What Happens When You Quit Drinking For A Month?

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What Happens When You Quit Drinking For A Month?

dry januaryWhat Happens When You Quit Drinking For A Month? Do you feel you could quit booze for 30/31 days? It may be a demanding task regardless of where you live, but here in Cyprus where I live, it can feel nearly impossible.

A great deal of what we do is focused on alcoholic drinks, even outside of the obvious vacation and festival times. I once was at a BBQ on Easter Monday and someone told me I was offending Jesus by not drinking.

Of course, it was said as a joke, but there was an undercurrent of being upset at me not drinking.

Life Is Focused on Alcohol

Cocktails/wine/beer are all an element of our daily activities – even those that don’t even look like “drinking events” – from lunch with a friend to 5 a side football matches, even baby showers, and funerals. And even if we aren’t thinking of alcohol, it often finds us in the most unlikely locations: coffeehouses, fitness centers and the checkout line at the supermarket.

For those who have no concerns with moderation, this constant exposure to booze isn’t a problem. They’ll have one drink, or no drinks and think nothing of it. They can take it or leave it – a position we all dream of being at from time to time.

For other people, nevertheless, each day brings with it another occasion or justification to drink alcohol. Before we realize it, we’re consuming alcohol every single day.

Dry January

Everyone has heard of Dry January and it’s a great idea. However, some people don’t think about getting started until the middle of the month and then it almost feels like it’s not worth doing.

Why make it about January only, pick any month and give up alcohol completely. Turning it into your own self-experiment to experience the impact that an extended detox has on your mind, body, and spirit.


Let’s be clear: This self-experiment isn’t about cutting out alcohol forever. Not everyone who drinks is a problem drinker.

Main reasons for giving up booze for a dedicated period of time can vary religious to detox, self-renewal or spiritual, or an exercise in self-control to prove to ourselves that we can do it. Although be careful with this last reason – all problem drinkers believe ‘they can stop anytime they want’, at least for a while.

Health Benefits

There’s a great deal of media coverage about potential health benefits of controlled alcohol intake, including its effect on “good” HDL cholesterol levels and lowering our risk of cardiovascular disease.

What we do not find out as much about are the drawbacks of even just slightly above-moderate alcohol intake that can quickly outweigh the advantages.

Over time, chronic excessive drinking can lead to multiple health issues.

Alcohol is associated with a rise in clinical depression, stress, mental deterioration, and it also increases our threat of specific malignant tumors.

Alcohol Causes Cancer – FACT!

When it concerns breast tumors, for example, just a single alcoholic drink a day can raise breast cancer possibility in both pre- and postmenopausal women, and as little as a solitary serving of wine or beer a day boosts premenopausal breast cancer threat by 5 percentage points and postmenopausal risk by 9 percent.

And, the more you drink, the greater your risk.

Even those who drink sparingly (a single drink daily for females and two for males) have almost twice the risk for oral and esophagus cancer and more than twice the risk of cancer of the windpipe.

With continual over-drinking, our whole-body wellness just isn’t really as good as it could be. We just get used to it, accepting a less-than-good sensation as “usual.”.

quit drinking for a month


Inside a week or so, you’ll likely observe more energy and that you’re thinking more precisely and sleeping better. You’ll possibly also discover less swelling, particularly in your skin and around your eyes, and may even drop a few additional pounds.

Look at it like this. If the thought of quitting drinking for a month terrifies you. Take this as the ultimate sign that you should do it. Do it now while the choice is still yours!

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