The 5 Signs That It’s Time to Stop Drinking Alcohol

time to stop drinking

Is it Time to Stop Drinking?

sober lifestyleMany people drink alcohol casually. It’s how they enjoy time with friends, relax, or enjoy the taste of a favorite beverage.

But sometimes it becomes a problem. Using alcohol inappropriately affects 30% of Americans at some point in their lives. If you’re struggling, you’re not alone.

Here are five signs it’s time to stop drinking:

You Make Excuses to Drink

Having an occasional drink with friends may be where it started, but these days you make up reasons to drink. Whether it’s an obscure holiday, a stressful situation, or an upcoming social event, you’re looking for opportunities to drink.

If your acceptable drinking time has become earlier and earlier over time, and you have a reason to drink alcohol almost every day, there’s a problem. Making excuses to drink is a sign that it’s time to stop drinking.

You Can’t Control Your Drinking

Once you have one drink, are you caught in a downward spiral of more and more until you pass out?

Not being able to restrain your drinking once you start is a definite red flag. If every night out with friends turns into a blackout with a multi-day hangover, it’s time to rethink your habits.

If your drinking has become uncontrollable, it’s time to stop drinking.

When you don’t expose yourself to it, you can’t get stuck in the trap of unrestrained drinking. Choose a different route home from work, a different group of friends, or whatever it takes.

Comments from Friends and Family

Sometimes those around us can see clearly in areas that we are blind to. Also, many times those most affected by our drinking habits are our friends and family.

If your friends and relatives have started commenting about your drinking habits, if they feel embarrassed to be around you, or your drinking causes fights with those you love, it’s time to quit. Alcohol can cause damage to many relationships and can pull you away from those closest to you. Don’t let that happen.

Legal or Behavioral Problems

If your drinking causes you to make poor choices, you can easily end up in legal trouble. You may engage in incredibly reckless behavior when drunk. If drinking alcohol is beginning to cause problems with the law or with those you spend time with, it’s time to stop drinking.

Some alcoholics become reckless because they hate what their lives have become. Is this you? You need a change.

Experiencing Health Problems? Time to Stop Drinking!

how to quit drinking free guideDrinking too much can cause a variety of health problems. It causes irritation in the throat or stomach. Both linings are affected by alcohol. Alcohol can affect liver enzymes. It also leads to weight gain and bloating.

If your appearance and health are being affected by your drinking habits, it’s a definite sign that it’s time to stop drinking.

Tired of struggling with drinking? Make a change. Choose to live a sober lifestyle.

Need help? Don’t want to go through treatment or AA? We’re here for you. You don’t need to miss work or violate your privacy.

Discover the happy sober solution today!

Craig Beck - The Stop Drinking Expert

About the author: Craig Beck ([email protected]) is the world's #1 quit drinking coach. Using his experience as a former problem drinker, combined with an expert knowledge of NLP & human behavior. He has helped over 50,000 people to quit drinking, without willpower, rehab or medication. Discover how to stop drinking quickly and easily today.

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