Hypnotherapy For Alcohol Addiction, Does It Work?

Hypnosis To Stop Drinking

Hypnotherapy For Alcohol AddictionUsing hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction is a common resort for my problem drinkers. However, does it work?

I can only really answer that question from my own observation of the problem.

Back when I was drinking heavily one of the first solutions I turned to was hypnosis. The reason being that it was cheap and something I could do in the privacy of my own home.

As a qualified and well-practiced hypnotherapist, I started by making my own recordings and listening to them on a daily basis. The result was disappointing.

So I checked to see if I would get the same result listening to the hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction mp3’s of other therapists.

The easy path is rarely the most effective

As far as I can tell using hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction in my case had absolutely no impact on the level or amount of my intake.

So does that mean it doesn’t work? No, it does for some people but in my experience not enough to consider it a good solution to any form of alcohol use disorder.

I include a vast hypnotherapy library with membership to my Stop Drinking Expert program. People sometimes incorrectly assume that the whole method is hinged on using hypnosis.

This is not correct

The hypnosis tracks are provided as an added bonus and are not how to stop drinking for the majority of members.

In my estimation hypnotherapy, when used on its own has a success rate of less than 10%. That might sound terrible but remember, this is a complicated problem and even the most famous solution to alcoholism (AA) has a success rate of around 5%.

Hypnotherapy For Alcohol Addiction

What I have noticed is that it works better than willpower alone. Using the cold turkey technique to stop drinking is almost pointless at the point where you have become addicted.

Booze is very good at what it does. This is why it is recognized as the second most addictive substance on earth – only just behind heroin.

Alcohol is painted as a harmless social pleasantry but the reality of what is going on is much more sinister. The World Health Organization estimates that alcohol kills someone every 10 seconds.

My method works so well because it does not require the drinker to force themselves to stay away from the thing they crave the most in the world.

I teach people the truth about this drug, and it is the truth that will set you free.

Alcohol is the ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Hypnotherapy is not the answer, but it is a small part of the answer.

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