Dare You Have A Non Alcoholic Christmas

christmas without alcoholMember of the Stop Drinking Expert program gets free access to a secret Facebook group. This is a post from a longtime member Dave (not his real name).

I thought it would be good for you to see…

Good morning guys, I haven’t done my usual Friday update for a while! Been a bit busy!

Life is good for me, I have lost 35 pounds now, I look so much better, feel fantastic and my self-confidence is improved. In fact, every aspect of my life continues to get better, my personal and work relationships and especially my relationships with my wife and kids.

Life Is Better Without Booze

I have been doing some volunteer work online scam busting. Long story but a small group of us try to stop people from being victims of online fraud and we scam the scammers and get banks accounts shut and provide evidence to the police and banks, it’s very rewarding!

It’s 8 am here in the UK and the weekend has begun and today I am again volunteering at a community center!

Be vigilant this time of year everyone, it can be very difficult for none drinkers if you lose your focus. Stick with the programme though and it can also be very easy and enjoyable.

drunk santa

Forewarned is Forearmed!

The problem with this time of year is that the vile poison is packaged in a very attractive way. This is when the brainwashing can restart and you can start to doubt the decision you made. I am not trying to be negative I just believe that forewarned is forearmed!

Xmas is always the time that alcohol is in your face most, media outlets will push it on you, your friends and family will, the whole world it seems will be having a great merry time all thanks to alcohol!

It’s all bullshit and you don’t need it!

They will not show…

  1. The Hangovers
  2. The office drunk who ruins the Xmas party and upsets his co-workers and his boss and spends the next few weeks with an awful feeling of dread
  3. So many people caught drink driving and ruining their lives
  4. Hangovers (yes I said it again, it will repeat itself)
  5. Arguments
  6. The over-emotional
  7. Domestic abuse… the wife beaten by a drunk husband
  8. The husband was beaten by a drunk wife!
  9. Kids neglected by drunk parents
  10. The family feuds made worse
  11. All the accidents and injuries

Christmas Without Alcohol… So Good!

Yes, a non alcoholic Christmas is better and the big one for me: The days WASTED! How many days did I waste when drinking, I hate to think.

All these things will not be advertised or “in your face”

We get a one-sided view of alcohol forced on us at Xmas, be on your guard!

Remember this… you DO NOT need alcohol to enjoy Christmas. Think about it who has the most fun at Xmas? The answer is the kids!

how to stop drinking family 3

Do they need a drink?

What kind of person is it that can’t enjoy the spirit and fun of the festive season without relying on a drug? Well, I am not going to be one of them!

Please forgive my rant I just hope it helps and I hope you can join me for a happy sober happy Christmas. For anyone struggling I promise you it gets better, I can’t even face the thought of a drink now my happiness is not worth risking. My depression and anxiety have completely gone… nothing is taking this away from me.

I have said it before a while ago, but I want to say it again .. thank you, Craig Beck, for the books and the group you gave me the best gift ever, I got back my life my family, and my self-respect. I love you!

Non Alcoholic Christmas
Non Alcoholic Christmas

Have a great non alcoholic Christmas everyone!

So many put off taking action on this problem until Christmas is out of the way. It the same reason the diet always starts on Monday!

The diet starts Monday because it gives you a license to eat like a pig all weekend.

Drinking stops in January for the same reason, you can destroy your liver all festive season. All because you have a faux ‘get out of jail free’ card in your pocket.

The truth is, stopping drinking is something you should do now – not January! Christmas is better without alcohol and life is better without it too!

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  1. 90 days no drinking and I don’t think the holidays will be a problem. My only problem is my weekends it’s tough little bit of anxiety goes on.

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