Famous Teetotalers: Anthony Kiedis Of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Anthony Kiedis

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Anthony Kiedis & Alcohol

People who recognize the name Anthony Kiedis will most likely know that he is among the founding members of a prominent group called the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1962, young Anthony Kiedis was born to an ambitious acting professional and his other half. When his mother and fathers separated a couple of years after his birth, Kiedis relocated to Hollywood to reside with his dad, who had taken up selling pills so as to make up for his lack of results in acting.

By the time he was TWELVE years of ages, Kiedis was smoking cannabis, drinking and doing crack routinely with his dad. At age 14, Kiedis unintentionally used heroin for the very first time, thinking it to be cocaine.

In senior high, Kiedis met 2 guys who would end up being his bandmates. In spite of wasting a great deal of his time doing narcotics and at numerous venues getting crowds buzzed about his group. He would not be the singer and frontman until numerous years down the road.

Anthony Kiedis

He stood out in college and finished with honors.

Even though he tried to study English at the University of California, L.A, Kiedis quit at the start of his 2nd year due to the fact that his extreme substance abuse was hindering his scholastic pursuit.

It was at this moment that Kiedis’s substance abuse had truly started to spin out of hand, turning into a genuine dependency on crack and heroin.

Nevertheless, after stepping out on stage and blurting out an unscripted rap to a simple electric guitar riff, the group was asked to do more performances with Kiedis as the frontman.

Including increasingly more unique tunes to their setlist, the group embraced the name “the Red Hot Chili Peppers” and started to get fame. After recording a tryout, the band signed a contract with EMI and the following 10 unabridged studio recordings.

Fame arrives

Nevertheless, that’s not all there is to the tale for Kievis, who had carried on taking drugs whilst performing with his bandmates, who were likewise using pills through their initial days. For some time, teetotalism wasn’t even a thought as their rock-and-roll delivered them increasingly more notoriety.

Unavoidably, there came a wake-up call in 1988. Hillel Slovak, an Israeli-born guitar player, a founding member of the Chili Peppers, and among Kiedis’s greatest buddies, died of an overdose, having had an excessive amount of heroin and crack simultaneously, which is referred to as “speedballing”.

Slovak’s passing was a significant loss for both the group overall and Kiedis directly, who checked himself into therapy and promised never to inject another narcotic shortly afterward.

Now in a position to stay clean, he did so until 1994. Then Kiedis slipped back and returned to drugs, creating a significant hold-up in the release of One Hot Minute, the group’s 6th studio LP.

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Tragedy and relapse

After his relapsing, Kiedis carried on to use intermittently for the following 6 years. A lot of the tunes Kiedis composed throughout this time period either referenced his substance misuse problem or shared his recurring battle, including the hit “Under the Bridge”.

On Xmas Eve of 2000, Kiedis made a decision to go to a Narcotics Anonymous event, even standing up and introducing himself as a beginner.

The community accepted him with open arms and has helped him to stay clean ever since. A lot of his misery and unhappiness is recorded in the memoir Kiedis released in 2004 called Scar Tissue, which got to number 1 on The New York Times Best Seller List.

Clearly, the engaging tale that Kiedis has discussed reverberates with a lot of those who have battled with dependency directly or have experienced a familied member’s battle.

Anthony Kiedis An Inspiration To Many

For me, a big aspect of the problem in getting my head around the notion of quitting drinking permanently was a concept I had that being teetotal would make me look boring.

Call me superficial for stressing over such a point, but knowing who we are in and among an ocean of assorted characters and figuring out what makes each of us as people tick, is the secret (in my assessment) to perpetual soberness.

Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis

It is about uncovering whatever works, for YOU.

I regularly described myself by my alcoholic indulgence before quitting drinking.

A lot of my idols in popular music and movie as I was growing up were junky and problem drinkers, battling with this dependency or that. The songs I enjoyed (and still do) was/is peppered with references to drug addiction or alcohol, withdrawals, and lyrics which typically signify huge internal chaos.

My buddies were constantly problem drinkers and/or drug addict, and a huge aspect of how I viewed myself was this massive decadent shade which, for all intents and purposes, practically characterized me for 20 years of my daily life, good or bad.

When I made a decision to quit alcohol, I was full of fear that I would end up being… DULL! How would I have the ability to preserve the fun identity I had devoted a great deal of my life designing, without the several-times-a-week drinking benders?

Is sober dull?

Well the answer is, I couldn’t, which is no terrible thing due to the fact that if you were to ask a lot of the folks who’ve known me both as an alcoholic and since I quit, they would probably tell you that I was an immortal pain in the rear end with the liquor in me, and that since knocking it on the head I am not dull, just regular and a great deal better.

Sadly you cannot return, and that harm has been done.

When it comes to the ‘fun’ aspect of an alcohol-infused life, here’s what I think of it all now; there is absolutely nothing interesting or fun about being a self-centered drunk who stomps all over friends and family. And only pays attention to where the next drink is coming from.

Anthony Kiedis

Anthony Kiedis

Hard work that’s worth it

It is a battle and a struggle and darn backbreaking work quitting booze and staying clean, and getting to that place is a thousand times cooler than giving into a substance addiction. And ultimately, I got a suggestion from my adolescent guidebook and discovered some ‘interesting’ folks who do not consume alcohol or do pills or both, and I use them as my shining example.

My most treasured of these is Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and if you don’t know their songs, try listening to Under the Bridge for a bit of inspiration and cool motivation.

It helps me each time I feel a sense of ‘I’m only a dull so and so who does not drink,’ beginning, and even if it’s completely imagined, I’m experiencing it all with Anthony Kiedis, that makes it completely cool in my book.

stop drinking courseGetting help

If you are worried about your drinking, don’t stress about the labels that come with being sober.

Living a sober life does not make you boring, that’s just something drinkers say to attack the people who are highlighting stuff they don’t want to consider.

Quitting drinking is easy when you have the right help and support. Click here for more information on the Stop Drinking Expert program.

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