Monday Hangover Motivation – BlueMonday #1

monday hangovers

Monday… I Am Never Drinking Again!

I want to share something with you.

You see the website traffic line chart?

Do you see the regularly occurring spikes in data?

Those spikes in traffic are Monday’s. Basically people all around the world trapped in the same alcohol cycle.

Drink so much alcohol over the weekend that by Monday they are so full of pain, guilt and regret that they vow never to drink again.

So on Monday they go looking for help to stop drinking and find my website.

Some people take action and get started but a lot more people decide to think about it a little.

Unfortunately by Wednesday the pain, guilt and regret of the weekend have faded a bit and they wimp out.

The cycle starts over again

Unless you are very careful you can do what I did and spend nearly two decades trapped in the loop.

Alcohol is robbing you of your time, energy, health and vitality.

It is making you waste your weekends getting drunk when you could be spending time with the people you love.

Unless you decide now and take action – the loop will continue and just keep getting worse.

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I hope you decide now and make the best decision of your life.


Craig Beck - The Stop Drinking Expert

About the author: Craig Beck ( is the world's #1 quit drinking coach. Using his experience as a former problem drinker, combined with an expert knowledge of NLP & human behavior. He has helped over 50,000 people to quit drinking, without willpower, rehab or medication. Discover how to stop drinking quickly and easily today.

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