Hypnotherapy For Alcoholism And Problem Drinking?

All the issues we face in life are our responsibility, as they are manifested directly by us, via the programs that run in our subconscious mind.

Most of these sub-routines are beneficial and serve a valuable purpose such as controlling our body temperature and keeping us breathing at the correct rate.

However, along our journey through this life, we pick up the odd erroneous program that creates unhelpful manifestations (such as alcoholism etc). These ‘bad programs’ make us fat, create low self-esteem and even get us addicted to harmful substances.

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Thankfully we are prevented by nature from lifting the hood on the subconscious mind and tinkering with the engine.

Of course, our ego would have us believe that we are master mechanics, fully capable of making perfect adjustments to this most powerful of computers. The subconscious knows better, and the gate is kept firmly closed to the overzealous ego.

Using hypnotherapy for alcoholism we can bypass the conscious mind and implant positive corrections directly into the subconscious. As this part of the mind cannot judge or question, the implanted commands are run exactly as requested.

This section of my quit drinking method is optional, and many have stopped drinking completely without ever having used one of my hypnosis downloads.

I used hypnosis, and I want you to use every tool in the box to ensure we get the job done in one painless motion. If you do think these powerful audio tracks would help you, then please stop by my website for the mp3 download details.

going sober
Are you going sober?

What is hypnosis?

It is important that we ensure we fully understand what hypnosis is, or more importantly what it is not.

Hypnosis is not black magic, a party trick nor a piece of theatre. It is a naturally occurring process of the brain that has unfortunately attracted some seriously bad press over recent years; some might say even OJ Simpson has had better press than hypnosis!

Thankfully, for over two thousand years it was documented and practiced with a great deal of respect.

How bizarre that this long studied and amazing action of the human mind was essentially defamed by a man in a bar trying to convince girls to remove their clothes.

Hypnosis To Stop Drinking

Stage hypnosis vs hypnotherapy

The traditional stage hypnotist is considered by most right-thinking hypnotherapists and psychologists as a blundering incompetent dabbling in something they don’t truly understand.

If they did understand the amazing process they are playing with, I would suggest they would find something more productive to do with it than make a person believe they are a little fluffy duck called Roger!

A common misconception about hypnosis is that it is sleep.

Although a hypnotized person appears to be sleeping, they are quite alert. Hypnosis is very difficult to describe, as nobody knows what is going on inside the mind of a subject. What we do know is that while in the trance state, the subject becomes very suggestible.

A subject’s attention, while they are going into trance, is narrowed down gradually.

Many areas of normal communication are removed one by one. Starting with sight, a person is asked to close his eyes and concentrate.

Other senses are then removed from the equation; some people even lose the complete feeling of their body. That may sound frightening, but it is accomplished in a slow, pleasant way, rather than suddenly turning off of a switch.

You enter a world of hyper relaxation and at the same time hyper-awareness. As you might expect, as you remove certain senses the remaining ones become acuter to compensate.

living a sober life

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Often people who have been under hypnosis will come around and claim, “it did not work”.

When you inquire as to why they believe hypnosis did not occur, they make statements such as “I could hear everything”, “I could even hear the cars going past the window!”

This is all part of the misconception that hypnosis is sleep and that during trance you are unconscious when in fact you are hyper-conscious.

I am telling you about hypnosis not because I want you to take to the stage, but because I want you to understand the amazing power of the subconscious mind. A person in hypnosis is highly suggestible. The hypnotist has direct access to the person’s subconscious without having to go through the conscious mind.

This is how they can convince a six-foot-tall, 250lb man he is a light, gentle ballet dancer and have him pirouetting his way around the stage.

quit drinking month
Quit drinking month

Completely natural process

Hypnosis is so natural that you do it dozens of times a day without even realizing it. Have you ever driven home at the end of your working day and arrived home with no memory of the journey?

Hypnosis just visited you, your brain was using the opportunity of this familiar and fairly simple task to filter and file information in your brain.

You may notice yourself at work blankly staring at the computer screen in a deep, peaceful daydream. This happens due to the vast amount of information constantly entering your brain, every few hours your mind must pause a little to filter and file all the information you have learned.

Learning about the power of hypnosis

If you are interested in studying the power of hypnosis to a greater extent, I would suggest you read a book called ‘Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson’, by John Grinder.

In my online stop drinking club, I use hypnosis to further embed the six steps of my stop drinking method. I do this because I know that the conscious mind is a guard dog.

The sort of animal the mailman must first distract before he opens the gate and creeps up the path to post the mail through the letterbox, after doing so he sneaks back out, hopefully without being noticed.

During this blog post about using hypnotherapy for alcoholism, I have been directly talking to your guard dog, you can choose to accept what I am saying, or dismiss it.

During hypnosis you do not have that problem; all suggestions are accepted without judgment because the words are directed to the subconscious.

Hypnotherapy For Alcoholism
Hypnotherapy For Alcoholism

How to use hypnotherapy for alcoholism

Don’t lie there waiting for something magical to happen, don’t expect or demand anything, you will also need to be prepared to catch your ego trying to pull you out of the moment. It’s fine when it does if you find your mind wandering just notice what has happened, smile and refocus on the now.

When using hypnotherapy for alcoholism or problem drinking… Just relax and let the music and my words drift over you. There is nothing that you can do wrong, free yourself of that concern and let go of all expectation.

Ready to take action?

Are you worried enough about your drinking to actually do something about it?

Most people won’t!

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