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Stop drinking benefits articles and blog posts by Craig Beck AKA The Stop Drinking Expert. If you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake read this.

Why Alcohol Damages Relationships

Why Alcohol Damages Relationships So Badly Why Alcohol Damages Relationships? We have a somewhat twisted collective view of alcohol. We prefer to see it as the elixir of sociality and good times. However, when alcoholism takes hold quite the opposite become true. A drinking problem can cause more harm to your relationships that debt and […]

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The Money You Save When You Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Stop Drinking Save Money Alcoholism affects one in every twelve adults, approximately 17.6 million people. Each year, 88,000 deaths are the result of alcohol dependency. No doubt you’ve heard these statistics before, but did you know that alcohol also kills your wallet? In 2015, alcohol sales were upwards of 219 million dollars for the year. […]

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What happens to your body when you stop drinking

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Stop Drinking Benefits 1. You’ll sleep more soundly. One recent study in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research found alcohol consumption before bed increases alpha wave patterns in the brain, a kind of cerebral activity that typically happens when you’re awake but resting. The result? Interrupted sleep and the byproducts of better sleep: greatly […]

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