How to stop drinking on my own

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how to stop drinking on my ownHow to stop drinking on my own?

If you are searching the internet for how to stop drinking on my own then you already know that alcohol is causing you more pain than pleasure. I am almost certain that you have tried several times to quit or cut back. I also know you just ended up drinking the same as before, if not a little more!

How do I know? Because I spent over five years of my life trying to cut down on my own. If you really want to know the answer to how to stop drinking on my own. Then you have to be prepared to admit that everything you have tried so far failed.

Almost every time someone tries to quit drinking and fails it is because they are attacking the symptoms of alcohol addiction and not the root cause. You drink alcohol because you believe it is a benefit to your life… you don’t use heroin because you do not believe it would enhance your life in anyway. For this reason you don’t have to battle to avoid heroin but you do with booze.

One of the most common lies told to us by alcohol is that it tastes good. It doesn’t and if you want to answer the old how to stop drinking on my own question then read on. You will find out how deep the lie has been embedded.

The final nail I want to hammer into any ‘I genuinely like the taste of it’ argument is what I call the very expensive Coke comparison. Let’s pretend for a moment that you really love the taste of Coca-Cola. This sweet, quirky black liquid just drives you crazy, you adore the stuff. But for the sake of this argument lets also pretend that it costs the same as wine.

If you really want to know the answer to how to stop drinking on my own then you have to be prepared to admit that everything you have tried so far failed.

Staying SoberIn our little fantasy a small bottle of Coca-Cola would set you back $15.99. Would you agree with me that it doesn’t really matter how much you love coke. At that price you are highly unlikely to be buying a bottle a day. Even if you did go a little crazy and one month worked out you had spent $200 on Coca-Cola. I am pretty sure you would quickly be able to remedy the situation before you went bankrupt, correct?

Also when you open the fridge a pour yourself a cold glass of this lovely, but very expensive liquid can you also see that it would be very strange for you to go on a drink the entire bottle in one sitting. More likely is you would pour yourself a drink. You would enjoy it and quench your thirst before returning the bottle to the fridge.

Back when I claimed to be a wine expert I would go through two bottles of wine a night. All under the absolutely cast iron belief that I was enjoying the subtle tastes and aromas of fine wine, hand crafted by French artisan’s using impeccable skill and tradition.

Bullshit, I was addicted to a drug and that’s the end of it. Alcohol tastes vile, it always has and it always will.

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