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Sober lifestyle articles and blog posts by Craig Beck AKA The Stop Drinking Expert. If you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake read this.

How Sobriety Changed My Life – Darren’s Story


Sobriety Changed My Life Darren’s sobriety story: Before I chose sobriety, I was drinking two or three times a week (I favored cabernet sauvignon, especially Californian wines), but I never considered myself an alcoholic. I had operated in the same sector for a decade and was extremely effective in my executive role as a prestigious […]

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What happens when you stop drinking

how to stop drinking

What happens when you stop drinking Here is a list of the numerous common factors people recognize when they quit drinking alcohol, as compiled from a variety of personal stories discovered on the internet about what happens when you stop drinking: 1.) The initial major factor people see is a dramatic improvement in general bodily […]

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Clean And Sober… But There is More to Me Than That

when i stop drinking

Clean and Sober… Mike’s Story: Many clean and sober people who have a problem with their drinking avoid Alcoholics Anonymous because they don’t want to be forever labeled a ‘recovering alcoholic’. Mike is one of them… There is no pragmatic information which verifies that AA helps problem drinkers get sober or stay sober. Yes, you […]

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