Moderate drinking is the goal of many, but why?

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Moderate Drinking, Is It Your Goal?

Moderate drinking, is it worth it? With the holidays upon us, there’s nothing but one thought on a lot of our minds: How much can I drink?

moderate drinkingThat’s only to a certain extent a joke. I personally don’t drink anymore, but I do go to more gatherings at this time of year than any other. And we’ve all long been advised that modest drinking, actually, may have health advantages.

So a glass of red wine at dinner is not something a lot of people ever think twice about.

Perhaps they should.

New research studies using brain imaging, highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, proposed that rather, moderate drinking can result in noticeable harm to the brain.

Researchers are even coining new terms for the results of long-term, not-all-that-much drinking, such as “alcohol-induced cognitive disorder” and “alcohol-related dementia.” The Magazine story describes the potential reasons for these disorders as “long-term alcoholic abuse.”.

How much is moderate drinking?

But just how much alcohol, specifically, are we talking about here?

If you think about yourself a conservative drinker, you’re not going to like the answer: 14 drinks a week for men and just 7 for females. That’s correct: For women, a glass of red wine with supper every night is possibly enough to do long-term damage to your brain.

The twist: “Some people, though, encounter severe repercussions at lesser amounts,” as reported by the story.

Just one drink a day is the same amount of alcohol believed to help your cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of anxiety and often described as “moderate” drinking.

The analysts quoted don’t discriminate between, say, a glass of red wine and a shot of whiskey.

Red wine has been specifically touted for its wellness benefits, thanks to the presence of antioxidants and a substance believed to be good for the heart. However, this is just another piece of public relations spin, peddled by the alcoholic drinks manufacturers.

“Drink Red Wine and Live Longer” was the headline of a Fortune Magazine cover story, back in 2007, profiling a now-shuttered biotech company, which was attempting to isolate the healthy elements in red wine and its reputed anti-aging properties.

The truth is out

Sadly, repeated exposure to booze appears to shrink gray-matter cells and damage white cells. The gray matter is important for areas including learning, memory, and social functionality.

The white matter links the different parts of the brain. Edith Sullivan, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Stanford Educational institution, compares the effect to “accelerated aging.”.

Live longer, with a compromised brain? Doesn’t seem like a trade-off the majority of us are willing to make.

There are just as many antioxidants in red grape juice as there are in red wine. It is not the alcohol providing the benefit. The drinks companies and vineyards have just leaped on any possible justification to promote drinking poison for fun.

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