How to cope with life without drinking alcohol

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Life is tough… or so my mother always told me.

Many people respond to the roller coaster of life by using alcohol to help deal with the down times.

It’s not our fault, we have been told over and over again that booze helps us cope with the trials of life. Hollywood and the movie industry repeatedly portray alcohol as a panacea for all of our problems and troubles.

  • Had some bad news? Here have a drink!
  • Somebody died? Here have a drink!
  • Lost your job? Here have a drink!

Alcohol Is Our Go To Problem Solver… But Why?

How to cope with life without drinking

But is drinking alcohol really a solution? The answer as you would expect is no, but let me explain why.

Alcohol does not solve problems, it is a problem.

life without drinkingAlcohol works so well to get people addicted because of the insidious way it creates a fake problem that it can pretend to fix in the future.

When you drink alcohol it drops a time bomb in your brain. Approximately 24 hours after you started drinking this bomb is going to go off.

Perhaps ‘bomb’ is too dramatic a word because it’s impact will be noticeable but mild. Certainly not enough to send you running to the emergency department. Actually it will just make you feel a little stressed and anxious.

It does this to motivate you to drink. When you give in and drink alcohol, it rewards you by removing the stress it placed there.

So the truth is, alcohol does not help. It only adds a problem to create the illusion that it has helped to make you feel better.

It’s not a question of how you cope with a life without drinking, it’s a question of how much easy life gets without drinking!

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