August 18, 2018
Stop Drinking Expert Review

Stop Drinking Benefits By Brian

after quitting drinking 2Several individual and unique rewards happen fairly rapidly when you quit drinking, things like improved sleeping patterns and enhanced general health.

A few personalized perks take a little bit longer to arrive though, such as enhanced emotional states, self-confidence, weight loss & a feeling of internal peace.

Several features of sobriety take much longer to surface.

These are the benefits that typically aren’t only about the self. These are the advantages that drip into our partnerships and relationships with other people. And they require time, frequently only developing and emerging when you and your friend or loved one have invested many, many weeks into your sober recovery.

When we initially become sober we are extremely self-focused, as we have to be!

We focus hard on operating within our own minds to get alcohol away from our daily lives. Family & friends watch on as we go through this substantial life change and can respond in a wide array of manners.

A lot of advantages comes

A whole lot of perks can arise but these are the ones that take some time. They entail greater than just our own needs. And we have to appreciate that people around us take as much time to get used to our new sober life as we do.

All I want to advise people is to ‘never stop trying’. Getting clean is challenging but the advantages that gradually build up, make it so rewarding.

From my humble point of view, absolutely nothing negative can stem from us getting clean. But lots of the most amazing rewards can appear, even if they take a very long time to come out.

Stop Drinking Expert: How long have you been sober?

Brian: I’ve been in sober recovery from booze and other substances for in excess of 25 years.

I’ve not joined any course, yours, twelve-step or otherwise.


Stop Drinking Expert: What did the final months/years of your drinking feel like?

Brian: It became progressively apparent throughout my last yrs consuming alcohol that the ‘good time, party hard, fella’ masquerade might not serve me effectively in later life. And in the ultimate weeks, once I ‘d started to remove the other substances, I ultimately acquired the resolution to attack the main reason for all my problems, the drinking.

Stop Drinking Expert: Was there one particular event that led you to quit drinking?

Brian: There were 2 unique instants that pushed me into my teetotalism: One evening waiting in my car outside a club I had this naked lunch moment where I saw everything very clearly. I recognized that I could not bear to stroll into that club as the drunk, junkie, wreck I ‘d become.

Soon afterward realization I came across Craig Beck’s, Alcohol Lied To Me. Which, although doubtful initially, I rapidly came to understand was totally and entirely about me.

Stop Drinking Expert: How was it for you? What was most challenging?

Brian: I was lucky because I was in a position to put in the hard parts of the kick from alcohol in relative privacy at my┬áparent’s home. I ‘d developed my own “detox/rehab” strategy and I nearly instantly recognized that my “Coca-cola and iced herbal tea” substitute strategy wasn’t going to get me through the early times.

Therefore, I included non-alcoholic lager at around at the start of the 2nd week. Besides that, there was some neuro-chemical rebalancing taking place that was a bit disturbing; I always remember not having the ability to compel myself to speak about it for around a day or more.

It was a bit like PTSD

Stop Drinking Expert: How do your family feel about you being a nondrinker?

Brian: My step-dad and mom are in the liquor industry. Back then my dad was in the craft beer game. In some way, this results in a certain degree of recognition and normalizing of alcohol-fueled stupid habits. They weren’t against my quitting but they definitely failed to understand what I was trying to explain to them.

During the time I really did not have the awareness to describe my state of mind to them. I had a least one brother snap at me and I reckon one attempted to make believe it wasn’t happening to help safeguard their own drinking problems.

Stop Drinking Expert: Have you ever experienced a relapse?

Brian: No. Although around 4 months after I got clean I unintentionally took a bite of a rum-soaked fruitcake that I proceeded to spew out like I ‘d eaten rotten food. Which I suppose I had.

Stop Drinking Expert: How long before it because automatic?

Brian: In an unexpected instance of fortuitous timing, I had a liver problem the first day and throughout my initial week clean. Around a week afterward I began exercising (possibly a bit too fanatically) daily and got into the very best condition of my life all within the initial 5 months.

The psychological rollercoaster settled inside around 3 months and genuinely leveled into an incredible feeling of satisfaction like I ‘d never know, before or since, at about TEN months.

Stop Drinking Expert: How difficult was it getting used to interacting socially without a drink?

Brian: It was hard!

As a socially nervous loner, it can still provide some difficulties to this day. For me it genuinely depends upon how committed I feel about my exit strategy should I need it. Also, I need to be full of energy or other people just suck the life out of me.

Stop Drinking Expert: Was there anything unexpected that you found out about yourself when you quit drinking?

Brian: That I could succeed not only at just one thing but lots of things.

I had the ability to recognize myself and like myself. Which consequently enabled me to let other people know me. I have a fantastic partner and an incredible little one. They were inconceivable to me before.

Stop Drinking Expert: What’s the best thing to happen since?

how to stop drinkingBrian: The capacity to recognize ways to help myself be happy (or at the very least content). Without the knowledge I have picked up on my sober journey, I ‘d just be firing aimlessly.

I also learned that there is not a whiff of embarrassment in just desiring a sober life, much less work to go get it.

If this is something you want, ignore your drinking buddies and go grab it with both hands.

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About the Stop drinking expert

Craig Beck ABNLP. ABHYP. DhP. ICS. has been a professional alcohol cessation therapist since 2010. He has helped over 250,000 problem drinkers using his personal experience and professional training in the field of addiction recovery.

After struggling with his own alcohol addiction issues, Craig went on a journey of self-discovery and learning, studying the underlying causes of alcohol use disorders and how to overcome them. He has since become a board-certified Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), The American Board of Hypnotherapy certified therapist, and an ICS-certified life coach specializing in alcohol addiction recovery.

Craig's personal experience with alcoholism gives him a unique perspective on the challenges of quitting drinking and staying sober. He understands the emotional and psychological factors contributing to addiction and knows how to help people overcome them.

In addition, Craig's formal training and certifications provide him with the knowledge and skills to develop effective strategies and techniques for addiction recovery. The Stop Drinking Expert approach to alcohol addiction uses a unique combination of CBT techniques and NLP reframing.

Craig's qualifications are evident in his successful track record helping people quit drinking. Craig Beck is the author of several alcohol addiction books, such as "Alcohol Lied to Me" and "The Alcohol Illusion".
His website,, provides a comprehensive guide on how to quit drinking, including practical tips, strategies, and resources for recovery.

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