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Getting Sober Is Becoming The New Cool

Sunday 28th October 2018 we will bring our famous Quit Drinking Bootcamp to New York for the first time.

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Sober is becoming a trend in New York…

On a Sunday afternoon in New York, Rachel and her partner Paul take a shot of a rich yellow juice called Mother Fireball.

“It kind of makes my calf hair follicles seem like they’re sticking out,” claims Isham, a 33-year-old audio-visual specialist whose greyish hoodie is embellished with a USA flag and stud.

Floyd, who is wearing a festive Xmas sweatshirt, tosses back the little plastic glass. “Oh, dude. I feel that right up here,” she states, taking her left hand over her head.

Shot anyone?

The 26-year-old psych college student is on her 8th shot of the day, but she could still pass a breath analyzer exam.

This Fireball is not the sugar-cinnamon bourbon teens swipe from their moms and dads around the holiday season. It’s a citrus-based beverage with a zesty kick from a blend of cayenne pepper, ginger root, and oregano essential oil.

It’s completely alcohol-free.

how to stop binge drinking

Forget about pub crawl’s

Floyd is on a veggie juice session, a regular function wherein individuals head out to 3 different ‘bars’ and try more than 19 fruit extracts with labels like “Violet Rain” and “Dr. Carefree” from a 2oz plastic glass. It’s merely one of the numerous booze-free adventures that have appeared in New York and other notable United States metropolitan areas. All catering to an expanding amount of young people who are dumping the booze.

This bunch is not filled with rebounding junkies, but instead men and women who value mindfulness, good times and good health.

For people under 40, cutting down on alcohol no longer means social self-destruction. Along with these wild juice sessions, there are now sober raves, alcohol-free pubs, booze-free dancing nights, and a sober social media network that arranges group trips and sober outings.

Booze-free fun

The long line outside of Sparkle, a booze-free celebration that integrates fine cuisine with designer alcohol-free drinks and mindfulness has lots of folks who either do not consume alcohol or are attempting to cut down.

Since 2014, when the event was first kicked off in Los Angeles, the concept of sober events has expanded to New York City and now they routinely sell out to audiences of people who no longer want the baggage that comes with booze.

Most participants are millennials with new-age explanations for interacting socially sober. Ask and they’ll claim they “like genuine, authentic connections”, and wish to “open up to other people on the same quest” and be “focused and at peace to value the day”.

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It’s doesn’t need to be all ‘new-age’ though

In plain-speak, they believe alcohol makes life less significant and that those horrible mornings after getting in the way of happiness.

“I just believe that you have a better time when you’re not sidetracked by alcoholism,” states June Zhang, an MBA college student who consumes alcohol at most once a week.

“I would like to get up every morning with a clean and active mind so I can get writing,” states Ryan Fischer, a 35-year-old New Yorker, and author who hasn’t touched booze for the past couple of months and just recently came back from a shamanic resort.

“In the evening my father has a couple of bourbons and my mother has a few glasses of white wine and they slowly drink themselves to sleep. I simply do not want to do that.”

Alcohol just gets in the way of life

Paradoxically, the difficult fiscal times encountered by millennials might, in fact, be steering them away from alcohol. A new investigation of millennials in 5 various nations, including the USA, discovered 77% of people reviewed drink in moderation on the majority of evenings out.

Auzeen Saedi, a professional psychotherapist, states her clients, particularly, have a great deal of worry regarding the future, a fact she credits to economic anxiety:

“I feel the strains are greater because [younger] individuals are observing that even when you have a fantastic education, that does not promise you a career to match it whatsoever.”

getting sober new york

Getting sober in new york

New York is getting sober and loving it

However, Saedi notes that since mindfulness is now fashionable, a lot of her clients use pilates and mindfulness for tension alleviation rather than turning to binge-drinking. “Today there are all these mystic social media stars with countless followers… and they’re making sober cool,” she states.

“Mindfulness and sobriety, somehow, is a new religion.”

For Floyd, spirituality has always been very important to her “I enjoy a dynamic lifestyle, I do not enjoy being boring and I do not believe that I’m the minority. There are a lot of men and women who feel likewise, or if they do consume alcohol, it’s not the center of their life.”

Drunk is no longer cool

Very slowly we are waking up to the reality that drinking poison diluted in a bit of soda is perhaps not the best way forward for our species.

Young New Yorker’s are getting it and they are getting sober as a result. However, the real problem still lies with people over 40, who are routinely using alcohol to cope with life.

Wine-o-clock has become a very real thing for stressed-out moms and dads in this great city. A few drinks after work is seen as normal and the best way to dump some of the stresses and strains of modern day life.

Unfortunately, as so many are finding out. Alcohol does not alleviate stress, it creates it – this is just another very powerful, and believable illusion of a deadly drug!

Deal with problem drinking in one day

Deal with problem drinking in one day

Ready to quit drinking in New York?

Don’t put this off again! Sunday 28th October 2018 we will bring our famous Quit Drinking Bootcamp to New York for the first time. Why miss your chance to deal with your problem drinking in one amazing day?

Click here for more information on getting sober at our New York Quit Drinking Bootcamp.

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