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How to stop drinking articles and blog posts by Craig Beck AKA The Stop Drinking Expert. If you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake read this.

How do you know you are drinking a really good wine?

Should I call myself an alcoholic

How do you know you are drinking a really good wine? New Jersey resident Joe Lentini is angry at an Atlantic City steak eatery after the restaurant charged him $3,750 for a bottle of wine. Lentini went to a business meal at the Borgata Restaurant. The wine waiter encouraged Lentini to pick out the wine […]

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Hypnosis for alcoholism that works!

Hypnosis To Stop Drinking

Hypnosis for alcoholism… does it work? Hypnosis for alcoholism… A set of special subconscious reprogramming tools are available to download in the member’s area of Load the hypnosis for alcohol mp3 onto your audio player and find a quiet, darkened room where you can listen every day for at least 21 days. The tracks […]

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What is alcohol withdrawal & how do you deal with it?

stop binge drinking

What is alcohol withdrawal? Perhaps you are thinking of going sober and giving up alcohol, but you have heard that it is very difficult to do. Plus you have been told that alcohol withdrawal is painful and deeply unpleasant to go through? Nonsense! Giving up alcohol is easy, don’t believe all the hype around painful […]

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Prescription Meds for Alcohol Addiction

Antabuse Side Effects

Prescription Meds to Help With Alcohol Addiction My process of stopping drinking does not require willpower because I hope by now you can see that there are no benefits to alcohol being in your life. However, for two weeks after your last drink you are going to be in a chemical process called ‘The Kick’. […]

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