Milk Thistle For Liver Protection – Does It Work?

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Milk Thistle For Liver Protection

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) is a natural treatment that has been employed to deal with alcoholic liver problems since the dawn of civilization.

It is usually found in a form of a nutritional supplement or extraction that you can use by mouth or in herbal tea form, but milk thistle is, in fact, a flowering natural herb that has been used for over 2000 yrs as an organic solution for liver disorders.

The health and well-being advantages of milk thistle were first identified in the medieval times and it was initially used as a solution for liver conditions by people in Europe and China. It has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities and the claim is it makes it possible for you to cleanse your liver in a safe and holistic way.


Where does Milk Thistle come from?

Milk thistle flourishes in parts of the world where the environment is hot and humid, and it may be discovered in southern Europe, southern Russia, parts of Asia, Northern Africa, and in the Americas too.

Milk thistle is a botanical herb that comes from the daisy family group and it has reddish to violet flowers and green stalks.

When its petals are crushed, a white colored milk-like liquid is released, and that is how this herb got its name. Even though it is a vegetation, we do not eat it in this kind of form, but it is instead converted into a nutritional supplement.

The most recent report, an evaluation and meta-analysis of thirteen scientific tests, released in the United States Journal of Gastroenterology, reasoned that essences of milk thistle are useless as a solution for liver problems.

Does Milk Thistle Work?

The report received extensive publicity that created some dramatic headlines in the press around the world. Milk Thistle was incorrectly declared to be a fraud around the world because of this one report.

An evaluation of the report by a group of specialists put together by the United States Botanical Council put the results in context. It revealed that, in contrast to the misleading data news reports, the research study itself determined that milk thistle extracts are well accepted by individuals.

The specialists also stated that the conclusion questioning the effectiveness of milk thistle was based mainly on the outcomes of just one of the thirteen tests evaluated.

The myth that milk thistle is not safe for human consumption comes from a news release quoting one of the writers who stated that research studies up until now have been unable to omit a possible “toxic effect.” Nevertheless, the report publishers found that milk thistle “seemed safe and well-tolerated.”

The council specialists also discovered that the liver conditions analyzed in the clinical tests included in the analysis fluctuated from alcoholic liver disease (a serious end-stage disorder) to viral hepatitis diseases.

effects of alcohol

They failed to concentrate on alcoholic liver disease only

Additionally, the key result gauged was death, and the typical duration of treatment in the thirteen trials was 180 days. This is a challenging premise to evaluate because it typically needs research studies with a bigger amount of patients or much longer duration of study time to find an improvement in alcoholic liver conditions.

It is difficult to arrive at a clear-cut verdict with an evaluation when the investigations selected to concentrate on various illness and are so limited in length.

The meta-analysis did discover that fatalities associated with liver disease were notably reduced by milk thistle in each of the tests examined, although the majority of the deaths happened in only a couple of research studies. Plus, the evaluators discovered that the conclusion that milk thistle does not appear to improve clients with alcoholic fatty liver disease or hepatitis was based upon the results of just one report.

This research study and its results are not likely to be the end of the road for Milk Thistle as a supplement marketed at problem drinkers around the world.

Testing on rodents

So far testing on rodents has shown promise but it is too much of a leap to assume the same results will be found in human beings.

Sadly, herbal remedies are often under research and slow to gain traction because Big Pharma is not interested in funding future research for obvious reasons.

This means research into things like Milk Thistle for Liver Protection have to wait for the government to take action. This can take a painfully long time.

milk thistle for liver protection

Milk thistle for liver protection?

How should I use milk thistle?

You can take milk thistle in the form of nutritional supplement, typically in form of pills or tablets, or you can drink it in the form of herbal tea. When purchasing a nutritional supplement, you should always pick standardized and dependable product lines as they will give you more efficient dosage of the product.

When taking pills or capsules drink them with a full glass of clean water and take them as shown on the package, but the best way is to always speak with a medical expert.

A few of the suggested supplement products are Maximum Milk Thistle, which can defend your liver, and protect you from irritation and scarring; Milk Thistle with Artichoke and Turmeric extract, for getting rid of poisons from your system.

As milk thistle is offered in herbal tea form, if it fits your way of life better, you can take in it in the form of a warm drink. You can make your own milk thistle brew, or purchase from trusted brand names, like Alvita, Holland & Barrett and Smart Nutrition.

How much should I take?

There is no standard dose yet, however, the range for suggested dose for problem drinkers is in between 280 to 800 milligrams of silymarin, which makes up 70-80% milk thistle essence. Usually, references recommend taking 100-200 milligrams daily with your mealtimes.

Does Milk Thistle protect problem drinkers

quit drinking webinarIt would be nice if it did. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that a simple herb can combat the routine, heavy consumption of diluted poison.

The only fail-safe way to protect your liver from alcoholic harm is to quit drinking.

The good news is, this doesn’t need to be anywhere near as difficult as you may expect. Click here for more information on our how to stop drinking program or click here for details of our next live Quit Drinking Bootcamp.

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