Quitting Drinking: What’s Stopping You?

Quitting Drinking – The Big Question:

Why Are You Here?

Here you are reading this blog post. Maybe you just discovered it and this is the first post you’ve read. Welcome. Or maybe you’ve been reading my blogs and watching my YouTube videos for years. Either way, presumably you are here because you are concerned about your drinking.

If you’re a first-timer, it’s likely that it didn’t suddenly wake up this morning and decide you have a problem. And if you’ve been following me for a while, it’s more than likely you’ve been concerned about your drinking for years!

Whose Problem Is It?

I love that you’ve come to my site to look for answers — just don’t ask me to fix it for you. Because I can’t. I can offer you tools. I can be an example of what works and I have a program that works.

But I can’t do it for you.

You are going to have to do the work. And you are going to have to accept responsibility. I’m not saying it’s your “fault” or that you are to “blame.”

There may very well be circumstances that have played a role in your drinking. But the worst thing you can do is act like a victim and ask for sympathy and empathy to continue to justify your drinking.

The more you cling on to your victim mentality, the more miserable things are going to get. You need to get out of that mentality and take action. Do something!

Stop Drinking Expert Website

Stop Drinking Expert Website

Why Do You Drink?

If I asked you why you drink, you would give me all sorts of seemingly logical reasons.

  • You’re in pain so you drink because you think that drinking takes the pain away. Seems logical.
  • You struggle to meet people and you think drinking makes you more fun at a party or smooth with someone you’re attracted to. Seems logical.
  • You’re lonely and you think drinking takes the loneliness away. Seems logical.

But it’s not true. It’s a lie.

Let’s take loneliness as an example. Drinking doesn’t make you less lonely. It only makes you less aware of how lonely you really are. When you wake up the next day, you’re just as lonely as you were the day before, only now, you’ve given yourself a worse problem.

Alcohol actually prevents you from doing the things that would help you make meaningful connections with others. There are many things you could do to meet people and develop satisfying friendships and relationships. But when you’re drinking, you can’t do those things.

So now you have poison in your body and you’re no less lonely. Not so logical when we put it that way, is it?

too late to stop drinking

Is it too late to stop drinking?

So What’s Stopping You?

So, if those reasons you think you’re drinking are all a lie, then what’s really stopping you from quitting? It comes down to one thing: FEAR. And what you’re afraid of might surprise you. Most people are actually afraid of success, that may be doing something like following my program will work!

You look at my reviews and you see hundreds of people who have quit drinking and you’re afraid that might be you because that would mean you would have to actually quit drinking! And living a life without alcohol seems unimaginable, right? I understand because

I felt that way.

Even though my life was awful, my relationships were failing, my career was dead, and my health was failing, I still couldn’t imagine my life without alcohol. At the time quitting drinking seemed like a social death sentence. But here I am today and my life without alcohol has become unbelievably good.

Even though 99% of people who have quit drinking will tell you how much better their lives got once they got rid of alcohol, you’re still afraid to be one of them.

Yes You Have Fears

Beyond that big fear — the one of living your life without alcohol — are lots of other fears, no doubt. But there is only one way to fix what you’re afraid of and that is to expose yourself to it, repeatedly.

If you’ve never jumped out of an aeroplane it’s reasonable to expect that you’ll be afraid the first time. Maybe even the second and third. But the more you expose yourself to that fear and make the jump, the less afraid you will become, until one day you’ll be quite blasé about it. It’s no longer something you fear.

So, you will have to drill down to understand what the fears are so that you can expose yourself to them to do something about it.

Quitting Drinking

Quitting Drinking?

Getting clear and getting busy

But quitting drinking is not something you can do until you gain clarity about those fears. And you can’t gain clarity with poison in your system. So the first thing you have to do is get rid of the alcohol. You have to end the paralysis. You have to drop your victim mentality.

You have to stop hoping someone is going to do it for you. You have to do something!

Quitting drinking starts with you taking action.

And stop waiting. If you’re not sure what to do, I invite you to reserve your place on my next free quit drinking webinar. The coaching session lasts around 50 minutes and I will even give you a free copy of my book ‘Alcohol Lied To Me’ as a free gift for turning up.




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