my drinking.

I used hypnosis to quit smoking in my 30s and knew that the problem was “in my head”.

I easily drank a bottle of wine a day, and sometimes I had a ‘nice’ vodka on the rocks with olives (or maybe two) on top of that.

Nothing crazy happened, I was just feeling rundown and tired.

I knew the alcohol was impacting my sleep and likely everything related to my wellness.

I started the Stop Drinking Expert series on March 13 but didn’t stop the wine until March 28th.

It has been over 200 days since that time.

I have drunk twice. Both times I was relaxed and in a good mood. No drama, but likely reminiscent of vacationing and having a drink while “relaxing”.

One drink quickly led to one bottle. A lesson learned I have an app on my phone that I used early on to track my progress. It really helped because it was painful the 2 times I had to reset my progress to “0”.

I have been AF for 88 days straight per that little app, yet I rarely look at it anymore. I was playing with my phone this eve and ran across it.

I Wondered how long since I started this journey so I tweaked the start date.

The image is attached. I was shocked by the number of calories and the CASES of wine I have not ingested.

Interesting data to be sure.

The bigger difference is how I feel. I feel like “me”. Strong, fearless, excited, full of anticipation, alive. Since March I have left a job that turned out to be a big joke. I have recently launched my own company. It is still early on and evolving quite a bit, but I am going to take a page from Craig’s book and do some things I am passionate about. 

I just want to testify to this process and how much better life is without the alcohol and the doubts it plants in your mind. It is a demon that robs your health, kills your self-esteem and magnifies your fears.

There is nothing it gives you. It only takes.

And without it robbing me of so much of myself, I have had the courage to “jump” into my future!! 

If you want to take a look at my site it is Or on FB at . I started just wanting to blog about how it is possible to live a happy life despite having a chronic illness (I have Type 1 Diabetes). These days I am taking it a step further and going to get into Diabetes Coaching. 

I guess to sum it all up, just know that you are worth it. Even if you find this hard or challenging, you are worth it! 

Happy Friday!!!

Patricia D

Another Stop Drinking Expert Success

Just one of so many amazing Stop Drinking Expert Success stories posted by people who have been to hell and back with alcoholism. However, they decided that life was better without this poison forever in their system.

I am proud of all my members, do something that most people don’t even admit they need to address. Why not click here and be the next to get started today?



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