Alcohol Producers Accused Of Fuelling The Alcohol Epidemic

Problem Drinking Epidemic

Who’s to blame for the alcohol epidemic? Is there really an alcohol epidemic? Last year I was asked to be interviewed by BBC Radio WM in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom. They asked me to talk about the shocking discoveries broadcaster Adrian Chiles had uncovered. This from when he was forced to put […]

Top 5 Alcohol Rehab Centers in Connecticut Revealed

Alcohol Rehab Facilities in Connecticut

Alcohol Rehab Facilities in Connecticut Alcohol is a bizarre drug, and it’s the only substance on planet earth that, when you get into trouble with it, people blame the person and not the drug. This doesn’t happen in any other situation. Cigarette smokers are not forever labeled ‘smokeaholics’ or even ‘recovering smokeaholics’ after they quit. […]

We listen to our hangover more than we listen to the experts!

bad hangover

It’s the hangover stupid! It is not health research or government advice around problem drinking but the gut reaction and the memories of deadly hangovers from past social events that are coaxing individuals to reduce their alcohol consumption, according to a report by analysts at Oxford Brookes Academy. Psychiatrists at the Headington college reviewed the […]

Sobriety Motivation: How to Keep Your Desire to Quit

sobriety motivation

Sobriety Motivation With more people consuming alcohol than ever before, it’s easy to normalize the high-risk behaviors that often accompany drinking. But if you’ve found your way to this article, chances are you’ve already identified those behaviors as problematic and are working on cutting them out of your life. If so, good for you! Unfortunately, […]

How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last?

How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last

How Long Does Alcohol Withdrawal Last? Alcohol withdrawal can sometimes be equally as harmful as alcohol addiction – but it’s important to know that does not apply for all or even most drinkers. For full blown alcoholics withdrawal can in some cases be deadly for many, and the immediate risks frequently surpass the advantages of […]

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