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Custom Recorded Hypnosis To Help You Stop Drinking Faster

Hypnosis Can Rapidly Accelerate Your Success When Quitting Drinking

A Unique Hypnotherapy Download Just For You!

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Craig Beck is a certified master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.

While hypnosis on it's own is not enough to fix problems with alcohol.

Where it can have a massive impact is making the whole process so much easier and quicker.

Stop Drinking Expert members automatically have access to a vast hypnotherapy download library.

However, today we would like to offer you a much more powerful resource!

For a limited time you can have Craig write and record and unique hypnosis download designed exclusively for you.

Hypnosis To Stop Drinking
  • The script will be written by Craig to exactly address your personal situation with alcohol.
  • Craig will use your name repeatedly throughout the recording to significantly deepen the impact & results.
  • Recorded in a professional studio within 10 days of order. Supplied to you as a downloadable high quality mp3 file.


$500 $199