How Alcohol Affects The Brain and Nervous System

How Alcohol Affects The Brain

How Alcohol Affects The Brain

The brain and nervous system is the framework of the human body that receives all sorts of sensations from the surface area of the entire body and internal functions too.

This becomes possible through the extensive network of nerves with one another and the brain, a wide specific route that makes us conscious of the numerous sensations and allows the functioning of arms and legs and balance of the physical body.

There are millions of sensations happening at every moment but the subconscious silently deals with these for the most part. We are only aware of 2 or 3 at any one time.

Alcohol Harms The Brain

How Alcohol Affects The BrainAlcohol is among the substances that specifically impacts the neurology. When alcohol gets into the body, it is imbibed in the blood stream and passes directly on to the brain. At first, thinking and intelligence are numbed. This is the ‘buzz’ that drinkers crave.

Later on, it can create a sedative effect on brain cells. The brain tries to compensate for this by releasing stimulants. It is these chemicals that make a drinker feel stressed and anxious when they cannot consume alcohol.

Under the influence of liquor, a person can be seen sobbing persistently for no reason on one hand, while on the other, he or she may be laughing and joking about nothing. Sometimes, behaviour may be a combination of exhilaration and depression. This is due to the state of uncontrolled flux in brain chemistry.

Vitamin Deficiency

Chronic alcoholics suffer from multiple nutritional insufficiencies due to various factors. Deficiency of vitamin B complex, particularly, of Thiamine (Vitamin B1) leads to irregularities of the gait and limb movements, eye motions, and amnesia. These signs and symptoms also occur because of harm to areas of the brain by alcohol consumption.

Shortage of vitamin B12 causes hazards to peripheral nerves and spinal cord.

Alcohol has an explicit toxic effect on the optic nerve (nerve in charge of vision) causing sudden loss of sight. This occurs more with methyl alcohol which is present in several spirits.

Part of the brain tasked with the equilibrium of the body system (cerebellum) is also harmed by alcohol consumption. This shows up in the incapacity of a person to walk, sit or stand straight. Modest chores like dressing or undressing ended up being difficult because of tremors and lack of control in hand muscle tissues.

Back Pain Caused By Alcohol?

Muscles of shoulders and hips are impacted by persistent use of alcohol. The individual experiences pain in small motions like grooming or climbing up staircases.

The peripheral nerves, which carry sensations from outside to spinal cord and brain, are also affected by alcohol consumption. This creates tingling, numbness and other abnormal sensations in the affected limbs. Alcohol can harm the spinal cord directly, leading to paralysis of the limbs in various degrees in the person.

Sexual impotence is yet another undesirable repercussion of alcohol addiction which not many drinkers consider at the outset.

Over time, brain cells become habituated to alcohol. This bodily reliance generates a state where the individual can not live without drinking. Even if he/she spends 1 Day without drinking, he develops tremors in the hands, restlessness, and body pain and memory loss.

The Misery Of Alcohol

In extreme cases, the affected person becomes disoriented. Some of these indicators reverse after taking alcohol. Therefore, a vicious cycle is sustained. An individual becomes ill without alcohol and when he consumes it, damage to the peripheral nervous system is worsened.

Many of these issues can not be reversed by treatment. However quiting alcohol can certainly prevent supplementary damage.

Prevention is said to be better than cure and remainses very true for alcohol addiction. If an individual began drinking recently, they should quit before it is too late.

Start Now

free quit drinking bookGood nutrition is of prime importance in assisting an alcoholic with nervous system harm. Whole grains, cereals, fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and eggs are useful to enhance the nutritional status. Additionally, vitamin supplements like multivitamin pill and or thiamine lozenges are also helpful.

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