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Hey! I Quit Drinking But Now I Have No Self Confidence
 Are you using alcohol to fake self-confidence? In my work, I talk to people every day who are considering[...]
3 Ways Alcohol Is Making Coronavirus Worse For You
 Alcohol And The Coronavirus Explained We are living in unprecedented times. In my lifetime, I’ve never experienced anything like[...]
Is Everything in Moderation the Secret to Controlling Alcohol Use?
 Controlling Alcohol Use With Moderation? At some point, many problem drinkers ask the question, "Should I quit drinking completely[...]
5 Ways Your Life Will Change After Quitting Drinking
Life After Quitting Drinking Rocks! Now that you've decided to quit drinking, there are so many changes that await you.[...]
How To Stop Being Lonely… Without Using Alcohol
Are you using alcohol to cope with loneliness? There are millions of people around the world suffering from a miserable[...]
Cut back on alcohol or quit… The BIG question answered!
 Cut Back Or Quit? One of the questions I get most often is, “Should I try to moderate my[...]
Eating Out When Sober – The Secret to a Good Meal Without The Alcohol
 Eating Out When Sober I receive questions all the time in my Quit Drinking Boot Camps and from my[...]
2020 Quit Drinking Bootcamp Dates Announced
2020 Quit Drinking Bootcamp Dates I  am very pleased to announce 2 new dates for my Quit Drinking Bootcamps. 07[...]
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