Alcohol Counseling: How To Find Help To Beat Alcoholism

Alcohol Counseling

Alcohol Counseling 101: Millions of good people in The United States and globally are wrestling with an addiction to alcohol. The vast majority of people are not alcoholics but rather they are ‘problem drinkers’. They have got into a loop with their drinking and can’t seem to break it. The good news is these types […]

Alcohol Producers Accused Of Fuelling The Alcohol Epidemic

Problem Drinking Epidemic

Who’s to blame for the alcohol epidemic? Is there really an alcohol epidemic? Last year I was asked to be interviewed by BBC Radio WM in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom. They asked me to talk about the shocking discoveries broadcaster Adrian Chiles had uncovered. This from when he was forced to put […]

Top 5 Alcohol Rehab Centers in Connecticut Revealed

Alcohol Rehab Facilities in Connecticut

Alcohol Rehab Facilities in Connecticut Alcohol is a bizarre drug, and it’s the only substance on planet earth that, when you get into trouble with it, people blame the person and not the drug. This doesn’t happen in any other situation. Cigarette smokers are not forever labeled ‘smokeaholics’ or even ‘recovering smokeaholics’ after they quit. […]