9 Sober Celebrities Appealling For Drinkers To Sit Up And Take Note

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Sober Celebrities & Painful Lessons

Take a peek at the periodicals in any grocery store checkout queue, and it may often appear as if every star is battling with drugs or booze.

Actually, substance and alcohol addiction is just as common in the lifestyles of the everyday man or woman as it is in the lives of the super famous.

The only distinction is Hollywood stars are sure to have a worldwide audience for their problem.

Attention often doesn’t help

This limelight can convolute recovery, however, for individuals who make it out the other side, it can become a potent means to accentuate the story that quitting drinking is possible.

Here are 9 stars who have lived to talk about escaping the trap of alcohol addiction.

matthew perry alcohol1. Matthew Perry

Perry’s difficulties with drinking and prescribed pain relievers kicked into top gear throughout his many years being Chandler from ‘Friends’, but therapy helped him develop a healthier fresh approach to life. Right now, he’s a brutal advocate of therapy for substance addiction and drug use instead of imprisonment.

He is proud to help other addicts these days. It is the facet of his personality he is said to like the best.

” Whenever you’re having a bad day, the very best thing you can possibly do is phone someone and ask how they’re doing, and really listen and pay attention to the response to sidestep the nonsense going on in your own mind.”

2. Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe was a hard-partying Hollywood new kid when he became a celebrity in the 1980s. These days he’s a peacefully settled down, dad of 2 who this year observed 25 years free of alcohol. To note the special moment, he tweeted:

“To people battling drug and alcohol addiction, there is genuine, true, escape. Twenty-five yrs ago today, I discovered rehab and a better existence. #Grateful.”

“You like to get clean for your mom or dad, you would like to get clean for your career, you would like to get clean for the police, you would like to get clean to safeguard your reputation.

A lot of fantastic reasons. But sadly, the only thing that does the job is when you need to get clean for you.”

eric clapton alcohol3. Eric Clapton

The music hall-of-famer’s past involves addictions to booze, crack, prescribed medications, and, at some time, a $17,000-a-week heroin addiction. The birth of his boy, Conor, however, offered him the inspiration he required to try quitting drink and drugs again, and this time around, in 1987 he made it stick.

It was a teetotalism and sober life that Eric Clapton managed to keep going even after Conor’s heartbreaking passing in a fall from a 50 story building.

“A woman approached me after the AA meeting and said, ‘You’ve just taken away my final justification to have a drink.’ I asked her what she meant.

She claimed, ‘I’ve constantly had this tiny section of my thinking which kept the excuse that, if something were to happen to my children, then I ‘d be within my rights to get blind drunk. You’ve demonstrated to me that’s not real.’

I was instantly conscious that maybe I had discovered a means to transform this terrible struggle into something good. I genuinely was in the place to state, ‘Well, if I can experience this and remain clean, then anybody can.’

There was no greater way to commemorate the memory of my child.”

4. Daniel Radcliffe

The “Harry Potter” superstar shocked fans when he divulged he was often plastered on the set in later installments of the movies. It was a dependency that Radcliffe claims was formed to cope with his extremely widespread fame and the stress to retain it.

Right now, he’s going into his 5th year of teetotalism and has welcomed a more quiet way of life that he states make him feel healthier and better fits his real character.

“I was living in continuous worry of who I ‘d meet, what I may have said to them when I was drunk. Or what I may have done with them, so I ‘d remain in my house for whole days and drink alone. I was a hermit at twenty years of age. It was pitiful, but it wasn’t me.

I’m an entertaining, courteous individual and alcohol transformed me into an impolite, selfish bore. For a very long time, folks were saying to me, ‘We are worried about your drinking,’ but in the long run I needed to come to the conclusion on my own.”

russell brand alcohol5. Russell Brand

Russell Brand is a performer, writer, comic, and lobbyist who has never avoided pursuing shock and contention. His alcohol and drug usage have been no less shocking, resulting in a number of arrests before he went to rehab.

Now TWELVE years dry, he frequently serves as a sponsor to other recuperating addicts, arranges alcoholism charity events, and shares his first-hand perspective of drug and alcohol use problems.

“Alcohol and drugs are not my issues, real life is my issue, alcohol, and drugs are my remedy. If this appears strange to you it is due to the fact that you are not an alcoholic or a drug user.

You are probably among the 95% of individuals who can consume alcohol and use substances safely and securely. I have good friends who can smoke marijuana, guzzle vodka, even do cocaine and then happily move on with their daily lives.

For me, this is not a possibility.

I will let go of all else to chase that dragon. Even when it started as a sneaky glass of white wine on a ponce’s private yacht. It would finish with me necking the bottle, swimming to coast and running to around looking for a drug dealer.

I bank on drugs and alcohol to fill an emptiness inside me; unattended, the call of addiction is too powerful.”

6. Jamie Lee Curtis

After plastic surgery in her 30’s, Jamie Lee Curtis ended up being addicted to pain relievers and was shortly drinking heavily. “I ‘d numb myself on a regular premise,” she stated.

Worry about what her drug use was doing to her little girl pushed her to sort her life out, and she lately commemorated over 15 yrs alcohol and drug-free. She’s enthusiastic about discussing her addiction as a means of deviating other people from the similar course.

And she partners with a wide array of anti-drug institutions to increase recognition around deterrence and therapy initiatives.

“The opium ends up being the cozy bath from which to run away from uncomfortable real life. I was a fortunate one. I had the ability to spot that the pain inside was born decades ago and the opiate solution was just a matter of time.

My rehabilitation from alcohol and drug abuse is the one finest success of my existence. But it takes work, difficult, unpleasant work. But don’t let that put you off. The support is there, in every city and profession, drug/drink rid members of civilization, from each walk and talk of daily life to assist and lead.”

elton john alcohol7. Sir Elton John

In the early 70s, Elton John claims he was so naïve regarding drugs that he really did not even understand what a joint was. But his initial encounter with crack was an inspiration.

All of a sudden the social anxiety that afflicted him in real life vaporized, but in its place came dependency and resulting seclusion.

He attributes his conclusion to transform his lifestyle’s fatal path to his backing of Ryan White, the American teenager who in the 80’s got HIV from a blood transfusion and who fought the social bullying, encircling what was then a brand new and fatal pandemic.

“I understood that my lifestyle was out of balance. I understood that I needed to improve my mental health. And right after Ryan passed away, I recognized that I only had 2 options: I was either going to kick the bucket or I was going to survive, and which one did I wish to do?

And after that I said those words, ‘I’ll get help,’. And my lifestyle transformed. Outrageous for a human being to take 16 yrs to state, ‘I want help.'”.

8. Robert Downey Jr

His drug and alcohol use, and the difficulty it brought kept the papers in new content for many years.

These days, Robert Downey Jr has 15 yrs of alcohol-free living under his belt, and the newspaper stories being composed are ones of professional and individual atonement.

Nonetheless, his triumph in handling dependency has not guaranteed other people in his arena are now protected from their own battles.

The detention of his own (grown-up) child for possession led him to go on record and say when someone in your family has a problem, you all have a problem.

“You’re challenged with backgrounds and tendencies and influences and emotions and unmentioned sufferings or desires that just weren’t satisfied. All of a sudden you’re in the middle of the forest. Can you help somebody get out of the forest?

Of course, you can. By not getting lost trying to find them.”.

demi lovato alcohol9. Demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato went from “Barney” to stand out superstar celebrity, but in the process, she had to cope with psychological health battles that led her to self-medicate herself. Followed by devouring dependencies on alcohol and drugs.

There was a moment, she confessed in a statement when she could not live HALF AN HOUR without crack and would smuggle it in her hand baggage on planes.

These days she speaks up for mental health issues around the world. Accepting that she is not out of the woods herself. Recently suffering a very public relapse that sent her back into rehab.

“I had a Sprite can full of gin and it was just 8 in the morning and I was vomiting in the truck and this was just to get on an airplane to return to Los Angeles to the rehab facility I was staying at.

I had all the support on the planet, but it made no difference until I decided there was no other choice”.

Taking the inspiration

free quit drinking webinarSober celebrities speak out to try and persuade us everyday folk not to fall down the same deep well that they did.

Alcoholism is not just for the Hollywood stars, 3,000,000 people are killed every year by this drug. Ignore the marketing that claims it is just a harmless social pleasantry.

This is a dangerous addictive drug that knows exactly what it is doing.

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