August 7, 2018

If Quitting Drinking Made Sex Feel 10x Better Would You Try It?

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What if quitting drinking made sex MUCH better?

Imagine if I told you that if I knew a secret to make sex feel 10x better than ever before. Would you want to know what it was?

Of course, you would!

Then I leaned over and whispered the secret into your ear… quit drinking alcohol!

Would you try it?

quitting drinking edMost people would probably say no, which is a little strange.

However, some people who are already sick and tired of how bad alcohol is making them feel may consider it.

Health author Barry Thompson did a little experiment, around quitting drinking and the impact on his sex life.

“I had never been a very heavy drinker, but alcohol was a part of my daily life’, says Barry

It wasn’t a huge problem but it was something that really did not fit with me. It seemed like just one of those patterns that seemed out of cohesion with who I want to be.

No way Jose

The moment I genuinely relaxed with the idea of what I was planning to do and asked myself “Am I generally content with the life choices that I’ve made whilst drinking alcohol, how I’ve behaved, and how I’ve felt the following morning?” … the response to all 3 was constantly a straightforward, definite, “Absolutely no way Jose.”.

And at the same time, I absolutely do not judge other individuals for their choice to take part in regular alcohol consumption, I’ve wanted to try out this experience for quite some time.

Since I got started with this little experimentation, the ultimate part of the problem was to find out if eliminating booze entirely might additionally improve my erection, libido, and intimate pursuits.

What began as a basic One Month trial run felt so incredible that I kept it going for 6 calendar months.

Here’s what I’ve found out, and how my sex life has gone crazy good after just 6 months with no alcohol use.

1. You are more true to yourself

This aspect may be one of the most strongly individualized since it’s about my values and private choices … but in tackling the first One Month task of zero consuming alcohol, I sensed an increase in my psychological stamina and individual stability.

This choice triggered a domino effect that affected several other parts of my lifestyle.

Giving up drinking from my daily life showed that it was that a lot easier to eliminate harmful people in my life that I could see no longer served me … or to dedicate to taking specific acts in my organization that I had been putting off for a while.

Lose the fake friends

I do not believe that it was an accident that these previous 6 months have been (without a doubt) the most significant growth period in my company’s life.

Additionally, as I’ve discussed before (and I have no idea if this applies to for females too but I think the research has only been performed with males up until now) when we get big gains in our career/business world we acquire a substantial rise of testosterone level.

It’s almost like a subconscious prompt that tells us “You are a highly successful and valuable man… you must go make kids right now.” Also Known As the added victories that were transpiring in my business lifestyle (and general physical health and well-being, which I’ll come to soon) brought me a big gush of sexual drive. And more stamina for lovemaking is a super cool thing.

staying sober with good food

2. Vitamins and mineral absorption increases.

Although the alcohol producers claim that a small quantity of red wine has some health advantages. The hard reality is, liquor is basically barren calories (you get zero nutrition from it compare to the energy ingested).

However, in my study, I discovered that booze not only does not offer any nutrients or minerals but it literally hinders the digestion of a number of minerals and vitamins.

The moment you quit drinking alcohol (particularly if you were a problem drinker before), your system can at last efficiently assimilate vitamin c, magnesium, vitamin b complex, zinc, and thiamin.

A whole new level

A great sex life and well-balanced sexual desire are thoroughly linked to your system operating effectively (which in turn inevitably comes from you treating your body properly).

This stuff isn’t really breaking news. Eat clean, get every one of your minerals and vitamins from a well balanced, complete food diet, drink tons of clean water, making your sleeping an important part of your day, and reduce or do away with any mind-numbing patterns from your daily life.

For example, drinking alcohol, cigarette smoking, substance abuse, or eating a high quantity of excessively refined foods items that were produced in a laboratory.

You nearly cannot believe just how much of a murk your mind and body lived in just before you make the change. However, when you truly begin to focus on your health and wellness, which for me meant zero alcohol allowed in my life, you feel that much better in every area of your life.

3. Easy weight loss.

relax without drinkingFact: booze upsets your rate of metabolism and muscle mass recuperation times. What does that mean in real terms? It signifies it’s simpler for your system to save excess fat when you consume alcohol.

I am not a health and weight loss professional, neither do I want to be. What I do love is the fact that if there’s excess body fat dangling off of my body, it impacts my erection and libido. Those traits suck big time.

I discovered that (particularly after the initial Thirty Days of zero alcohol in my life) I had a little bit more flexibility in what foods items I allowed myself to eat, and the body fat simply would not accumulate on my physique like it did before.

There were meals that I had throughout the previous 6 months that, when I would have one time integrated them with a hefty evening of alcohol consumption. But they really did not affect me nearly as much as they once had.


I slept better, body fat failed to accumulate around my mid-section nearly as much, and I found it simpler to accomplish and keep erections because my bloodstream had not been attempting to battle the excess fat in my veins on it’s way to filling my penis.

4. Greater libido and passion for life.

Alcohol is a primary cause of impotence, that much is an undeniable fact.

It’s not something I wanted to deal with in my life. So, from the victories in my work life, greater quality of rest (which is the only opportunity that testosterone, your libido hormonal agent, is created), and feeling more fit from my enhanced sober training sessions. It was important and good to see my libido had a big increase during the initial 30 days of the sober living trial too.

5. Romantic relationships get so much better.

Lastly, and possibly my favorite aspect from this personal journey, I experienced a higher intensity in my relationships (intimate, professional, individual … every one of them).

The convention of beer being the thing that brings individuals closer (add a mental picture of a wasted guy leaning on his buddy and shouting “I love you man!”) is more than a little a white lie.

Yes, it can make you more spontaneous and enable you to say things that you may not have the guts to normally say. However, booze’s short-term, faux-benefits are surpassed a thousand to one by the very real perks of quitting drinking.

Since I was facing my personal feelings, and my lifestyle objectives with a brand-new sense of certainty, it was that a lot easier to enjoy time with the individuals around me and with a new level of genuineness.

quit drinking better health

Alcohol and good sex don’t mix

Alcohol is a central nerve sedative. And although it may stop you from telling your friends/significant other that you really do love them, it additionally impedes your sex drive forever.

After quitting alcohol in all forms, I felt re-sensitized to my daily life and I felt every little thing (intimately and psychologically) that much more intensely.

Quitting drinking is not going to be for everybody. Neither am I claiming it must be.

I’ve genuinely savored these previous 6 months, and I can easily envision quitting drinking forever. I have no need to return to alcohol use just like I have no wish to return to the poisonous relationships that I dumped when I noticed how little they were giving me.

free quit drinking webinarAre you ready to quit drinking?

Crazy good sex is just one of the benefits of choosing a happy, sober life. There are many other health benefits, financial considerations and a general peace of mind that can’t be underestimated.

Craig Beck helps problem drinkers to escape the loop of daily drinking or binge drinking. Want to find out more?

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