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How to stop drinking articles and blog posts by Craig Beck AKA The Stop Drinking Expert. If you are looking to reduce your alcohol intake read this.

The benefits of stopping drinking revealed

how to quit drinking

The benefits of stopping drinking… Many drinkers claim that they only drink so much because they genuinely like the taste of it. Possibly one of the statements I have heard more than any other is ‘a nice glass of red makes a meal’. Let’s talk about our habits around food and drink and hopefully you […]

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How to Quit Drinking For Good Today Quick & Easy

quitting drinking

How to Quit Drinking For Good? How to Quit Drinking – When Rob Taylor quit alcohol, it had not been for any of your traditional reasons. He didn’t have a run-in with the law, wasn’t in a struggling relationship. He didn’t get a stern lecture from a doctor. Instead, the 27-year-old Boise State College student […]

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Alcohol depressant – so why do I want it?

alcohol depressant – so why do I want it? [embedyt][/embedyt] Alcohol depressant – Really? All addictive drugs have what is known as a kick, the period after you stop taking them in which the side effects occur. Luckily for you, we are talking about an alcohol kick here, which is relatively mild compared to […]

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