Stop taking stop drinking advice off other drinkers!

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Don’t take stop drinking advice off other drinkers!

stop drinking adviceI have noticed a common theme among alcohol addicts. They tend to ask other drinkers for advice on how to stop drinking.

It would seem obvious that this is a mistake, because these people don’t have the first clue.

So why do we do this?

Firstly it’s not something unique to drinkers. I write books on various self-help subjects from wealth creation to escaping the nine to five.

I have noticed that people who want more money tend to ask people who don’t have any for advice. People looking for an escape from the rat race ask their colleagues for guidance.

In a way it’s entirely understandable. When we are making big decisions in life. Such as setting up our own business, investing our savings or quitting drinking, we want the guidance and support that have our back.

We turn to the people who love and care about us.

For most of the people who join my Stop Drinking Program, their alcohol problem is mainly hidden from the outside world.

They are entirely functioning people and most will not have the slightest clue just how much they are struggling with alcohol.

Back when I was a drinker I was the director of two major businesses and the patron of a regional children’s charity.

Everyone knew I could handle my drink and was always the first to the bar but nobody knew that I woke up every morning ripped apart by the guilt and regret of how much I drank the night before.

Often you don’t want your drinking habit to become public knowledge because there is a strange and illogical stigma attached to it.

Alcoholism can damage your reputation, invalidate your medical insurance and hinder your career. So perhaps it’s entirely understandable that people turn to loved ones for advice.

The problem with this is two-fold. Your alcohol drinking friend or a family member hasn’t got the first clue how to quit drinking.

However, because they love you and care about you, they won’t just want to turn you away without offering some help.

The second problem is the advice they offer often doesn’t help and may even give you false hope.

Get your stop drinking advice from good sources

Drinkers may listen to how much you are drinking and tell you not to worry because you are drinking less than them.

When I first mentioned my drinking to a doctor he told me not to panic because I wasn’t so far ahead of what he was drinking.

This did actually reassure me that I was fine to carry on. Hey, I had a great excuse – a qualified doctor told me not to worry.

The doctor probably only said that because to tell me that what I was doing what dangerous would be to also confront his own addiction.

By all means get the support & advice of those that love you but get your information from people who have been there and escaped.

Read the highly rated books on Amazon by other recovering alcoholics, watch videos on YouTube and read the blogs of people who know how you feel.

When it comes to stopping drinking advice – you should trust me on this – it is the truth that will set you free!

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