Are You Drinking to Help with Loneliness or Boredom?

Drinking to Help with Loneliness

Drinking to Help with Loneliness When people join my mailing list I always reach out and ask them what their primary motivation to drink is. There are a shockingly high number people who admit they drink because they are lonely or bored with their life. It’s worth noting that a lot of these individuals are […]

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How Sobriety Changed My Life – Darren’s Story


Sobriety Changed My Life Darren’s sobriety story: Before I chose sobriety, I was drinking two or three times a week (I favored cabernet sauvignon, especially Californian wines), but I never considered myself an alcoholic. I had operated in the same sector for a decade and was extremely effective in my executive role as a prestigious […]

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Alcoholics Anonymous Is Often The First Choice But Is It The Best?

dreaming about drinking alcohol

Alcoholics Anonymous, is it for you? There are a variety of reasons why Alcoholics Anonymous or the various other 12-Step programs might not help the vast majority of individuals. They range from a strong denial of there being a problem in the first place to an aversion to being a part of what they see […]

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The uncomfortable truth about why you can’t stop drinking

Can’t stop drinking? You need to hear this! Can’t stop drinking? Somebody emailed me the other day and they said they were not convinced that my online how to stop drinking program would work. He told me that he had tried Alcoholics Anonymous and that hadn’t worked. This man claimed he had read countless books […]

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How to Have A Sober Christmas Season, And Avoid The Questions!

drunk santa

How to Have A Sober Christmas How to Have A Sober Christmas: Snow is falling and the festive holiday season is in full flow. The quietest time of year for new members to the Stop Drinking Expert program is November and December. Why? Well, it’s the same reason the gyms are like a ghost town […]

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Christmas Drinks: How to Stay In Control This Holiday Season

christmas drinks

Christmas Drinks: How to Stay In Control Yes, we all intend to party during the holiday season. You can’t have Christmas without Christmas drinks, right? Well, more men and women are very likely to consume alcohol over and above their limits during this season than at other time of the year. A good few will […]

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What Happens When You Quit Drinking

john before and after

What Happens When You Quit Drinking For Good? What happens when you quit drinking? Well, this is what 2 years of no alcohol does to you: A South Australian man, 28, who drank at least half a bottle of whiskey daily shares his remarkable transformation images. These pictures show before and after going cold turkey. He […]

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Why Christmas Without Alcohol Is So Much Better

Sober At Christmas

Why A Christmas Without Alcohol Is Better Member of the Stop Drinking Expert program gets free access to a secret Facebook group. This is a post from a longtime member Dave (not his real name). I thought it would be good for you to see… Good morning guys, I haven’t done my usual Friday update […]

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