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I am thrilled that the Craig Beck Alcohol Books Series has helped so many people worldwide. However, many people believe my method is too good to be true. You see, we are conditioned to think two things:

  1. Giving up drinking is supposed to be difficult
  2. The solution must come in the form of a pill of some sort

Both of these notions are nonsensical to me. Taking a drug to cure a drug problem seems insane. The first point about quitting drinking is problematic. This is an urban myth spread thickly via the alcohol manufacturers PR departments.

Sending out such a message to drinkers is designed to make them worry and feel stress. What do drinkers do when they are stressed? That’s right; they drink – mission accomplished.

Stopping Can Be Easy

I like to share the odd email I get from people who have bought one of the Craig Beck Alcohol range and see life-changing results. This email from Simon is not unusual, but still very powerful.

Dear Craig,

I have been reading your downloaded book and watching your stop drinking videos. For so long, I have wanted to quit drinking. It’s something I have wanted to get started with for over ten years now.

I have been drinking for over 40 years. I am not a seriously heavy drinker, but I have been drinking nearly every day throughout that time, and my tolerances are very high.

My wife quit drinking over 20 years ago, and she has never pressured me to stop. She didn’t think I drank that much and didn’t know how much I did drink. Of course, I kept that information from her.

I am at the point now that it is beginning to affect my health, especially my kidneys. They hurt all the time. My doctor told me I might have a couple of good decades left. That was ten years ago.

I simply couldn’t quit drinking.

I didn’t know how to quit. I didn’t want to go to AA for the reasons you describe. My doctor has never drunk a drop in his life, so he doesn’t understand. He told me to just cut down to one or two drinks per day. 

Yeah, right, thanks for that, doc!

Did he not know that most alcoholics lie about their addiction. So here was a guy being honest, and it had taken a lot of guts.

Every morning, I would wake up feeling like shit and say “Today I am not going to drink”. By 10 am or 11 am, I was craving a drink and would get started. The rest of the day was spent planning when I could sneak my next drink. It was becoming overwhelming. But I was afraid the withdrawal symptoms would be too painful.

My cravings were intense.

So I went searching online for some kind of help. I am so ready to quit this poison. I have been playing Russian Roulette for years by drinking and driving and riding my motorcycle while intoxicated. Just stupid.

I came across your website and downloaded your book, and I have been watching your videos daily.

You are exactly what I needed! I finally got up one day and said: “I do not WANT to drink today”.

And I meant it. It has only been a week, but already I am feeling better. There are virtually no real withdrawal symptoms like I expected. There were a few rough moments, but I would just say, “I do NOT want to drink.”

My wife is supporting me 100%. I came clean about how much I did drink, and she was surprised.

I never looked drunk to her. With her help, and yours, I will make it through this holiday season, which I thought would be very hard. But now I don’t think so.

I think it’s going to be fun. Sober!

I have referred one of my best friends for over 40 years to your site, and now he is on board. We were severe drinking buddies, and it is fantastic we have survived this long.

Everything you say resonates with me. I have been a functioning alcoholic for most of my life.

We are all very curious to see what the sober me will be like. I am excited to find out.

So, I just want to thank you for being the mental adjustment that I needed to take this journey.

Your information is priceless!


Simon Williamson (Name changed)

Idaho Falls, Idaho

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  1. Read your book from my library. Go to AA, also. Your book gives me another tool for my toolbox. More ammo. Great description of alcohol as a toxic poison.

  2. Hi Craig,
    My name is Sean Partridge in Australia,my story is long but won’t go into it, just want to say thankyou for all the great stuff you are doing.
    25 years of alcohol minus 1 year I gave up on will power to drink again (stupid) lol.
    6 weeks sober now Dr Googled how to stop alcohol for good and one of your blogs were there.
    After listening to alot of them and you explaining what is happening I realized I wasn’t alone and I wasn’t a monster.
    I haven’t read your books or webinars but you help me every day just in your YouTube blogs.
    You have changed my life.
    I will keep watching your channel, I can’t get the thoughts out of my head but I am never drinking again, you have helped me with that, I understand now, as you said once you know what it does and why I don’t need it anymore in my life.
    Thanks again mate Cheers with Lemon Squash lol.
    Also I am Doing the 4-2-1,
    And watching your law of attraction blogs.

  3. Thank You.
    One week into a two week holiday, I felt I had just wasted a precious day recovering from excess alcohol.
    As I sat by the pool, I looked through audiobooks hoping for a miracle. My body complaining and telling me 47 years since my first taste, is killing me.
    I liked the word ‘guaranteed’ stamped across the front of a book.
    I decided to buy it.
    I listened to you in one afternoon and I am now on day 9 of sobriety.
    Your life story mirrors mine exactly!
    Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it possible to quit drinking in the middle of my Summer holiday!

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