Is red wine good for you?

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Is red wine good for you?

Is red wine good for youA lot of people claim that they drink red wine because it is good for your heart… but is this really true?

Merlot may not be as great for you as hoped, say researchers who have actually studied the drink’s active ingredient that is purported to confer good health.

The team tracked the health of almost 800 villagers from the Chianti region of Italy to see if their regional tipple had any discernible impact.

They discovered no evidence that the wine active ingredient resveratrol stops heart problem or prolongs life.

Claiming that red wine is good for you is just another excuse to cover up a problem.

Have you noticed that when someone goes into cardiac arrest and gets rushed to the emergency department of the local hospital. The doctor doesn’t scream for Merlot Stat!

Is red wine good for you? What does your gut feeling say?

If there are any health benefits they would be no more so than drinking the same quantity of red grape juice (so why don’t people rave about the health benefits of that?).

Here is the truth… Drinking red wine is as healthy as it would be sprinkling vitamin C on a candy bar and claiming that you only eat it for the health benefits…. why not just take the candy bar out of the equation?

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