How Rich Would You Be If You Quit Drinking?

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Save Money: Stop Drinking Alcohol

If you’re like the majority of working men and women in The United States, you like to unwind at the local pub. And, the economic climate is absolutely demonstrating that the pattern is holding solid.

In 2013, the AMERICAN pub, lounge, and club market took in over $23.5 billion dollars in profits. It’s forecasted to hit $24.45 billion dollars this year, and that number does not even contain the booze we purchase from liquor outlets and supermarkets.

And although that’s great for those companies, it indicates that we the customers are essentially drinking away our financial health. Depending upon what type of drinker you are, you might be shelling out way more than you assume on your little nightly tension killer.

Most drinkers will never consider just how much they are wasting on this attractively packaged poison. So read on if you dare!

Is alcoholism a disease

Is alcoholism a disease

How much is drinking costing you?

If you indulge in just a single lager or glass of red or white wine each evening with dinner, then guess what, you are in the leading thirty percent of alcohol consumers in the COUNTRY. If that surprises you, you’re most likely not the only one.

A couple of drinks? Then you’re in the leading twenty percent of drinkers.

Nevertheless, to enter into the alcoholic territory, you ‘d need to up your drinking alcohol substantially.

How much?

Over ten alcohol beverages every single day. That’s correct, according to the UNITED STATES government the top ten percent of alcohol consumers in the U.S.A drink approximately 75 hard drinks weekly.

That corresponds to 18/19 bottles of red or white wine or over half a dozen 12-packs of lager/cider.

But even if you’re merely having a couple of drinks a week with your buddies, the expenses can genuinely accumulate faster than you expect.

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The price of drinking

If you’re a problem drinker, you most likely aren’t getting your booze from a pub; that would be devastating to your month-to-month finances. With the majority of people shelling out $12 on a bottle of wine, it would come to over $210 weekly including taxes, or in excess of $820 each month.

That’s 2 or 3 vehicle repayments right there. Yearly, that’s nearly ten grand!

Let’s check out the finances of somebody who heads out drinking just a few times each week. Once throughout the working week, and once on a Friday or Saturday evening.

When you go out to a watering hole during the week, you will typically buy meals with your drink. And with the majority of people buying a couple of drinks, plus service charge, you are looking at approximately $45-$55 for the night. This, obviously, does not include the charges for taxi fare, childcare, and other costs.

Weekends on the beer are pricey

On Saturdays and Sundays, a usual evening out at the pub is a bit different. You will probably make the most of the simple fact that there’s no need to get up for work the following day. For this reason, you will probably drink a lot more than normal.

You might also purchase shots or other fad drinks to keep it ‘interesting’. You will be looking at approximately one hundred bucks for the night, depending upon where in the world you reside. And bear in mind, that’s each. As a husband and wife or couple, you will shell out at least 50 percent that amount again.

Do the numbers. $170 weekly, or approximately $670 each month, can quickly be shelled out by somebody who enjoys just a handful of drinks a week when they head out to clubs, pubs or bistros.

It is, as a matter of fact, very comparable to the amount of cash that might be squandered on drinking by a serious alcoholic. By heading out on the town a couple of evenings a week, and drinking reasonably, you’re shelling out over $7200 a year.

time you should quit drinking

Is it time to stop drinking?

If the answer for you is yes, click here to find out how to stop drinking.

If you are still at no way dude, then here are some tips to save money.

It’s really rather simple to make a couple of little modifications to your regular bar check.

1. Buy drinks with cash only

Without a doubt, the simplest means to stay with your alcohol spending plan is to hit the town with your credit card left in your home. It’s simple to score money on a credit or debit card, but cash is limited and you have to watch it burn away to nothing.

In either case, as soon as the money is gone, it’s time to call an Uber.

The problem is, alcohol interferes with your brain’s ability to make sound decisions. This is how people wind up with huge bar tabs!

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2. Limit your drinking to cheaper times

Now you know that a website like this is going to give you some solid advice to just quit drinking completely, but if you are not in that place YET, let’s keep it all about the money for now.

Do you need to go out when everybody else is hitting the town?

If you have your buddies with you, why not do something a little earlier than is typical? You’ll get good specials, including two-for-one drinks, free appetizers, and even free shots. You can always head back to a friend’s house later and finish the evening there.

Wow, you have no idea how much it hurts us to try and talk about free shots in any sort of positive light!

3. Have a meal at home before you head out

Meals prices can really accumulate rapidly in the pubs, and the food may not even be that great. If you head out with a full belly, you will not only conserve cash on expensive meals and nibbles, but it will slow down the rate at which your body absorbs alcohol.

If you find that you have started topping up on alcohol before you head out, you should see this a red flag that more drastic action is needed.

4. Have a water for every alcoholic drink

This is fantastic advice for numerous reasons. First, a glass of water with ice cubes and lime is free at every pub. You can drink this and spread out your cash gradually. Secondly, and possibly more crucial, it stops you getting tanked to quick, and makes mornings after much less extreme.

However, it’s important to note that alcohol is a poison and there isn’t really any advantage in drinking diluted poison in the long run.

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5. Specials offers are a good and bad thing

Pubs know the significance of offers and discount coupons. They will frequently have specials on their web pages, and in regional newspapers and leaflets. Save them, and bring them out the next time you stop by. They can take a great little amount off the final total.

However, accept these offers with your eyes wide open. There is a good reason why bars give away free quantities of this highly addictive product!

6. Ladies … Your poison is free

Sad, but true. Lots of pubs and nightclubs will allow girls drink free, or for cheap, all evening. And obviously, lots of guys will offer to buy you a drink too. Just beware who you accept these from, and if unsure, say no. Taking free drinks from guys to save money is a real false economy.

Just remember that when a guy sees a drunk girl he is not thinking ‘long-term relationship potential’. He’s thinking ‘easy sex’ and nothing more. Alcohol really does bring the worst out in us all and it steals our cash at the same time – great!

Are you ready to save a ton of money?

free quit drinking webinarThere are lots of ways to get clever with your alcohol budget. However, the harsh reality of doing this is you are just finding ways to continue drinking a dangerous, cancer forming drug.

Of course, there is no point preaching about that. You are either ready to live a sober life or you are not.

When the time comes where alcohol is creating more misery than pleasure, we are here to help.

Click here for more information on our how to stop drinking program.

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